Hinamori and toshiro relationship quiz

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hinamori and toshiro relationship quiz

Fanpop quiz: Which of the following statements dealing with Hitsugaya Toshiro and Hinamori's relationship has not been confirmed as canon? - See if you can. Toshiro x Karin and their relationship as it progresses from friendship to "I just have one question for you, Hinamori-fukutaicho," said Karin. Perhaps she could quiz this new friend about Toshiro and learn something she. Okay lets see if you know The T-man Quiz. 1, Who is Hitsugaya's Best friend? Momo Hinamori 5, How Tall is Toshiro Hitsugaya?( Relationship Test.

She immediately went down the stairs to serve the tea. After sitting down at the table, Momo asked, "So, are there any restrictions that I should know about?

hinamori and toshiro relationship quiz

I know a lot of you do go out at night. We only ask that you are as quiet as possible since the family either has work or school on most days," said Karin. The wash room is down that hallway, and if you want a snack, feel free to raid the refrigerator," continued Karin. Neither one of them said anything for the next few minutes.

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But Karin's curiosity soon got the better of her. Perhaps she could quiz this new friend about Toshiro and learn something she might not know otherwise.

You said you grew up with Toshiro, right? He's a very private person," answered Momo. I mean, is there anything -?

She liked Toshiro — a lot — but certainly didn't want to go advertising that to people she just met. But if she didn't take this leap, she didn't know if she would ever get an opportunity this good again.

Karin sat there and listened intently as Momo began.

Momo Hinamori

He and I both lived at Granny's house, which is where she still lives. I'm sure she is still taking in kids from time to time. She always hated to be alone, but having at least a few kids living with her kept her happy," explained Momo. He seems nice enough to me," said Karin.

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Momo smiled back at Karin, appreciating the sentiment. He usually makes horrible first impressions.

hinamori and toshiro relationship quiz

He is gruff and lets you know exactly what is on his mind. But if you give him a chance, he really does grow on you," said Momo. I used to go visit him but we started drifting apart just because we were no longer under the same roof. Even when I went back to visit him, he showed no interest at all in becoming a Shinigami," said Momo. Knowing him now, I never would have guessed that," said Karin. She talked with him and encouraged him to go to the Academy.

what is the relationship between hinamori and hitsugaya?

He didn't realize it at the time, but he had already been seeing visions of Hyorinmaru in his dreams. His reiatsu was out of control as well and one night Rangiku followed it to him only to find that he was inadvertently causing Granny to freeze by making the room so cold while he slept. She convinced him that becoming a Shinigami was the best way for him to learn about controlling reiatsu and protecting people," said Momo.

It had been nearly years since a Shinigami graduated in only one year," said Momo. Now she knew the story of how Toshiro came to be a Shinigami and a taicho.

She had made assumptions based on small pieces of conversations they had had in the past, but now she could put it all together. Like I said, we aren't as close as we used to be," said Momo, neglecting to fill in any details on why that might be.

I wish he would have more enjoyment out of his life. He is still so young, yet I never see him have much fun. She wished, as always, that they could be closer so they could hang-out together. She knew that when he was with her, he seemed to enjoy himself.

He is certainly not going to tell me anything that personal. But I was in a fukutaicho meeting a few weeks ago and I heard from his fukutaicho in so many words that there may be someone in his life now," said Momo. Karin was still a little concerned.

Rangiku knew she had feelings for Toshiro. But now she was hearing something about Toshiro and someone.

Could it be her? He bumps in to her, falls to the ground and she yells at him for "not being a man and crying about it". Later that night Toshiro had a very realistic dream with a huge, serpentine dragon calling out to him. He'd always had strange sensations but this one was something else entirely. He wakes up in cold sweat, and the first thing he notices is how cold it is in the room. Secondly somehow Rangiku is standing there!

She tells him that he needs to learn to control his apparent power, otherwise it would kill his grandmother. This would lead to Hitsugaya becoming a Shinigami, in order to protect the ones he love. With his intelligence and skills he quickly rose up through the ranks and became a Gotei 13 captain, the youngest one in history! Therefore we'll go with the main ones. Zanpakuto A living weapon who works together with its owner. Any enemies he traps with it are instantly frozen!

It's so powerful that he can use Bankai moves in Shikai state and it even creates storms whenever it's used. Subjugation of the Heavens This move allows Hitsugaya to control the weather in the vicinity. It's powerful enough to instantly kill anyone entering its reach. It's similar to his Shikai, but the freezing ability is much greater. However, due to Hitsugaya's young age though the Bankai is incomplete, and it has a timer in form of 12 ice flower petals melting away.

Lingering ice puppet This move allows Hitsugaya to shape chunks of ice the way he wants them to, thus being able to trick enemies with fakes.