Aragorn and legolas relationship trust

Where did Aragorn and Legolas become such good friends?

aragorn and legolas relationship trust

Gen Relationship Aragorn & Legolas Friendship is a popular genre of fanfiction within the The Lord of the Rings fandom. While it is not. Joining the Fellowship puts a strain on Aragorn and Legolas' relationship Lotr alphabet: S- Speak friend and enter “You can trust us to stick to you, through. Aragorn and Legolas were only acquaintances and fellows; they had NO the beginning, while the relationship between Legolas and Gimli was one of mutual.

The Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Legolas the Elf

This includes many canon characters based in Rivendell, such as Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir or Glorfindel. It can also mean that authors invent original characters to populate Mirkwood or Aragorn's ranger camps.

aragorn and legolas relationship trust

Many stories are set in a time period preceding the War of the Ring. They concentrate on a younger Aragorn and how a friendship between an elf and a man might have worked or not worked. Often, authors will come up with scenarios of how Aragorn and Legolas might have met - these stories are usually called first meeting stories.

This seems to be a favourite topic, because some authors tend to revisit it, writing several stories that describe how and under which circumstances the two protagonists met first. Thranduil and other Mirkwood elves are often disproving of Legolas's friendship with Aragorn. Aragorn usually has doubts about his ancestry and doesn't want to be king whatsoever, which results in him angsting over his destiny and his worth as a person.

He had never seen one before. It was good to visit such a peaceful place again," Aragorn paused as Legolas yawned again, "It does not appear that the same can be said for you, though. I was supposed to take a troop down to the southern most part of the forest; we wanted to try to attack the evil that is tainting our woods from the source.

We made it down to our current borders where elves are always stationed just in time to fight back a particularly strong assault. We succeeded with only a few major injuries and Narloth, well, Narloth didn't make it.

Unfortunately, our troop didn't get any further south. We were supposed to be gone for three weeks at most, but I just got back an hour ago and I left five weeks ago.

He had jumped out of a tree to tackle an orc and had landed with most of his weight on his shoulder. He would be fine soon enough, but he had pulled a few muscles in his arm and shoulder.

aragorn and legolas relationship trust

I will be, Narloth was a good warrior, and a good friend. I will miss him, but we were lucky that he was the only one who died. It could have been much worse," Legolas replied softly. Aragorn elected to change the subject, "Have you seen your father yet? Aragorn had just arrived in Mirkwood, but would not be staying long. He was only passing through on his way to Rivendell and had decided to stop on the way, in part to meet Telmir.

Legolas had spoken of him occasionally, but Aragorn had never had the opportunity to meet him. Telmir was Legolas' younger and only brother. In terms of human years, Telmir was still a child, only about ten years old.

Aragorn & Legolas Friendship

He had barely started training to be a warrior. That's one way to annoy Father in a hurry," Legolas said, moving to the door of the room. Besides you just got back, I doubt he'll mind," Aragorn replied, straightening his tunic. It had been a long time since Aragorn had been in Mirkwood, nearly ten years.

At the time of his last visit, Thranduil had been with Telmir on a hunting trip, but Aragorn had met Thranduil once. It had been in Rivendell, when Thranduil had come to see an injured Legolas home after one of their misadventures. Thranduil had been outwardly polite to Aragorn, but had refused to give him a chance at the time.

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Thranduil thought that it was Aragorn's fault that his son was hurt, even though no one was to blame. Legolas had already assured Aragorn that his father was more open now to the idea of a human friend. Thranduil had agreed to at least try to get to know Aragorn and accept him as Legolas's friend.

Legolas pushed open the door to the dining hall and held it open for Aragorn. Thranduil and Telmir were already seated at the table. I trust your journey was pleasant," Thranduil said. I expect a very detailed account first thing tomorrow. Let's not allow the food to get cold. He appeared to be fine, albeit exhausted.

Whatever had happened could wait until tomorrow. Unless, of course, he's been smokin' those mallorn leaf lembas wrappers. He Has Superpowers Legolas has extreme hearing, telescopic vision, never gets tired or cold, and can defy gravity see 6. And Thranduil loathes Dwarves. This might account for some of the latent hostility between Legolas and Gimli when they first meet at Rivendell. According to Tolkien, Elves could even dream while moving about, "blending living night and deep dream.


Later on Legolas naps with his eyes wide open, which if you've ever seen someone do it, looks really freaky. He Can Defy Gravity Elves, for some reason, do not sink into snow, even though they weigh as much as Men.

This comes in handy if you're trying to cross the Redhorn Pass under the slopes of Caradhras during an evil wizard-blizzard. Be sure and wear appropriate footwear Elven-slippers. If the Elf from Mirkwood ever hears the cries of seagulls he will be doomed to fall in love with the sea.