Darth sidious and vader relationship goals

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darth sidious and vader relationship goals

He mentioned that throughout Star Wars, Palpatine has no redeeming qualities. . in some sense, though Vader saw purpose in the use of the term. Darth Vader, and there is nothing in the novel about Sidious' relationship. So it seems confirmed that Palpatine knew and wanted Vader to surpass him " And he would not allow himself to be sidetracked from his goal of unlocking . I actually think life is a lot like Palpatine and Vader's relationship. The relationships of Palpatine from the Star Wars universe. Maul was but a loss and Darth Tyranus a tool to serve his purpose and be discarded, Vader was.

At the end, I add the little bit I can think of offhand about how Sidious thinks of Vader.

Grand Plan

It is in a paragraph that references the novel, Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader, and there is nothing in the novel about Sidious' relationship with or attitude toward Maul in the book. The paragraph seems to be mostly an opinion piece.

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  • According to Ian McDiarmid, Yes.
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Tomorrow, I will edit the following Wookieepedia Legends entry by removing Maul's name: Though he had nearly left Vader to die back on Mustafar, Sidious held, perhaps, the merest sliver of affection for him that he had never held for Maul or Tyranus I will delete Maul's name because we know that, at least in Legends, which this Wookieepedia article is categorized as, that Darth Sidious did place some type value on Maul. In Legends novel, Darth Plagueis, Plagueis thinks to himself that Sidious has an "almost filial" relationship with Maul.

In the novel, Darth Plagueis, Sidious becomes physically sick when he learns that Maul was killed by Kenobi on Naboo, which we all know now not to have happened.

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Darth Sidious became physically sick in another novel, Lockdown, when his master tells him to let Maul die in Cog Hive Seven. Of course the term "value" can be taken literally, and we can say that Sidious placed a monetary value on his apprentice, therefore his apprentice was nothing more than property. This could easily be true and the very closest that Sidious comes to caring about something, but we have what Plagueis thinks about their relationship to help put some type perspective on it.

What constitutes "filial" for a Sith is anyone's question, but I think that is the closest we're going to get to a Dark Lord such as Darth Sidious caring about or liking anyone. Sidious is human, and at least in real life, a human can possibly become physically ill when something happens to someone they care about. A person, however, can also become physically sick when they lose valuable property. The above are Legends references that I can think of immediately without digging through notes, books, etc, but we have a canon source that may help a little bit: He decided to kill the new Emperor.

He failed but managed to gain an insight about the Banite Sith and escape. Palpatine never bothered to look for him. His not looking for Yoda proved to be the mistake that would destroy him because Yoda would go on to train Luke Skywalkerwho brought about the event that would undo Darth Bane's grand plan; the return of the Jedi Knights.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Obi-Wan did not think much of Palpatine even after the existence of Darth Sidious was revealed, being the first to realize that the Chancellor was too good to be true.

However, Obi-Wan began to become alarmed by Palpatine's increasingly dictatorial authority.

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These insights later saved his life. After Obi-Wan went into exile, Palpatine, unlike Vader, made no attempt to find him due to regarding him as not worth it.

darth sidious and vader relationship goals

This proved to be a mistake that would become his undoing. How can we hope to negotiate successfully without military might?

darth sidious and vader relationship goals

When will this chamber wake up and make the Republic Army and Navy official?! Darth Sidious would ultimately play puppetmaster to much of the conflict.

darth sidious and vader relationship goals

Iaco Starkpirate entrepreneur, began stealing bacta from the Trade Federation and then re-selling it to Federation markets for cheaper than it would have been sold in the first place. While turning a tidy profit for himself, this inflamed the anger of the Trade Federation—a powerful voting bloc in the Galactic Senate.


Seeking to resolve the conflict peacefully, Senator Finis Valorum brokered a diplomatic summit at Troiken. But events spiralled into open war when Stark attempted to kidnap the peace delegates.

darth sidious and vader relationship goals

For several decades prior, a Militarist movement had been developing in the Galactic Senate, which advocated repealing a number of the Ruusan Reformations and militarizing the Republic once more. When the conflict erupted after the betrayal at Troiken, Republic Militarist Senator Ranulph Tarkin intervened on the Republic's behalf, styling his personal forces the Republic Army and Navy. Tarkin's fleet was destroyed and he himself killed, but the conflict fizzled out when Stark defected to the Republic in exchange for amnesty.

The damage, however, was already done: In the aftermath of the war, Tarkin was declared the Hero of Troiken by newly-elected Supreme Chancellor Valorum, earning the Militarists further legitimacy and adherents. They began pushing for the commissioning of a fleet of dreadnaughtsand even non-Militarists began to advocate taking greater control of outlying systems.

In a conflict that lasted less than a year, the near-millennium of serene peace that the Republic enjoyed was eroded away and the process of re-militarization begun.