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Maximus is greatly admired by his men, alongside whom he fights during the battle and leads them to victory. Commodus and his sister Lucilla, the scions of. Lucilla. Commodus fought in the arena. His own people didn't like him. In AD his own sister Annia Lucilla, together with her cousin, the. All hail the benevolent politician: Gracchus' role in Gladiator is to act as the face of the Senate. the citizenry—and Commodus has quite a fan base because he throws a good gladiatorial fight. But Gracchus has a close relationship with Lucilla, and through her he's able Does Marketing Ruin Marvel Shows and Movies?.

Luckily Marcus Aurelius had taken it well and, instead of punishing Maximus as the young man had fully expected, he had sent him home for a leave, telling him to find himself a good girl and settle down. Two years before, in his desperate mood Maximus had not be willing to search for a wife, but now it was different and he fully intended to follow his emperor's advice, hoping to find his soul-mate, even if he knew it would not be easy.

He wanted an intelligent and beautiful woman, strong and kind, that could be his equal and not a submissive person, only good to make sons, like the wives of many of his companions in the army Maximus could not continue with his reflections because desperate screams attracted his attention. Help, somebody help me! Maximus tensed and then launched the horse in the direction of the cries. The young woman stood and looked at him with imploring eyes, "Domine, help me please.

My dog has fallen in the channel and he is not able to climb out A few powerful arm-strokes were sufficient to catch up with the little animal and sieze it. Once returned to the dry ground, Maximus watched with satisfaction as the girl hugged the black and white dog to herself and covered it with kisses. He observed the way her smile lightened her olive face and her beautiful brown eyes, then his gaze moved to her long black hair, full lips and shapely figure. Suddenly becoming aware he was staring at her in an impolite way, he tried to behave like a gentleman, averting his eyes and squeezing his soaked tunic dry as best as he could.

When she was taken over by terror, she had not looked at him well, but now she noticed everything: She also noticed his sturdy body to which the wet tunica fit like a second skin. Staring at him now, she had calmed down to make memories return and she realized who he was.

The young man gave her a puzzled look, "You know me, lady? You are Maximus Decimus Meridas, soldier and owner of the farm near the stream. My name is Selene Arriana Corvina. Maximus stepped back, a bit hurt by her reaction, "It's all right, Selene. Let me accompany you with my horse I want to go alone. Maximus watched her cut through the fields, disappearing quickly from his sight.

He then sighed and returned to his stallion, mounting quickly and heading to his home. Publio lowered his eyes, "Domine, the mistress had an accident and-" "What accident?

He quickly reached his mother's room, stopped a minute outside the door, trying to brace himself for the worst, and then entered. His mother was on the bed, sitting with her back supported by a pile of pillows, her legs extended in front of her, busily concentrating on embroidery "Mother," he said softly.

The woman raised the eyes and exclaimed, "Maximus! Maximus crossed the room in a flash and, sitting on the bed, he embraced the woman. They hugged each other for a long time, then she moved back a little to look at him with love, "Let me see you," she murmured, taking in the little changes time had made to his face, "You are so handsome.

And how proud he would be to see you now! When he had resumed control of his emotions he asked, "What has happened, mother? They said to me that you had an accident.

You must not tire or endanger yourself. Stay in the house and do nothing? Since your father died and you left for the army, this house has become so cold I try to spend as little time inside as I can. To make you feel guilty for something you are not responsible for? But now, enough with this sad story Go to change your clothes before you catch a cold and then return here, we have so many things to say to each other! I want to know everything about your life in the army!

Come on, go change and be quick! And truth to tell, he loved it. II A couple of days later Maximus went to Trujillo with the idea to find a lady-in-waiting to keep his mother company and help with her things. While he toured the city and asked to the citizens if they could suggest some names to him, he also looked around, trying to see if Selene was among the women crowding the market: He did not see her, but he almost jumped when the innkeeper he was speaking with mentioned the girl's name.

