Danny and delinda relationship

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danny and delinda relationship

After the resignation of Ed in , Danny was made President of Operations of He is currently living with his girlfriend, Delinda, who is pregnant with their child . He was involved in an on-and-off relationship with his childhood friend, Mary in . Las Vegas Danny and Delinda Las Vegas Tv Series, Fergie And Josh Duhamel, Delinda Deline & Danny McCoy (Series only - Las Vegas) Las Vegas, Otp. Las Vegas was an American television series broadcast by NBC from September 22, , . Delinda leaves the Montecito in the beginning of season three, until Monica forces Ed to hire her back. She is involved in a relationship with Danny, who proposes to her in season two – she accepts, then later calls off the.

The series finale wasn't ever intended as such, so when the show was cancelled, it ended on a major cliffhanger. She viewed their life of travel as a constant adventure and doesn't understand why her mother is tired of it. Subverted by a gay couple when they have Danny and Mike over for some food. They say that the four of them can have each other for lunch and then dinner, weirding out Danny and Mike, but then admit that they were just messing with them.

Didn't Think This Through: Delinda taunts her kidnappers with this the general tone, not the exact phrase when they're trying to make a new escape plan after Danny calls in a fake terrorist threat to ground all flights in or out of LAS.

She has a point: What did they think was going to happen, he'd play along? You're gonna die, you know. They shut down your airport, it's only a matter of time. By the time the police figure any of this out, I'll be on a beach earning twenty percent.

I'm glad you think this is all funny. What's so funny is, you actually think the police will be involved. There'll be no police, no FBI. There'll only be men whose sole responsibility is to hunt you down and kill you.

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Played utterly straight when a Syrian diplomat steals a 90 million dollar Egyptian mummy that was on display at the Montecito casino. When Ed shows up trying to stop the guy before he boards his private plane the cops just let him go on with his business by citing his personal immunity, in spite of the fact that letting a foreigner steal a national treasure would undoubtedly lead to an international incident with Egypt which unlike Syria, has been a major US ally since However, the guy who stole the treasure was a selfish dick who simply did not give a crap who wanted it for his private collection, Deline didn't have any legally obtained, actionable evidence of the crime, and Team Montecito had already stolen it back.

Rape, Female on Male: One season one episode had Sam really upset by a rival, culminating in suggesting they make a fresh start, make out, then after really working him up ties him to the bed and offers him to a grotesque, obese, borderline woman. This is especially hypocritical in light of the show's generally egalitarian view of gender, and the fact that Sam herself would later be kidnapped and nearly raped, which is treated as serious and traumatizing. Dropped a Bridge on Him: Monica, who is fatally blown off the Montecito's roof and carried by the wind into another casino.

Some of the season one episodes including the pilot featured a "Mr.

danny and delinda relationship

Schaefer", who was implied to be Ed's boss at the Montecito. The character was quickly dropped. Neither of them gets the chance to go through with it, but before her death billionaire Monica Mancuso planned to rename the Montecito Resort and Casino The Monica when she was the property's owner, while Sam Marquez toys with renaming it the "Samecito" when she later inherits the ownership from Casey Manning.

Enhance Button - The show is absolutely terrible about this.

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In fact, it's built into the very premise: Nearly every episode has Danny, Ed, and Mike zoom in to identify individuals from security cameras at least twenty feet away and use absurdly sophisticated for a casino, MIT students gave them the latest and greatest in exchange for helping with a harmless prank facial recognition software.

And yet despite all this, they still manage to get robbed or at least someone tries to in every other episode. Some of the more ridiculous examples: There's a slight Hand Wave that the computer "extrapolated" the new information from what they already had which simply means that it took a guessbut it's not even shown how it did so - the audience is simply supposed to accept it.

They then remove the hand, fill in the missing features, do the same to the other half of the guy's face, ending up with a complete 3-d rendering of the guy's head by pure guesswork. In Shrink Rap, Mike holds a special filter up to an image of cards on the screen, revealing the markings in invisible dye which a cheater has been applying to them.

