Armenia and russia relationship

RIAC :: Russia–Armenia Relations and the April Revolution

armenia and russia relationship

The April revolution in Armenia came as a huge surprise to the not only for the Russian-Armenian relations, but also for Russia's profile in the. YEREVAN.- There is no doubt that Armenia and Russia are fraternal friendly states, but that does not mean there are no problems. MP Nikol. Even though a breakthrough on reducing the enormous asymmetry in Armenian- Russian relations is unlikely anytime soon, owing to its vast legitimacy the new.

Economic, Security Levers Russia is Armenia's biggest economic partner, with more than 26 percent of its total trade turnover from January to July of this year being with Russian companies.

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Russia is also a heavy investor in Armenia. We are talking [primarily] about Gazprom, which has a branch here," said Artak Manukian, chairman of the National Center of Public Policy Research and an economic adviser to Pashinian.

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Manukian said Russian entities also have substantial investments in Armenia's banking sector and that "in most of the cases the [investors] were in a very good relationship with the political elite [of the pre-Pashinian governments].

The Russian Army also operates its Military Base in Armenia's second city, Gyumri, and is seen as a security guarantor for Yerevan against Turkey and, to a lesser degree, Azerbaijan.

Russia is also the predominant weapons and military hardware supplier of the Armenian military -- but at the same time also holds the same role for Azerbaijan. Moscow has in the past used its position as primary procurator of weapons to play the two countries against each other.

armenia and russia relationship

And the belief that many Armenians had that Russia was a close military ally were disappointed and even angered by Moscow's actions during a four-day war between Armenia and Azerbaijan in April It was a dangerous experience for Russia.

Now we have a new leader and for Russia that is a big problem.

armenia and russia relationship

Sargsyan suddenly bowed to the street and stepped aside last Monday. Things are still up in the air on the streets of Yerevan, and the tense drama may well end up striking a major blow for democracy and the power of civil society.

Armenia–Russia relations

But there are few, if any, geopolitical stakes in Armenia. While the government might become more democratic, Armenia's reliance on Russia for trade and security will not change.

armenia and russia relationship

And that is the main reason for the almost disinterested shrugs on all sides. Sochi, Soviets, and czars: How much do you know about Russia?

armenia and russia relationship

Foreign policy isn't even a subject for discussion. So, it depends heavily on Russia for its national security. Though chronically poor by Western standards, over half of Armenians have post-secondary education.

armenia and russia relationship

Large numbers go abroad for permanent or temporary employment. Though his party did appoint him prime minister, he only lasted six days before resigning under popular pressure. The largely spontaneous eruption ended up with Nikol Pashinyan, whose Civil Contract party holds just 8 percent of the seats in the parliament, as its leading symbol and most likely beneficiary.

Beyond that, he demands new elections and sweeping political reforms.