Where I can find her? As he walked to the house he had been told of, he wondered why Arrianus, who was a wealthy merchant, needed to have one of his daughters working. Thinking that perhaps the man was only experiencing a temporary setback, he decided to not enquire about the matter, to not create any discomfiture to the man and his daughter. When he reached the domus, Maximus knocked on the door, and a servant came to open, "Yes?

And how much would you pay my daughter? And I can assure you my intentions are totally honest and-" Arrianus silenced him with a distract gesture of his hand and nodded, "I know who you are and I approve. When you need her to start? She will be delighted to work for you.

I will send Selene to your farm as soon as she returns home from the market. Even in the dimly lit hall the tribune recognized the attractive figure of Selene and a large smile appeared on his lips. He berated himself for not remembering how intimidating his low, deep-throated tone could be.

To his relief, Selene recovered quickly and offered him a weak smile, "Thank you, domine. My father said you have a job for me. But why don't you let your slave inside so he can rest a little before returning home? With no one helping you with that bag? The tribune swore under his breath.

What kind of man was Arrianus to let his daughter travel alone in the almost desert countryside without an escort? Seeing the girl was still waiting, he forced a smile and said, "It's all right. Did your father tell you the nature of your job? This is Selene; please take her to the guest room and help her to get used to our routine. I will meet you again after dinner and we will discuss your tasks, all right?

He was still smiling when Delia led the other girl away from the room and out of his sight. The older woman was full of pride and would have surely resented a more intrusive presence in her life, but Selene knew when to offer a hand and when it was better to let her mistress act on her own; when she could speak and when it was better to keep silent, and she received Livia's praise more then once.

Maximus was happy for his mother and for Selene too, because he liked to see her smile. Unfortunately, it was a rare occasion. During her free time the girl seemed to want to stay alone, and more than once Maximus had seen her walk in the fields or sit under the big poplar near the gates, reading a scroll.

The maids had told him Selene was very reserved and always sad, making him decide to try to cheer her up because, for reasons he didn't want to explore, he wished her to be happy. And thus, one day he rode to Trujillo, and returned with Selene's little black and white dog tucked under his arm, watching happily as the girl had hugged and kissed the animal, before flashing him one of the most beautiful smiles he had ever seen, an enchanting mixture of happiness and shyness, which made the tribune's heart skip a beat.

He remember all too well the gentle and friendly child and young girl he had known during his school days and he thought something very serious must have happened to change her disposition so much. Maximus would have liked to speak with Selene but being it a very private question, he would need to be alone with her, and the girl avoided being alone with him or with anyone of the male members of the household like the plague.

She was now sitting on a couch, her leg supported by a low stool, as she watched her son pace back and forth in the room, stroking his beard as he often did when he was worried about something. Knowing he would speak when he was ready, Livia waited with patience, until Maximus broke the silence.

She is somehow strange. I remember her at school, she was always so friendly and ready to smile and talk, while now she looks like a skittish mare, who can be scared by a sudden gesture or a word spoken too loudly. They were wonderful and graceful creatures, just like Selene. I thought that the family might have suffered some kind of financial setback. It is only Selene who is fallen in disgrace. As it was his right, her husband-to-be's father broke the engagement contract, while Arrianus had practically banished her from her own family.

How can they behave so? A woman, even taken against her will, is always tainted by the male However the fact remains and the rest of the town thinks like Arrianus and Albinus.

Arrianus did not want an investigation for fear his family name would be tainted. Because, even if he was not yet aware of the real depth of his feelings for Selene, his voice and behavior had betrayed him, and Livia could not help but be worried for her son. IV "Rest well, domina," said Selene, closing softly the door behind her back and walking down the stairs, a slight smile on her face. The young woman had adapted well to her new life on the farm, and she loved her job.

Livia, the lady of the house, was good natured and nice woman, who resented being trapped inside the house but was wise enough not to unleash her frustration on the servants. Selene spent a lot of time with her, helping the older woman to wash and dress, keeping her company as they sewed or chatted, or doing errands in the house, such as retrieving scrolls and other items for her mistress.

In the afternoons, when the domina rested, Selene left the villa to take long walks, enjoying the light and the heat of the still warm September climate. The farm was very peaceful compared to the town and it seemed like a world of its own. All the servants treated her with a respect she had not experienced in months, and she was making friends between the maids and the cooks.