On the screen, which by rights shouldn't be capable of displaying anything but the human-visible spectrum of colors. When the Monticito reopens Ed does some Lampshade Hanging by asking to use something he is not supposed to have, suggesting that if the casino wouldn't use it then being ex CIA he would.

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A signature staple of the series, with some pretty impressive examples. The series even opens with a rather extensive one. Sam would be one, but she bends the interpersonal ethics at times, though it's usually funny.

Sam may do some low things but she wouldn't break the law by drugging her clients to keep them to continue gambling. And when she used a rich man dating service to bring in three whales, her conscience started eating her as the men seemed to genuinely like her and she was just using them. So, she uses her connections and finds suitable romantic interests for each one while she gave them a break-up speech.

Subverted in an episode where Sam Marquez is teamed up with a debt collector to track down several gamblers who are evading their debts to the casino.

She asks him if he's gonna hurt anyone to force them to pay up, but he points out that this would quickly land him in jail if the debtor decides to call the authorities; according to him it's more about appearance and intimidation than actually roughing people up. This doesn't stop Sam from playing the "violent collector" part herself later on. In the last episode of season 1, Ed says to a group of lawyers that it might seems strange to them to try to do the right thing for once.

A privileged women lies that Danny forced himself onto her after she came onto him while both were drunk.

danny and delinda relationship

Ed blackmails her right back by using these same contacts to cancel most of her company's projects, and generally make her life a living hell, after which she backs off.

There's a reason Delinda's emergence from the pool was never taken out of the opening sequence. And don't worry, it's often unisex.

Sam Marquez works for a casino. Specifically, her job is to keep 'whales' - big spenders - happy. Once, she only slept with a guy because he was dying, and she has openly called herself a slut.

Strangely, she rarely sleeps with any of the whales themselves, and had to start going to a therapist later in the series after she was abducted and nearly raped and killed. Ed goes from chief of security to casino president on behalf of a mysterious owner who just bought a controlling interest in the Montecito.

When Delinda opened her new club in the Montecito casino, one of the first things she did was hire a stellar flair bartender. She had to steal him from another establishment, in fact. Sylvester Stallone's guest character, Frank the Repairman.

Notably, Stallone is one in real life too. Delinda is specifically described as having a genius IQ. She is very good at running restaurants, fashion, and sex, while appearing to be a ditzy blonde. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! Mike, who is claustrophobic, starts freaking out, leading Ed to hit him. Delinda does it to Mike again in a later episode. What is it with your family and hitting people? When Ed and Jack Keller are looking for a stolen painting they use this approach to the suspects twice, but switch the roles around.

Sam and Delinda both describe themselves openly as sluts on at least one occasion. Montecito owners are usually killed or bought out, with the notable exception of Sam and outright subversion of Cooper.

In one episode, a prosphetic foot belonging to a boxing champion's assistant is stolen and he refuses to fight until he gets it back. The casino's manager Ed Deline, a former CIA operative, puts the culprits all in one room, then makes some very pointed threats including that unless the foot shows up, when he's done with them "their kids will come out well-behaved".

He quietly leaves and returns 10 minutes later to get the foot. Hot Men at Work: Appears in an episode when two window washers are doing work on the Montecito casino's many hotel windows while shirtless. Justified because they were specifically paid extra to follow this dress code to placate the guests. I Let You Win: Part 2" Soli Tendar threw his final bet on the roulette wheel, saving the casino from a lose in the millions.

He showed this by after making his bet, he wispers to Sam another number and that is the one the roulette wheel came out with. Danny and Mike have two pretty funny ones of these when they think Ed may have had an affair with the deranged Monica Mancuso. The first involves Monica being dominant and Ed submissive behind closed doors, and the second the other way around.

