Beneatha and walter relationship help

beneatha and walter relationship help

Younger, Travis (their son), Beneatha (Walter's sister), and Mama (Walter's mother). Beneatha's relationship with Asagai motivates her to identify even more as from the Other, so she seeks out Asagai, a Nigerian academic, to help her. Get everything you need to know about Walter Younger (Big Walter) in A Raisin in the Sun. Walter's sister Beneatha enters from the stage-left bedroom in the midst of . down, “crying out for Willy and looking for him or perhaps for help from . Walter and Beneatha have a strained relationship. They quarrel constantly. Walter is upset that his mother wants to give Beneatha college.

Family Relationship Problems in "A Raisin in the Sun" by Gale Restaino on Prezi

He would talk about dreams and living them for and through children. Family was the most important thing to him, and she hoped it would be for her children, as well. Bennie and Mama discuss Ruth's physical condition and allude to a possible pregnancy. Mama knows that she has never been wrong before about such behavior and realizes that her family may be expanding.

beneatha and walter relationship help

The family mentioned in this section has a double meaning. Asagai represents the African family as a whole.

Raisin in the Sun Scene 7

As a Nigerian, he is different; yet, as a Negro, he is the same. Asagai and The Youngers all come from the same African family roots. Ruth reveals her pregnancy and possible option for abortion.

Notes on A Raisin in the Sun Themes

Mama is appalled that her son would allow his wife to terminate a life. She lectures him that her family is about love and giving children life - not taking life away. While the Younger family appears to possibly be increasing, it also seems to be falling apart. Walter Lee tells Mama that he acts like a child because she seizes all the responsibility.

beneatha and walter relationship help

She never allows him to be a man and to be the head of the household. He wants to be in charge of the family, but needs the opportunity to illustrate his responsibility and strength.

Mama remembers her late husband's hard work and love. He did everything for his family, for his children, so that they could have a better life.

She remembers him fondly as she realizes that the insurance check - the money given to her because of his death - is gone. Asagai proposes to Beneatha in an African tradition mixed with modernity.

That time your mother found you drinking in the tavern, was it really you she found or someone who looks like you? If you were watching yourself on a date with George Murchison, would you be seeing yourself or a twin with the straight hair you know he prefers to frizzy Black hair? If you were watching you and Walter Lee in bed in the wee hours of the morning, the baby crying in his crib and you completely paralyzed, would that really be you lying next to Walter Lee or someone who just looks like you?

Metaphors of action that encourage people to engage in a contest or battle with their problems, in order to defeat and vanquish them White, a, p. How do you feel about that time your dad almost bopped the school principal?

How do you feel about your decision to keep the beautiful baby you and Walter Lee made together?

beneatha and walter relationship help

To Beneatha the budding feminist: What hair style would you really like to wear on a date with George Murchison versus a date with Joseph Asagai? Conversations that emphasize unique outcomes, i. To both Walter Lee and Beneatha: How do you feel about that crazy African tribal, American jazzed-up dance you both did after Asagai bought Beneatha her Nigerian tribal dress?

How do you feel about that time Walter Lee confronted George Murchison on his acute lack of imagination?

beneatha and walter relationship help

Do you see any difference in the ways Beneatha acts when she greets Joseph Asagai and George Murchison? How do you feel sometimes — not all the time — when you look at your new baby resting peacefully in his crib?

Notes on A Raisin in the Sun Themes

How do you feel about the way Walter Lee is responding to your new child? Are there any changes in the way Walter Lee and Beneatha are treating each other since you moved into the new house? The crucial importance of scaffolding conversations in Family Narrative Therapy. In the context of therapeutic practice, the therapist contributes significantly to the proximal zone of development and also recruits others to participate in this.

Thus Michael White has expanded the zone of proximal development to the larger social context of family therapy. Theory in the practice of psychotherapy. EdFamily therapy: Theory and practice, New York: The Use of family theory in clinical practice.

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