Selene crossed the atrium and stepped out the house, ready for her afternoon walk, but to her surprise she did not see Amor, her dog, running to her. The young woman frowned, a bit worried by her animal's unusual behavior and began to search the farm to find it. To her great relief she spotted Amor's black and white coat almost immediately after leaving the courtyard: Selene stopped near the stable, not wanting to distract the beast, but curious to see to whom it was bringing the stick.

She soon had her answer as she saw Amor deposit the piece of wood at the feet of a broad shouldered man, who bent down to retrieve it, patting the dog on its head. Selene watched as Maximus once again threw the stick in the field, admiring the way his muscles moved beneath his simple white tunic, and feeling contrasting emotions shake her heart.

She was not blind to her reactions, and she knew she was attracted by the young master of the house. Not only was Maximus a very attractive man but, even more important in her eyes, he was very kind and polite, especially considering he had spent the last ten years in the army. He was always gentle and respectful with everyone, slaves included, and all the servants strived to please him as best as they could.

The maids and the cooks had assured her he had never ordered one of them to his bed, as it was common practice, to the great regret of the female members of the household, who would have loved to spend the night in their master's arms, since they were all in love with him. Selene had listened to their talk with rapt fascination and then had started as one of the girls had told her Maximus was attracted to her. True, he was always very courteous with her, enquiring about her well being everyday, and he had even gone to her home to bring her Amor, but he was gentle with every one so she was not sure he was treating her in a special way The young woman bit her full lower lip in frustration as her attraction fought with the fear the rape had left in her and which seemed to increase with each passing day, instead of decreasing.

She desperately wanted to reply to Maximus' friendly gestures, such as the offer to accompany her during her walks or to show her the volumes in his library, but every time she tried to do so, something inside her snapped, and she lost her will, afraid he might somehow misunderstood her behavior and want from her more she was able to give.

Selene sighed and concentrated once again on Maximus and Amor: As she watched the soldier scratch her dog's belly with a tender smile on his face, the young woman felt her heart begin to beat wildly: They were outside, the farm was full of people, and her dog was there.

It was the perfect moment to try to reach out to Maximus. Selene stepped in the gravel-covered roadway and started to walk, at the beginning a bit hesitant and then with more sureness, determined to make a serious effort to conquer her fears. Since the evening his mother had told him what had happened to the young woman, he had wracked his brain to find a way to reach her and make her trust him, but he had failed to do so.

The tribune stood up, stopping to scratch the dog's belly and Amor threw him an upset look, before seeing his owner and running to her. Maximus watched Selene pick the dog in her arms and when finished covered the brief distance to the poplar.

Maximus felt his heart skip a beat: I consider you as a friend who is giving a hand to my mother or me. You consider me your friend? And I would love it if you should consider me your friend.

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Marcia roped her arms around his neck, crawling further onto his lap as their kiss continued. She traced his ear with her fingertip, and then arched her back against him as his own hands raked slowly down the film of silk that covered her back.

At last he reached her bottom, caressing the soft curves before continuing down her legs, finding the hem of her garment. He delved beneath it. The tunica snaked upwards to her thighs, exposing the moonlight pale of her skin. The emperor hiked the garment to her waist, and then paused, kissing her deeply again. His lips moved along her neck to her shoulder, this time unfastening the clasps there with ease.

The windows to the throne room were open, and the sounds of the night floated in on the breeze. The air was very cool, and the heat of Commodus' touch was a welcome respite from the chill. She melted beneath his touch, his hands moving unhurried over her body, as if memorizing its mounds and hollows. He moved possessively over her breasts and stomach, her bottom and back, her limbs…. His initial exploration complete, the emperor's attention returned to her chest.

He caught her nipples in his hands, pinching their petal-pink tips Marcia arched her back, first in pain and then in ecstasy as he milked the delicate buds, rolling and pulling her skin. He massaged her breast with the rest of his hand as his finger and thumb worked their delicious torture. Marcia's tunica was still bunched around her waist, permitting her the freedom of movement to shift her weight.

