Ailee and amber relationship quotes

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ailee and amber relationship quotes

Guest wrote: i'm in love with krystal. gurl, get in line. Quote · Like · Dislike ailee and amber are going to be in a reality show together .. Get real bitches, Korea is a magical place where you can have a relationship.. hell a marriage no one. This Pin was discovered by Ailee. Discover (and save) Relationship Rules, Relationships, Sharing Quotes, Good Thoughts, Powerful Words, True Love. Ouvrir. Curious about how and Serious Relationships total Whois shedating right now? Ailee and pleaded guilty in China amber Heard filed for taking advantage of Free dating website is one in NYC Stock quotes by clinical psychologist. com.

My mother and father created this face. People are children, living with hidden innocence. Dreams will come true one day. There's no person as beautiful as a person who dreams. But that goal may change as you live. You never know when your interests may change direction, so always anticipate it, day by day. I think how people do their hair or what they wear are up to their tastes.

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Being an adult comes at a price. You are now faced with a reality which kind of pressures you to chase after stability and security so they become your new dream.

Sure, my age will define as an adult but I want to be a teenage-adult who is still chasing after his dream. I wish you can be like that too. Stay innocent, be naive. But still dream big. Dream big to the point that it is beyond your ability and endeavour to achieve it. Let's do our best. Remember the last too. Although he has a tender heart, when he acts strong I feel proud but also sympathetic.

Everyone lives their own lives.

F(x) and chill — Amber Liu is 23!! (24 Korean age but ayee) There

It's because the real world is losing its color. In the end, you changed. It's because they have been strong for too long. All it takes is hard work, and more hard work. Loving a celebrity IS a type of love. Love is fair to everyone. You get exhausted a lot quicker than playing against someone.

It's the same with getting angry. If you keep getting angry on your own, all that anger will just come back to you. Because I get strength when I get cheers on the stage. I knew how to blow flutes before he asked for it. Nothing is more attractive than your natural self, the way you are.

A place I love might be hell for someone else. Take up the habit of finding joy in the smallest of things in life. The misery you feel now will be a strong foundation for your future and you will become someone with an invaluable life.

Also, hold the hand of the person next to you. If I cry and say it hurts, who will have a harder time? Jonghyun — Loney, ft.

ailee and amber relationship quotes

Although tiring, there will be days to smile. When you fall down, when you get up. I believe in the sweat on my hands. I believe in my heart. I believe in love but they call me a non-believer.

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He has this aura. To be weak is to have fears. To have fears is to have something precious to you. To have something precious to you is to be strong. I just want to pursue my dream until I die. If one gets hurt or hears bad things from someone else, it hurts me and pains me even more.

If it's not seven, it's not GOT7. I want to be with GOT7 and the fans until the end. Thank you for participating in my life, I love you all. There is also a difference between being bold and being shameless.

The past is the past. I just want to focus on the future, and getting better, not making the same mistakes and just becoming a better person, a better artist. Just a better everything. We might have a difference in personal outfit choices. Some might not like it.

But to judge someone because of their appearance is pretty foolish. If you have time to do that, I suggest you look at yourself in the mirror and spend more time developing yourself. But to be able to fulfill the goal of being able to stand on, we worked even harder at practicing. Let's surpass the language barrier and enjoy it together. They become numb to the pain with time.

You'll be fine soon, too. Tackle what's in front of you first, then just wait. Time will take care of everything. I don't have any talents, so I was told of many times from people for not being able to neither dance nor sing.

ailee and amber relationship quotes

Yet, they still are a very popular group. Why do I like f x so much? Click me to find out why… F xhowever, is a powerful group. When placed against other K-pop groups, they tend to come out on top.

Their complicated choreography and amazing vocal abilities make them shine. This makes their group quite distinct as well. She also has a black belt in Taekwondo. Amber also enjoys sketching.

Once she gets a pen and paper, she becomes absorbed. Amber is super intelligent, and the best of all the girls at math. Amber is obsessed with hats, too!

Amber also loves Pokemon. She freaked out when she thought her mom gave away her cards. I should know…puffftttt… Amber is charming, charismatic, witty, funny, and friendly.

Amber Keeps Her Promise to Wear Skirt and Heels Following Ailee’s First Place Win

She has a wide network of connections and people who want to collaborate with her. She is confident, cool, and easy-going. People just naturally gravitate towards her. This contributes to her popularity, especially to international artists and fans, who relate to her. Amber is different from the other girls. Amber is very confident. She is usually not as shy as the others when it comes to speaking to the fans.

She is also brave. Her laugh is infectious, and she usually claps her hands, or hooks a hand over her mouth, as she laughs hard and easily. However, Amber has a shy side, as Krystal points out. Amber is also very protective of those that she loves. Amber is from Los Angeles, California. Amber is very family-oriented.

She has her mom, dad, and older sister, Jackie. She went on a six-month hiatus due to a leg injury which btw, drove fans crazy. Due to the length of time she spent away, most people assumed she was homesick. Amber hopes one day to make it bigger in America so she can be closer to home. Her mother states in an interview that Amber had their posters all on her walls. Amber was first spotted by SM in an audition in LA. She originally auditioned with her friend, but she ended up being chosen alone, along with another boy.

Amber is a Christian and her mother plays a lead role in their church. This is coming from a fan who said she looked like one, according to Amazing F x.

Fly to the Sky Usual Apparel: Hip Hop style, t-shirt and baggy pants Roommate: When she eats Favorite Pet: Rabbit and her dog Jack Jack If she had a superpower: