Fik shun and amy relationship counseling

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fik shun and amy relationship counseling

And who better to showcase his work than the front running couple Amy Yakima and Fikshun! This number suited them so well! We truly. Fik-Shun and Amy on of so you think you can dance season. So You . Fik-Shun and Amy Yakima on - my favorite couple this season! So You .. Reigning champ advice to Top "Now is the time to tune in to your body and mind" via. So You. The couples, the styles, and the choreography really rang true for what Amy came out as a SYTYCD star and FIkshun, well i think we can all.

He maintained his stamina and performance level quite well—but when you put a Roman candle next to a brick of C4, the differences in impact are staggering. Every time she throws a leg up I die a little inside knowing the short, aging stubs I walk on will never even come close to looking so magical. Mary was moved to stand and the Deeley chills came into view.

But the clarity of the taps, particularly in concert with the music and each other, is the star of the show here.

fik shun and amy relationship counseling

Who pulls at heartstrings with a tap number? Oh, and by the way, thank you very much for the first tap number to grace the performance finale stage. Full standing O, and rightly so…. She is paired with Comfort in a Nappytabs joint all about flexing the girl power. It was expertly performed, though, especially with that bike sequence—one missed count would have thrown off the equilibrium of the entire piece.

And I do applaud her for stepping outside of the box to be seen as an all-around dancer. This would be a good number to have on the tour, though…. Try as I might, Amy as smoldering temptress is a hard sell…at least from the neck up.

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It was fun putting it back on again [tonight]. It was like, "Oh, OK let's do this again! It's not really just about the bellhop. It's like -- Fik-Shun: We have to work, but we want to have fun instead of work. We're having our own party! Let's just have a party. That was our thought process throughout the whole thing. Relive their iconic hip-hop bellhop routine: Which choreographers did you feel understood you the most and were able to get the most out of you?

Just the way she works and brings things out of people, sometimes things you didn't realize were in you yourself. She doesn't take any excuses and doesn't want to hear reasons why you can't do something. She wants you to do it first and try your best and then say, "Oh, OK this is tough, but I'll work to get it.

fik shun and amy relationship counseling

Definitely Sonya, but also Travis [Wall]. I think because he was also choreographing ["Wicked Game"] as well as dancing it, we had this bond that was kind of like — it was unexplainable. It kind of clicked because the way he worked is the way I worked.

We both wanted to make this memorable for both of us. It was really magical.

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Watch the "magical" and emotional number below: How will you celebrate your win? We'll be with people that we love! It's going to be a blast.

"We Are Bae Goals" - Dytto & Fik Shun

Is there a particular stop or part of the tour you're excited about the most? It's the first city and my hometown. I cannot wait to show everyone and see everyone. These two took the challenge of portraying an emotional situation with flying colors. Definitely a good week for this pairing and we are sure we will see more from Lindsay in episodes to come.

fik shun and amy relationship counseling

If you want an amazing Broadway routine, Spencer is the man! He brings cute concepts and old time classic music to life with his staging and charisma. The backdrop was a crime scene where a detective is visited by the ghost of a woman who is found dead. They made this routine come to life! We felt as though we were watching an episode of CSI — the dance version of course!

fik shun and amy relationship counseling

Loved the pairing, loved this choreographer, loved this piece with our whole heart. Sonya Tayeh has changed my life forever, and tonight she did the same for Malece. What a treat it was to be able to watch such artistry being born on that stage. Now, when the Allstars step in, there is a somewhat stronger energy on the stage.

We think there is a certain sense of knowledge and confidence given to the contestants, and we think this definitely gave Malece the boost she needed. Malece was shining just as we first believed she could.

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Looking back on the solo round, we were happy we got to see Alexis show off her skill in tapping. She was incredible and did exactly what she had to do to stay in the competition. She WOWed and impressed. We are so happy to see a female tapper in the ranks. Next, we had Jasmine M, a beautiful dancer with so much soul.

Last was Jenna Johnson.