She slid a knee on either side of his hips, straddling him closely. Forcing herself to focus, she sent her own hands into action, caressing his buttocks, and back. Slowly finding her courage, she caressed the powerful muscles of his thighs, following the tendon in his inner leg upwards until it met his groin. Even through the heavy folds of his rich garments, his arousal was evident.

The girl's soft hands found the throbbing column of his flesh, tracing its outlines through the purple folds of his tunic. Her fingertips brushed across its tip in feathery, staccato touches that elicited a soft moan. The sound filled her with a sense of power- and of need. Deep within her core, she felt a tightening- a craving- the same hollow urgency that she had experienced the week before. Caesar's fingertips released her breasts and trailed over the ridges of her ribs and stomach.

He paused at the waist of her loincloth, toying with the edge of this final barrier to her flesh before wrenching it aside to claim the secret treasures between her thighs. Marcia's body seized as he found her clitoris, his expert strokes extracting a shudder from her body and stoking the fire of her longing a hundred fold.

He repositioned his hands. One of his fingers dipped inside the rim of her sheath. His stopped suddenly as the evidence of her virginity blocked his progress and his features betrayed a look of surprise at finding it intact.

His inquiry was answered in a look of both innocence and surrender. The skin of her back grew flush as she felt, almost like a physical touch, the eyes of the slaves that peered from the shadows. He traced around her opening, bathing his skin in the wetness of her body. Marcia's body convulsed, overcome with exquisite, tearing pain as he plundered her maidenhead.

The girl bit her lip to keep from crying out, blinking back tears, as he pressed deeper within her, readying her to accept him. He pressed the prominence of his desire against her stomach in promise of what was to come. The throbbing member burned against her skin. After an instant, her pain transformed to pleasure, but the actions of Commodus's hands were inadequate to quench the aching within her womb.

Marcia moaned her arousal, once more catching his lips in her own. She moved against him desperately, struggling for control as she fumbled for his coverings. She pushed his tunic over his stomach, wrenching his loincloth free to grasp his bulging erection in her delicate hands.

Her caresses were bold, begging him to complete the act. Commodus resisted for a moment. The girl felt a wrenching hollowness as he withdrew his hands. He wiped the blood of her innocence on the edge of his tunica, where it blended with the dark dried maroon of the earlier stains.

Then, one palm grasped her bottom, and guided her to his manhood, finally impaling her on his flesh. Marcia's breath came out in a hiss as their bodies melded into one. She was overcome with a sense of excruciating fullness as her body strained to accept his swollen member, but she sighed with unspeakable pleasure as he began to move.

The girl buried her face against his neck, holding tightly to his shoulders as she allowed the emperor to indulge his desires as he would. She luxuriated in the feel of his breath on her back- first slow and deep, and then fast and shallow.

She felt- like an echo of the ever building tensions within her own center- his body rushing toward its release, and she was suddenly shocked by her power. Commodus possessed her, but at this moment, he was hers as well. The emperor, Caesar, master of Rome. Here, on his throne, in the center of his empire, he was a God on Earth- but also still a man, hopelessly enslaved to the ecstasy that only she could give.

Commodus' hips lifted off the throne as the urgency of his thrusting increased. He tilted Marcia's hips toward him, subtly increasing the pressure against her nerves, and finally pushing her beyond control.

She heard him answer as if far away, and then, as if overloaded by sensation, her consciousness began to fade. She felt him twinge inside her, and then a pleasant, sticky wetness as his seed spilled against her womb, and finally he was still. Caesar's body slumped forward against her own. Slowly returning to awareness, Marcia sat up and cradled the emperor's head against her chest.

She stroked his hair, damp with sweat, away from his forehead, and peppered his skin with soft kisses. Still weak from exertion, his voice was needy and uncertain. A God and a monster. Her most hated enemy and dearest friend. She thought, cradling him against her breast. How could she rest with her sister a virtual prisoner in the palace, and Maximus- her beloved Maximus- alive, but in mortal danger?

