Hiei and mukuro relationship quizzes

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hiei and mukuro relationship quizzes

There isn't anything that offically declares them as a couple in the manga, though Mukuro does seem to harbor some affection for Hiei. The fact. I may have a straight couple in one of them though, I think I do? .. Chapters: 1 - Words: - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 1 - Published: Nov 7, - Hiei, Mukuro - Complete Kurama finds a YYH quiz and he makes Hiei try it out. Explore Hiei, Yuyu Hakusho, and more! [Yu Yu Hakusho] Hiei, Kurama/ Shuichi Minamino, and Yusuke Urameshi. Find this Pin and Mukuro and Hiei. Hiei.

Don't fretlove. Arthur and Francis are here to help youand boy do they have a solution for you Some only need 4 words. Anyone who knows Hiei can tell you what he is most like: I decided to challenge myself. I would find another animal to compare Hiei to, one with a more positive connotation.

My best friend is my firefly. Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: Monochrome Factor - Rated: I think rated T for now. Hiei gets ticked off, and sets off to find him.

Are you a Kurama freak?

Not a one shot this time. Hiei and Kurama shonen ai. Not really a comedy either. Please read and review! X3 Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: Would it take a horrifying dream?

Oneshot, L's POV, shounen-ai. Death Note - Rated: So he decides to play along. But what if L really finds himself falling? And what of Light? Modus Vivendii A series of stories of the often times turbulent other times interesting love story of Russia and America.

Rated M for possible chapters with mature content. Modus Vivendii, a Latin phrase signifying an agreement between those whose opinions differ, such that they agree to disagree. If you like it, I would appreciate a review! M - English - Romance - Chapters: Genkai and Koenma are blond in some of the colored artwork for the manga, with Koenma's uniform being green instead of purple. The anime cuts out a lot from the manga to make for tighter pacing.

A minor version, since Kuwabara was never really that bad of a guy in the first place, but towards the beginning of both the manga and the anime, Kuwabara's gang gets into trouble for getting into a fight and Kuwabara winds up sticking his neck out for one of his friends and promises to a teacher to stay out of fights and pass an upcoming exam. This fight is never shown in the manga and is implied to be the usual delinquent behavior from him, but in the anime the fight is shown, and he started the fight only because the gang he was fighting was harassing and possibly threatening to molest Keiko and he wanted to help her out.

Yusuke, while still a delinquent in the anime, has some of his bad traits toned down, like his smoking habit, gambling, and shoplifting.

hiei and mukuro relationship quizzes

Kuro Momotaro uses Steaming Spheres to gain an immunity to whatever attack was last used against him. Chu in the Dark Tournament arc in the uncut version. Cartoon Network's Toonami edited version has Chu as a fighter who seems like a bumbling fool, but is very skilled and dangerous.

Sensui's main personality, Shinobu, shows some signs of this, talking respectfully to Yusuke as if they were having tea and crumpets together. Just make sure you shake his hand when he asks you to. The story takes a moment to focus on Byakko's shock and horror when he is betrayed and executed by Seiryuu for failing to beat his opponent.

There's even a hint of a tear on his bodiless head. Sensui's life as a Spirit Detective was not an easy one Even Toguro has a sad past that drove him to be the way he is. All Just a Dream: Some of the Eizou Hakusho shorts.

It's funtion is to multiply the available Spirit Energy of the wearing, giving the Spirit Gun a signifigant damage boost. Sadly, the power overload knocks out the wearer after use. And I Must Scream: And This Is for Ichigaki, who has beaten the snot out of Kuwabara and enslaved innocent martial artists. Yusuke finishes by saying "And this Kuwabara, who fought Yusuke constantly before the series started, was this when Yusuke died.

Though Hiei could theoretically shift to Unscrupulous Hero when Yukina is involved. He also shows more heroic tendencies when dealing with Kurama and Mukuro. Kuwabara would be a normal hero in most other settings, but he's got enough hardscrabble street fighting background to qualify here. Seven for the Chapter Black arc. It's declared that the "seven" will dig a grave for humanity, but it's seven personalities; Itsuki remarks that Sensui saw all of his followers as expendable.

Keiko's usual punishment for Yusuke acting up. You would think Keiko was the most powerful force on Earth with how often the guy gets beat on by her. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The cruelties of Genkai's training include: Four weeks locked in a cave, balancing on spikes, being buried alive in a snake pit, and not being allowed to shower.

hiei and mukuro relationship quizzes

The anime starts off with the somewhat ish type animation where characters are poorly drawn, but improves greatly by the Dark Tournament arc. Yusuke's Spirit Detective tools, they get phased out around the time of the Dark Tournament.

This bit actually gets lampshaded by Botan when she laments that Yusuke never bothered to use them. They make a brief comeback at the start of the Chapter Black arc. Hiei's true demon form.

In the case of Hiei's true form, he was originally supposed to be a Starter Villainbut then he got Saved by the Fans and promoted to a main character.

His true form got phased out as well. There's also the fact that putting something as vulnerable as an eye all over your body would probably work against whatever power-up a full demon form would give. The Forlorn Hope can grant the user a wish, but only at the cost of their life. Ass Kicking Equals Authority: Invoked by Yusuke and played straight by the entire demon world during the Demon World Unification Tournament arc.

After Yusuke is overpowered and cornered by Hiei during their fight, he shoots a Spirit Gun that is avoided by Hiei but hits him in his back after being reflected by the Mirror of Darkness. Yusuke accomplished this by moving in the mirror's direction so Hiei would be directly in front of it after the Spirit Gun was fired.

A great deal of demons, most notably Elder Toguro. Though nicer than most examples, Koenma's treatment of Ogre is less than benevolent. Yusuke was able to catch Hiei's sword with two fingers when he was testing how strong Yusuke was after his training for the Dark Tournament.

Genkai does this during her fight with Shishiwakamaru.

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During the Dark Tournament, Hiei was able to block Bui's insanely large axe. Not to mention melting it. Barred from the Afterlife: At the beginning, delinquent Yusuke dies saving a child from being hit by a car, which puts the Celestial Bureaucracy in a bind: He was scheduled to go to Hell, but his Heroic Sacrifice partly redeemed him But not enough to qualify for Heaven. By doing so, they forced themselves to face their deepest fears and insecurities through each other.

They really are just like another part of each other.

The Relationship Between Hiei And Mukuro: What I

To love each other romantically would be practically selfcest, in a way. And since neither of them love themselves, they cannot love each other in that way anyway. They can just hold each other and be with each other and be a shoulder to lean on and gradually make peace with themselves through each other.

And then maybe, they could look for love, but elsewhere. Not together, because they are each other. Mukuro is like his twin in life. People also like to reference that one particular OVA and claim that Mukuro has romantic feelings for Hiei because of how she is acting and what she said and that Hiei has romantic feelings for her because he entrusted her with his Hiruseki stone. Let me remind you of one thing: Yukina did so first. She also trusted that it would be safe with him.

Or that he cares for her in any less platonic a manner. Considering their similarities, interactions, and respective ages, her taking on a more mentor-esque role in his life definitely makes more sense than anything romantic. Many mentors tend to choose students who they see themselves in.

This is because they are searching for someone to inherit their knowledge, wisdom, and holdings.