Baelish and sansa relationship advice

baelish and sansa relationship advice

Littlefinger and Sansa do not see each other until the day of Joffrey's Sansa is now using the advice from Cersei which I adressed above;. Petyr Baelish lost Sansa in "The Door," something that never no holdings to speak of, no prospects of a great marriage. . to her, so Sansa err, “Alayne” goes to her “father” for comfort and advice on how to win him over. Petyr Baelish's creepy attraction towards Sansa is derived from his teenage of good, hot long term intimate relationships. most likely he views “love” as a weakness. She is now too adult to meekly follow Littlefinger's guidance as his ward.

Joffrey is not betrothed to Sansa any longer now because of Margaery and just when Sansa thought she could finally go home, Littlefinger is right on the spot to shatter her dreams and tell her that that would not happen.

He does promise her that he would help her to get her out of King's Landing, though.

baelish and sansa relationship advice

However, Sansa tells him that King's Landing is her home. Time passes by and Littlefinger has to leave now and wants to take Sansa with him. Sansa, however, refuses Littlefinger's offer once again because Margaery told her that she would marry Loras once Joffrey and her are married and that she'd go to Highgarden - It sounds like a dream come true for Sansa; Marrying a galant prince and visiting the most beautiful place in the Seven Kingdoms.

But of course, this is Game of Thrones and right before Littlefinger departs, Sansa receives word that she will have to marry the Imp, Tyrion Lannister.

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Sansa and Petyr are reunited on a boat which was bringing them to the Vale. Baelish tells Sansa all about Joffrey's murder and this is also one of the scenes where we see Sansa's developement as a character: Scrutinising things and being suspicious of Littlefinger's deeds is showing us that she isn't as naive as she used to be. A man like Petyr Baelish who had a gift for rubbing two golden dragons together and breeding a third, was invaluable to his Hand.

A master juggler was Petyr Baelish. Oh, he was clever. He did not simply collect the gold and lock in a treasure vault, no. He bought wagons, shops, ships, houses.

baelish and sansa relationship advice

He bought grain when it was plentiful and sold bread when it was scarce. He bought wool from the north and linen from the south and lace from Lys, stored it, moved it, dyed it, sold it. The golden dragons bred and multiplied, and Littlefinger lent them out and brought them home with hatchlings. And in the process, he moved his own men into place.

The Keepers of the Keys were his, all four.

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The officers in charge of all three mints. Harbormasters, tax farmers, custom sergeants, wool factors, toll collectors, pursers, wine factors; nine of every ten belonged to Littlefinger. No one had ever thought to question the appointments, and why should they? Littlefinger was no threat to anyone. He had no banners to call, no army of retainers, no great stronghold, no holdings to speak of, no prospects of a great marriage.

This is the terrific backstory of a man who we would consider one of the George R. Obviously in season four there was a very specific moment where Littlefinger kissed Sansa, but that was as much to provoke a reaction from Lysa as anything else; it was a very particular play.

There was something in the moment about it but it was also a device -- staged, in a way, for effect. There's a lot of weird couples, for sure. There are a lot of weird couplings and that's something that's based on a mirror of medieval society. Sophie is a really good actor so I don't really think of her as being a kid.

She is 19 and she's been doing this for a number of years. I myself started out quite young; when you're working, professionally, even if you are in your teens, you just want to be treated the same as everybody else. You just want people to see you as an actor and not as a kid. I don't think there's anything uncomfortable about this because I don't see it as a creepy relationship.

What do you think the nature of their relationship is? I honestly see it as kind of a mentoring He's a mentor and Sansa's a pupil.

baelish and sansa relationship advice

Obviously, her mother was one person that Littlefinger had feelings for and that he wanted to be with, so there are echoes of that in there, but he's not after her. He's not grooming her. She's playing him as much as he's playing her. They're both getting something out of it.

baelish and sansa relationship advice

Do you think he genuinely cares about her? I know that because I'm playing it. I think there's a genuine benevolent side to Littlefinger. There's nasty things and harsh things but there's a caring person there as well, somewhere. He cares about himself, I mean, of course. It's always good when you're surprised by somebody's spontaneous nastiness or niceness.

There's room for that with Baelish as much as anyone else. He does seem to have this genuine kindness to him just like we saw come out with Jamie Lannister.

I think with Littlefinger and Sansa, she's one person that, as the seasons roll by, she's one person he's spent more time with and gotten to know and gotten to let her know him.

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He's been a keeping-his-cards-close-to-the-chest, tight person who didn't really have relationships, but not anymore. How much has been revealed to you about your character's ultimate agenda? No, it's not good, because then you're not playing it. I don't want to know.

baelish and sansa relationship advice