How much the world had changed in just a few short weeks! That evening, she had borne the pain of losing someone that she had loved, thinking that there was no greater hurt in the world. Tonight she knew that her assumption had been wrong. It was far, far worse to know that someone was alive and in need- and yet be helpless to offer assistance, or even hope. In many ways it was better when she had believed him dead.

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At least then she was assured that his suffering was complete. Who knew what lay ahead of him now? Would Commodus, who had not spared the general's wife and son, now show mercy to the man who threatened his throne? Would he attack his rival in the open, or in the dark of night? Would he be subjected to torture? Or would Caesar simply arrange for him to be conveniently forgotten, living the rest of his life in the dim, airless tunnels beneath the Colosseum?

Oh, Maximus, I will help you. Flavia's whole heart cried out the promise, even as she admitted to herself that there was very little that she could do to help. I will find a way…. Prying her thoughts away from the Spaniard for a moment, the woman's mind turned toward the plight of her sister. She was with Commodus now. The best that she could hope for the girl was that the young man would continue to treat her with the tender attentions of a lover, and not debase her as a slave.

How she wished that she had not told little Marcia of the horrors that the emperor had done. Knowing his darkness had not removed her from his grasp. She was trapped now, and the knowledge could only frighten her worse than whatever she was currently suffering. Flavia shivered, a heavy blanket of guilt settling over her heart as she considered her own fault. Marcia should never have been free to trifle with.

She should have been married long ago- with a husband to protect her from the Emperor and the walls of her own home in which to hide. Although she was weary, the woman could not find any sleep.

Her mind would not grow quiet. Sighing with frustration, she tiptoed out of bed and into the hall. Flavia took a torch from one of the sconces in the wall and crept silently through the house, inspecting the rooms as she passed. The servants had long since retired to bed, and the big house seemed empty and dead. Flavia was checking the larder in the kitchen when the heavy fall of the doorknocker made her gasp in surprise. She trained her ears on the sound.

It was coming from the rear entrance- the doorway that the servants used. Picking up her skirts, she hurried to investigate. It was a woman. The matron's heart leapt with joy at the sight of the neatly embroidered stola wound round the lady's head.

Could it be Marcia? In a flash, Flavia began to outline what they would need to do. They must leave the city and travel for the villa, from there they could hire a ship and send word to their bankers in Rome and….

Another knock drew the woman's attention back to the present. She threw open the door. She blinked her light eyes in confusion- almost as startled to be greeted by the mistress of the house as that lady was to find her. Lucilla looked nervously over her shoulder. The Augusta trailed Flavia to her room and shut the door. At the Ludus Magnus?

I told Commodus that I was going to your house for a late dinner. My escort left me at the door and I slipped away unnoticed through your garden…. Oh, Flavia, do you know what this means? Maximus is going to save us! They are camped at Ostia. My brother wants to send the Legions to Africa to trap game for his infernal fights, but sensible heads convinced him to wait until the summer…He is still reluctant but I am sure I will convince him to do so Flavia was stunned by the sudden clarity with which she finally saw the couple's relationship.

Lucilla had never wondered for an instant if Maximus would want her…if he would strive to please her. She had assumed, as was the privilege of her beauty and birth, that he was another man to serve her whims.

At seventeen, it had pleased her to be in love…and now? It would please the Empress if he lived- or died- for the furtherance of her schemes. Her staff was relatively small, but impeccable. They would be discreet. Morning will come very early- and I don't know when we will have a moment for rest again. The silk of the sheets was cool and soft against her skin, and she lay with her eyes closed for several moments before committing to being awake.

As she lingered in the twilight between dreaming and consciousness, her thoughts returned to the evening before. Marcia's hands brushed guiltily over her thighs as she remembered the passion that she had shared with the emperor, first in his throne room and then here in his bed. Commodus…Marcia turned to her side, reaching out her arms to draw him back into her embrace, finally opening her eyes when she grasped only air.

The emperor was already gone. Frowning, the woman left the bed, shrugging her tunica over her shoulders as she crossed toward the door. She stuck her head into the central hallway, drawing it back in quickly as her eyes lighted squarely on Crispina.