It wasn't explicitly referenced often, but Danny's status as an ex-Marine made his fighting and marksmanship talents more believable. Ed Deline and Jack Keller do this to get info from an effeminate artist by destroying his paintings, virtually giving the guy a heart attack in the process.

Subverted in the same episode when Ed tries this approach with another artist. It's modern art, and the guy says it can't actually be ruined. Also used by Ed and Danny while questioning an escort service manager. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Sam Marquez had enough genuinely nice and selfless moments, where she did something kind even though there was nothing in it for her, to keep her from being a pure Jerkass or Ice Queen. She ends up receiving the most Character Development of anyone on the show.

Every seven years or so he comes to Vegas from his monastery and wins big each and every time. He gives all winnings away, so as not to accrue negative karma from greed.

He even lost a final double or nothing bet on purpose. The show was fairly light in tone despite several dramatic moments such as Danny's shellshock and the episode's typical villains were usually high-profile thieves, cheaters and con artists.

Then comes Vince Petersen in season 4, who quickly establishes himself as the most twisted and horrifying one when he is revealed as a rapist serial killer when he abducts Sam Marquez to do the same to her. After Sam kills him she suffers from PTSD in the next season and spends most of it trying to cope with the trauma. A guy came to the Casino to look for a prostitute to sleep with while away from his wife.

As it turns out, she took some self-defense courses way too far, and became a Domestic Abuser who likes hurting him. He finally gets the courage to leave her for good; ties her to the bed, goes downstairs and leaves his wedding ring in an envelope with Mike. Then he drives off free. Sam was faced in bet against another Host to see who could be the best.

She end up being so desperate she goes to a Gambler's Anonymous meeting to try and convince one of her old whales to come back into the game but relents and is willing to accept a lose when the meeting starts.

Mistaken for one of them, she stays and listens to some of their stories, which included a man who recently when off the wagon because the new drug prescription his doctor gave him was causing him to gamble. With this knowledge in mind, she was able to beat the other host as he is drugging his clients to play more. They do this by making out on the floor. Sperm Whales and Spearmint Rhinos: Mary and Sam may or may not have had sex after a night out at a strip club. Also Delinda called dibs on the girl in the gold top while they were out.

However, Mike told Frank that his story was the worst lie he ever heard and Mike wanted him to leave the casino.

danny and delinda relationship

Frank persuaded Mike to give him another chance so Mike did and they had a couple of drinks together. Sam Marquez Through the security camera, Ed and Danny were able to identify the man who attacked Delinda. In the next scene, the attacker was shown, at the Montecito pool, and he saw Sam relaxing and reading.

danny and delinda relationship

He approached Sam and had drugs in his hand, which he was prepared to use on Sam. He talked, to Sam, but she made it clear she was not interested in him. As Sam got up to leave, he told her she forgot her water battle and, right before this, he slipped the drugs in her water bottle.

However, Sam threw the bottle in the garbage can so she was not drugged or attacked by the attacker. Mary Connell Right before Mary's date, with the psychic ended, the psychic told her that somebody would die at his next show. Mary saw Danny, on the casino floor, and informed him to have paramedics available, at the psychic's next show, since the psychic predicted someone would die at the show.

danny and delinda relationship

The psychic did die at his show while in a trance. Mary Connell Danny went to speak to Mary, about Julian Kerbis, and he told Mary about Julian's bizarre gambling strategy for more, see "Interesting Info" section for question one.

They got to talking about Delinda and Mary told Danny to not fret so much, about his relationship with Delinda ending. Mary commented that Delinda tends to have relationships that last for three weeks but Danny and Delinda made it to four and a half weeks. Danny sarcastically thanked Mary and told her that made him feel much better.

Steve Ian Luis From Quiz: Danny kept this in mind as he walked out of the strip club. His friend, a cop named Luis, came to see Danny and he told him that Danny's friend, Greg, had died. Danny went to the morgue and identified Greg's body. Who did King Arthur refer to as Merlin?