Director and actress relationship quiz

15 Actresses Who Fell In Love With Their Director

director and actress relationship quiz

Charles Robert Redford Jr. (born August 18, ) is a retired American actor, director, He went on to receive Best Director and Best Picture nominations in for Quiz Show. . he never knew he had when they fled an abusive relationship. . Jamie Redford is a writer and producer, while Amy Redford is an actress. Fargo #fargo #coenbrothers #90s #director #actor #actress #producer #writer . East peace broker and a secretary in a BDS&M relationship with her boss. Neena Gupta (born 4 July ) is a popular actress in Indian commercial cinema and television director, but it She also hosted the Indian version of the television quiz show The Weakest Link, known as Kamzor Kadii Kaun. She was in a relationship with former West Indian cricketer Vivian Richards in the s, with.

In the same year, Redford reteamed with Brad Pitt for Spy Gameanother success for the pair but with Redford switching this time from director to actor. During that time, he planned to direct and star in a sequel of The Candidate [25] but the project never happened.

In The Clearinga thriller co-starring Helen Mirren, Redford was a successful businessman whose kidnapping unearths the secrets and inadequacies that led to his achieving the American Dream.

director and actress relationship quiz

Redford stepped back into producing with The Motorcycle Diariesa coming-of-age road film about a young medical student, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, and his friend Alberto Granado. It also explored political and social issues of South America that influenced Guevara and shaped his future.

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With five years spent on the film's making, Redford was credited by director Walter Salles for being instrumental in getting it made and released. Back in front of the camera, Redford received good notices for his role in director Lasse Hallstrom's An Unfinished Life as a cantankerous rancher who is forced to take in his estranged daughter-in-law Jennifer Lopez —whom he blames for his son's death—and the granddaughter he never knew he had when they fled an abusive relationship.

Meanwhile, Redford returned to familiar territory when he reteamed with Meryl Streep 22 years after they starred in Out of Africa, for his personal project Lions for Lambswhich also starred fellow superstar Tom Cruise.

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After a great deal of hype, the film opened to mixed reviews and disappointing box office. Redford appeared in the documentary Buck by Cindy Meehlwhere he discussed his experiences with title subject Buck Brannaman during the production of The Horse Whisperer. InRedford directed and starred in The Company You Keepabout a former Weather Underground activist who goes on the run from a journalist who has discovered his identity.

Inhe starred in All Is Lostdirected by J. Chandor, about a man lost at sea. He received very high acclaim for his performance in the film, in which he is its only cast member and there is almost no dialogue.

Redford had optioned the film rights for the book from Bryson after reading it more than a decade earlier, with the intent of costarring in it with Paul Newmanbut had shelved the project after Newman's death. Inhe took the supporting role or Mr.

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Meacham in the Disney remake Pete's Dragon. The latter film, which was also produced by Redford, reunited him with co-star Jane Fonda for the fourth time and garnered positive reviews.

As early asRedford had served as the executive producer for Downhill Racer. Redford did not direct again until The Milagro Beanfield Wara well-crafted, though not commercially successful, screen version of John Nichols ' acclaimed novel of the Southwest. The Milagro Beanfield War is the story of the people of Milagro, New Mexico based on the real town of Truchas in northern New Mexicoovercoming big developers who set about to ruin their community and force them out because of tax increases.

Redford handpicked Morrow for his part in the film Morrow's only high-profile feature film role to datebecause he liked his work on Northern Exposure. Farrow was working on Broadway when she agreed to attend a dinner with actor Michael Caine. Allen was there, and 12 years later, they had collaborated on 13 films. Farrow wasn't the only woman Allen frequently worked with: To date, Keaton has appeared in nine Woody Allen pictures.

She and Hunter had lived together in the dorms at Yale and shared an apartment in New York after graduating. After McDormand met the brothers, they cast her in their debut, low-budget thriller, Blood Simple. Jackson spans 20 years and five films, including the recently released Django Unchained.

But if first impressions meant anything in Hollywood, the two would have never worked together. After the film premiered at Sundance, Jackson told Tarantino how much he enjoyed it.

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Though their work has often been box-office gold, apparently the duo receives plenty of flack for constantly relying on each other. Their working-in-tandem relationship sparked from their first meeting in a coffee shop in Alfred Hitchcock A Certain Cinema Hitchcock is known to have had many turbulent relationships with actresses, but when it came to actors, he had two favorites: James Stewart and Cary Grant, who each starred in four of his films.

director and actress relationship quiz

Regardless of his two leading favorites, the man to appear in the most Hitchcock films six was Leo G. Carroll, who never got a starring role.

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Cameron and Bill Paxton's working relationship spans almost 20 years. The actor has appeared in five Cameron films, including The TerminatorTitanic and, most recently, Ghosts of the Abyss Paxton's not the only actor Cameron has used more than once: Cameron has also worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger on four films, including True Lies and two movies in the Terminator franchise.

Schwarzenegger and Cameron cemented their long-lasting friendship over lunch when it was decided that Schwarzenegger would play the cyborg villain instead of a human hero. The reason the ensemble continues in the movies is because those are the people that can do that kind of work.

Howard has another frequent collaborator he's known for much longer: Clint has appeared in 17 of Ron's projects, beginning with Old Paint when Clint was just 10 years old.