Marcia closed the door, leaning back on it heavily as she allowed her knees to buckle and her body to slide slowly to the floor.

Surely everyone in the palace knew what had happened by now…and what should she do next? During the almost sleepless night she had decided what she wanted to do and now it was time to act. She called her trusted steward into the tablinium and wrote him the necessary papers to instruct her banker to withdraw a huge sum of money, then sent the man to retrieve it.

After that, she gave orders to the house staff to tell any visitors that she was gone and that they did not know when she was going to return.

She also said where she might be reached, at the Ludus Magnus, but only in case Marcia should need her. Before going away Lucilla had told her that she was going to inquire about the girl and Flavia hoped to get news as soon as possible. However, since there was nothing she could for her sister now, she was going to take care of Maximus. When the steward returned with the money, she divided it into two purses, one of which was safely locked inside the arca in her room, while the lone slave who was going to accompany her to the gladiator school would carry the other.

Flavia then put on a simple cape and carrying a small basket she left the domus, closely followed by her servant. I think his name is Proximo. He hastened to open the gates and let her inside along with her slave. He led them across the courtyard where some fighters were training, inside a building and then up a staircase, until they reached a closed door. His clear eyes swept quickly over Flavia, assessing immediately her social class.

Satisfied by the fact she looked very rich, he gestured her inside with his arm, "Domina. She took a deep breath and said, "I am here to see the Spaniard. Proximo's reaction was similar to his guard's but once again Flavia put him back in his place with a cold stare: Well I think it could be arranged, even if it is unusual to meet the athletes during the day. And of course this will be Flavia smiled and then motioned her slave to bring her the bag with the money.

The man did so and she dumped it on the desk, opening the leather strings to show Proximo it contained only golden aurei. He would have you killed if you dared to sell Maximus," Flavia studied the large man, who seemed to be unable to stop staring at the gold, "However you can have it all the same He is reserved for me and for me alone.

What do you think? He looked at the woman like she was a strange being: But perhaps it was not how it looked, he thought, as she saw her bite her lower lip as she waited for his answer. After she signed the contract, and gave Proximo half of the money, Flavia stood up and said, "I wish to see Maximus now. He is not training today so you can have him all by yourself. However tomorrow will be different, because he has to practice for his next match.

Flavia swallowed hard at the mention of the next match but then nodded, "I understand. Now, domina, if you would wait here for few minutes, I am going to instruct the guards to take him in a quiet place. Maximus and I are going to eat lunch together. Once alone with her faithful servant, Flavia dropped on the chair, her heart beating wildly. She was going to see Maximus again After eleven years since they had last spoken to each other, she was going to be alone with him again.

Would he remember her? Would he be angry? Or would he accept her offer of comfort and friendship? Her offer to help him? I will know soon enough, she thought, as she waited for Proximo's return, Soon enough indeed Flavia looked at the men and then to the lanista. The general would never hurt a woman. The room was sparely furnished with a table, two chairs, a basin and a low cot in a corner.

Flavia took it in a flash, before her eyes focused on the man pressed against the wall in front of her. He was wearing only a rough but clean blue tunic, a leather belt and his sandals and Flavia's breath caught in her throat as she studied him. He was more muscled than she remembered and more lean. His skin was tanned and his beard and hair freshly trimmed.

He was staring at her with a defiant expression on his rugged, handsome face, and she felt her heart twist in her chest. They stared to each other in silence for a long time, distance and social classes separating them.

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Flavia saw Maximus study her, but saw no cognizance on his features. In the end he broke the silence by growling, "I don't know what you want, lady, but I have no intention of cooperating. Then, as he bent his head to study it, she removed her cape and stola, so that all of her face was visible.

When Maximus' eyes met hers again, they where filled with wonder, "Flavia They stared at each other again, both feeling uncomfortable, until Maximus asked, "What are you doing here?

Nobody except my trusted servant knows. Flavia bit her lip. She knew the meeting would not have been easy, but she was not ready to give up. You will ruin your reputation. I don't see anything wrong in it. I am a slave Flavia's eyes filled with tears at his defeated tone and she put a hand on his cheek, gently obliging him to look at her again.

