Fik shun and amy relationship trust

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fik shun and amy relationship trust

Weeks and weeks of auditions and live performances brought four awesome dancers to the finale of Season 10 of “So You Think You Can. Amy's center is amazing, Aaron's a fantastic partner, and this routine gave Next Fik-shun and Jasmine have drawn a Travis Wall contemporary. . time since Vegas week, they bring up Cyrus and that failed relationship. . She talks about her great partnership with Fik-shun, but also her inability to trust. (I can't help observing that Fik-shun and Paul are totally ripped, while The theme is the battle of the sexes – the need for power in relationships. Amy's family gets to say a few words about how much they love her and are .. but he could see that they shared a bond, a trust, from experiencing this show.

What a cute family, spinning in their kitchen. She talks about her great partnership with Fik-shun, but also her inability to trust.

That makes me want to cry a little. Then she tells us that working with Travis made her confront her inability to trust, and that the flying leap in the choreography mirrors what the dance was in her life, how it changed her, how it became one of the best experiences of her life. She stands alone on the stage, one leg held over her head, wearing orange and gold. The judges are standing. This is the kind of solo that can win competitions.

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What a strong person you are, Gabby adds. Cat tells us that when he was asked to fill out a form saying what he wanted to do for his All Star routine, Fik-shun wrote that it would make his life awesome to work with tWitch. The boys are dolled up in black leather. Like I expected, the isolations and chest popping sequence is terrific.

The audience goes insane. You amaze me with your energy and attitude, Gabby tells them. Paula calls it a playground and thinks it must have been so much fun for Fik-shun to dance with tWitch it was.

Is your life as awesome now as you hoped, Cat wonders? So when he was cut again at the Green Mile, he was devastated. Had he wasted his time? Would he ever be right for the show? He jumped on a plane in the middle of that very night and went straight to rehearsal with no sleep. He had to work to keep our respect, of course, but I wanted to like him.

I wanted him to succeed. You truly are amazing, Gabby says, and I love your drive. Paula adores him, and calls him not the boy who could but the man who did. Of his self doubts, she says that the window of opportunity closes only when you close it yourself.

Emilio got a part in the latest Step Up film, Nigel tells us, so he got his happy ending and you did too. Fate brought you to us. You worked for, Cat adds. You can see the support of a close friendship. He cradles her over the edge of the stage. And you can see the attempts at making the first move, at crossing the line into the friend zone. The way he kneels, lifts her up, and takes back one hand. Our Robert will never let you fall, Cat coos as all the judges stand.

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 10 Performance Finale

This was her favorite piece of the night. I liked it very much, but not better than the tap or the first contemporary or either hip hop number, to be honest.

Stacey, that was miserable choreography, Nigel squawks; how could you let him leave her? He found the marriage of technique and emotion intoxicating and he too thought it was the best of the night. So for him, that puts Amy into the lead. Mary loves how Amy gives her all, and Gabby was blown away. That partnering, Cat sighs. I love the lighting, set to look like a city skyline, all skyscrapers and windows. It all looks gorgeous if you like that classic movie musical feel and I do. The big man certainly does more of the heavy lifting!

Especially by the end, it lacked the zing I was hoping for. Looking sharp, fellas, Cat compliments them. Nigel felt the influence of Michael Kidd. Vote for the season, not for tonight, he advises us. And so differently talented, Cat chimes in. Paula compliments the two showmen of the season, and then lets us know that she gave Tyce his big break no way! They really did like his work from the All Star show, huh? His idea — which seems initially to be a joke but turns out to be his actual concept — is for the girls to be Siamese twins from the fierce jungles of Saturn.

They need to lip sync for their lives with their bodies.

So You Think You Can Dance: Top Six Dance, Two Eliminated – Season 10 « Relatively Entertaining

The two dancers are dressed in Judy Jetson type silver dresses — the top with sheer bands, the bottom in a wide disc like a CD turned tutu. I got a little clown in my soul, Mary says, and it appealed to me so much. I still think the other genres suit her better, but she combined the moves and the character and really sold it tonight.

fik shun and amy relationship trust

Paula said they nailed the timing and the fun, and was really lighthearted. She also gave Virgil props for taking the note about getting more lift in his jumps. Jason concurs, but also comments that while Virgil nailed his character, Hailee was hit-or-miss in places, and also said while he enjoyed the number, he felt the pair had already performed better in previous numbers that evening.

Cat, I never would have guessed because that dress is amazing! And I think this qualifies. Nigel acknowledged that the feelings they produced onstage were the most important thing, and thought it was beautiful to see. Paula was truly moved by the simple dignity and honesty of the routine and deemed it special…which prompted Nigel to muse about how it seems that guys are unable to achieve that same depth of comfortable connection with a number like that.

fik shun and amy relationship trust

Leave it to Paula, though, to bring this tangent train back to the station by expressing how nice it is to be able to manifest such concepts through dance. A brief time-out between All-Star duets and contestant solos for the coaches to muse about their last two contestants standing….

That is, unless your name is Gaby Diaz. This is her edge to win it. This is already awesome. Neptune had better get with Joshua and start practicing….

Nigel has been possessed by the spirits of Mary Murphy and Ozzy Osbourne simultaneously, and is standing and yelling and clapping and throwing up old man gang signs. But we all know Marko is about to teach Derek and Jim this routine for the tour. Jason said she brought the power required for the dance and the music, but would have preferred more fire and grit. However, he does commend the level of excellence produced by her in the five routines performed this week.

Spencer back on the stage…. Like Melanie, she brought out the absolute best in him. Although Nigel still managed to be annoyingly self-righteous. Such is his nature. But anyway the dancing was fantastic. The choreography was very good and Fik-Shun, while obviously not as polished as Allison, continues to be better than I ever expect him to be, which is as much a fault of my expectations as anything else.

fik shun and amy relationship trust

See I think he did look very polished in this. It is still Fox, you know. Courtney is one of those dancers that I remember not liking much in her season but I love her now and I was wrong not to like her then. And this was a whole lot of fun. Yes, I liked this a lot.

Comfort is a treatas usual. Paul still seems sort of bouncy and flowy and cute, but really not bad at all in this totally fun routine.

fik shun and amy relationship trust

Not as much as I like Fik-Shun, but I would bot be upset if he won. Holy moly they were great together! Everything flowed together so seamlessly, they were like one awesome dancing human.

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Yes, she has actual talent! I barely noticed him, I was too busy being horrified by Jenna. See, this is the point in the season where I start to feel bad about being so mean to Jenna. Although, good lord, does she pull some weird faces. She, like Aaron, appears lazy to me. Not in the least because, unlike Makenzie, she seems like a genuinely enjoyable human being, too.

Umm oh my god.