Keywords. RFID, System security, embedded system, 89C51 Microcontroller, Supply Chain . Fingerprint based access control system is implemented by using. RFID based access control system using microcontroller (AT89C51). This article explain the complete project with circuit diagram and C source code. Abstract: The microcontroller Based Security System with Intruder Position . Access Control Gates: Make it hard for the intruder to even get on your property, .. The AT89C51 is a low power, high performance cmos 8-bit.

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There are minimum six requirements for proper operation of microcontroller. When 1s are written to Port 3 pins they are pulled high by the internal pullups and can be used as inputs.

If microcontrollr ID is matched with this code, the user is granted access though the system. Many members of the Maxim based microcontroller family support in-system programming via a commonly available RS serial interface. As inputs, Port 1 pins that are externally being pulled low will source current IIL because of the internal pullups. Note when you select the target device from the Device Database all-special options are set automatically.

As inputs, Port 2 pins that are externally being pulled low will source current IIL because of the internal pullups. Normally, the flash memory of an ATMEL microcontroller is programmed using a parallel interface, which mcirocontroller of sending the data byte by byte using 8 independent lines for the data, and another bunch of lines for the address, the control word and clock input.

The reader has two main functions: When the other lines are completely ready, bring EN low 0 again. If the identity serial number of the tag of the user is matched with the one already stored in this system, he gets immediate access through it.


RFID based Security System using microcontroller (AT89C51): Circuit & C Code

Again the verification is carried out and the user is deleted if the IDs match. Its uses include monitors for computers, televisions, instrument panels, and other devices ranging from aircraft cockpit displays, to every-day consumer devices such as video players, gaming devices, calculators, and telephones. It can be erased and program to a maximum cintrol times. There are three types of RFID tags: Except P0 which needs external pull-ups, rest of the ports have internal pull-ups.

The free source code for the program is available in C. Within these bands, there are various ways to modulate the signal so the reader can easily decipher the data.

Active transponders contain a battery or are connected to an external power source. This serial code, consisting of 12 bytes, is received by the microcontroller.

You may enter G, main in the Output Window to execute to the main C function. ISP In System Programming will provide a simple and affordable home made solution to program and debug your microcontroller based project.

Here we have some function that we have used in our program. As an output port, each pin can sink eight TTL inputs. For example the remote control you are using probably has microcontrollers inside that do decoding and other controlling functions. Active transponders are capable of longer communication distance and can perform data collection tasks even when no reader is present.


In-order to work with any components basic requirement is power supply. These features can be accessed by pressing a tactile switch connected to the microcontroller.

We can download them from their Websites. An RFID system consists of a reader device and a transponder.


But main technical supports are from NET, like you people. Reset circuit is used to reset the microcontroller. The main screen view of the accesx is shown in fig below.

This is microcontorller very useful application of RFID Radio-frequency identification and is very commonly used in institutes, offices, homes and so on. If data is matched with predefined data then microcontroller ask for password and after entering password microcontroller compare password with predefined password. The relevant messages are also displayed on a 16×2 LCD.

After RST is set high, the Programming Enable instruction needs to be executed first before other operations can be executed.

Setting the ALE-disable bit has no effect if the microcontroller is in external execution mode.

RFID based Secured access system using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51)

Here we have used a 4×4 matrix keypad for entering the password to the system. Passive transponders are smaller, have lower cost and require no periodic maintenance.

UVision2 compiles, assembles, and links the files in your project. The EN line is called “Enable”. And then match the password.

Radio-frequency identification RFID is a technology that uses communication through the microcontropler of radio waves to exchange data between a reader and an electronic tag attached to an object, for the purpose of identification and tracking. Working sechrity the entire system and role of each section can be understood throgh the below block diagram.

A liquid crystal display LCD is a thin, flat panel used for electronically displaying information such as text, images, and moving pictures.