Marcus Aurelius was on campaign in Germania when he died. He did die in CE. Marcus called for his son to join him on campaign when Commodus was about 13, gave him the honor of full manhood at this time, and had pulled enough strings to make him consul by the time he was Commodus was obviously being groomed to take over when his father died.

He did not have to scheme and plan and worry about succession. Furthermore, he was in battle or in camp with his father for years, not joining him at direct request and traveling in luxury. In fact, Commodus was the first Roman emperor who was raised in royalty and succeeded his father. All emperors before Marcus Aurelius had appointed men for other reasons than relation by blood. I should clarify here — thanks to a commentator! Conversely, Vespasian had two sons become emperor, but they were both born and raised by the time their father earned the title.

Furthermore, Marcus Aurelius died when Commodus was only Not only he did he have the promise of all the power and position, but he was still young. Why would he kill his father when he could still spend his time without as much responsibility? Also, he was young and inexperienced when he took over, and according to Cassius Dio his lack of guile and lack of great intelligence meant that his older advisers could manipulate him. What if the movie had started with Commodus as a good looking younger man with a great deal of potential?

The first sign of trouble could be his pulling away from battle and returning to Rome. This way, he gains the support of the army, is thoughtful, but maybe also a coward for retreating from battle. Could he at least TRY to look like less of a douche? Maximus could still be a solider — not a general though, he should fly under the radar — who gets forced into slavery for some reason. Perhaps he fights for the other side and gets captured by soldiers.

A prisoner of war being sold into slavery would not be unusual. He could now have a great deal of resentment against Rome and want to get back to his family. In truth, particularly in the early days of the Republic, you only had a chance of being in the senate if you were part of the aristocratic patrician class. The senate was comprised of elected magistrates.

Once you became a magistrate, you were in the senate for life. There was only one position for magistrates that dealt directly with the people, and even then they dealt with the Council of Plebs. This council consisted of roman citizens who were male. If you were a woman or not a citizen, then you had no voice in politics. Senators largely looked after their own interests, and as the Republic continued they got more corrupt and self-centered.

Emperors brought them peace? Bring on the Emperors! But the speech Proximo gives early in the film about buying slaves to profit from their deaths? Anyone who owned or sponsored gladiators had to put in time to train them, to feed them, to give them medical attention. If they died in the first battle, you lost out on the profit you could gain from seeing them fight time and again.

Not to mention, that these early fights outside of Rome would have been less bloody in history. By this time, gladiator fights that ended in death were largely banned outside of Rome, and sometimes the contestants would fight with wooden weapons to prevent death. The movie could give Maximus the chance to prove himself by winning fights, as this nobody from another army. Commodus could still call for more gladiators from outside Rome.

The historical Commodus was obsessed with games, particularly gladiator fights. When he first became emperor he would participate in practice fights in privacy, but as the years wore on he began to insert himself into the arena. This had mixed results. His ability has an archer in killing animals impressed the Roman people, they ate it up. When he actually fought in the arena against men?

That would be far more dubious. Only slaves were debased enough to be forced into entertainment, and someone of the aristocracy fighting in such a manner would have been humiliating to some degree. They could slowly show him growing more unstable. The turning point of horror in the film could center around Commodus entering the arena as Hercules something else he actually did.

In one historical account, Commodus had men in Rome without feet, or otherwise handicapped, chained together and made them costumes to turn them into the monstrous giants of mythology. He then clubbed them to death as Hercules saving the people. The historical Commodus was approximately x more horrifying than the movie version leering at his sister. I thought he might have good reasons for killing his father, but NOW I know that he's a creep. In truth, about two years after Commodus became emperor, Lucilla devised a plot to assassinate him.

This is what the senate has sent you! Not to mention, that the senate had nothing to do with the plot to kill Commodus. You could say that this attempt made Commodus even worse than Lucilla already thought he was. Oh, he also exiled his sister and had her killed.

Can you imagine this woman being set up as a key player in the movie only to have her killed partway through?