Instant star jude and tommy relationship trust

Trust me - Tommy and Jude - video dailymotion

instant star jude and tommy relationship trust

Instant Star () s01e12 - Train In Vain Episode Script. I'm the smoke from your fire I'm that lie you can trust I'm the chord on your guitar I'm the blood you. Instant Star Fanfiction Broken Lives Of Jude Harrsion and Tommy Quincy. Jude Harrison ended up getting pregnant by Tommy when she was 17 years old sister Angel and he doesn't have a good relationship with his parents alot because and they also know that they starting to trust each like they used to trust each. What happens when Tommy and Jude's relationship goes to the next TT: Your not the only one who thinks something is up Jude, trust me.

Your not the only one who thinks something is up Jude, trust me, you're not the only one. Tommy and Jude jump on Tommy's motorcycle and start driving towards Jude's house. Once there, Jude gets up and takes off her helmet handing it to Tommy.

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Tommy Takes it from her but as she turns to leave he grabs her by the hand and turns her towards him, Jude, surprised by this sudden move, stumbles a bit until her and Tommy's face are just a breath apart.

Tommy leans in and gently kisses her on the lips.

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Jude pulls Tommy closer and Tommy getting caught up in the moment runs his fingers through Jude's honey colored locks and gives in to all of the sensations kissing her has brought him. Tommy pulls back looking into Jude's eyes with an intensity that she had never seen. Yeah, you can say that again. Jude and Tommy smile at each other. Well as much fun as this is, I think I should be getting inside.

Yeah, you're probably right. Jude smiles and turns to walk away. By the way, I was wondering, will you come to the release party with me? You askin me out on a date Quincy? Smiles and say's "Is that a yes"? Jude is standing in front of her mirror in a beautiful black dress that ends right above her knees and hugs her body in all the right places.

She had spent an hour doing her hair half up and half down with lose curls trying to get it just right and had finally succeeded. The light hit the diamonds at her ears in just the right place and made her whole outfit perfect and complete. Jude hears a car pulling into the drive, and a door shut.

She takes a final deep breath and smiles to herself in the mirror. Alright Quincy, tonight your all mine. Scene switches to Tommy in a black tuxedo with white tie, his hair perfectly styled. He is sitting in his Viper in Jude's driveway giving himself a mental pep talk for the night to come. He takes one last deep breath and grabs a bouquet of white lilies Jude's favorite and makes his way to the front door.

Mumbling to himself "Alright Quincy, it's now or never". Tommy knocks on the front door to Jude's house and moments later Sadie opens the door. Tommy feeling awkward starts to shuffle his feel and says "Oh hey Sades is Jude here"?

Sadie raises an eyebrow and folds her arms " Why are you all dressed up"? Well I'm taking Jude to her release party.

Yes, is she here or not Sadie? Sadie glares at Tommy and says "yeah" and walks into the house leaving the door open for Tommy to follow. Tommy shakes his head as he follows and asks himself "what did I get myself into"? Sadie sits down on the couch and motions for him to take a seat Sadie: Jude will be down in a minute Tommy: Thanks An awkward silence hangs in the air until they turn towards the stairs as they hear a door upstairs shut and footsteps coming down them. Tommy looks up just as Jude starts walking down the stairs and he takes a deep breath and held it without even realizing it.

God, she is beautiful. Jude staring at Sadie and Tommy continues down the stairs and looks at them and raises a hand to her hair and says Jude: Do I have something on my face?

No you just, I mean no, your just, perfect. Sadie realizing Tommy is struggling for words looks at them both kind of confused and then tells Jude "No, you just look great for once that's all". Jude ignoring Sadie as usual walks over to Tommy and says "Hi" Tommy finally snapping out of his mini coma smiles at her and says "Hi" and then hands her the bouquet of lilies.

Aww wow Tommy you didn't have to get me flowers, and they're my favorite!

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Thanks Jude jumps into his arms and gives him a hug. Tommy just laughs and says "well if that is the reaction I get when I give you flowers, I wonder what I'll get if I buy you a car" Jude jokingly punches him in the arm and says, "that's the last time I show you gratitude" Sadie finally joins the conversation and says "so what's on the agenda for tonight"?

Jude and Tommy forgetting that Sadie was even there both look at her, Tommy finally says "were going to Jude's album release party, I thought you knew" Sadie: Actually I did, I do work at G major now ya know Jude: Then why did you ask where we were going? I just wanted to see what you would say Jude: Rolls her eyes and says "whatever Sadie, I invited you tonight, and you said you had a "date" Sadie: I do, I met this really yummy guy at the mall yesterday, his name is Keith, and something tells me you'll be seeing a lot of him.

For some reason both Tommy and Jude had a weird feeling that Sadie was keeping something from them but chose to ignore it. Well sorry Sadie but Jude and I need to go or she is going to miss her own party.

instant star jude and tommy relationship trust

Night Sadie, have fun with Keith Sadie: Jude I'm going to be staying at Sarah's house tonight so don't expect me home before tomorrow ok. For which course, sex ed? I just caught you making out with Jude's producer, Sadie! I caught you scoring frequent flyer points with our travel agent, dad!

instant star jude and tommy relationship trust

I don't wanna see you make them too. I happen to think that Tom is a very big one. I am serious, Sadie. He is too old for you. He's in and out of the tabloids, and nevermind what this would do to Jude.

How does this have anything to do with Jude? Tom is her producer. It's a very sensitive relationship. Look, I just-- I don't wanna see her get hurt.

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I mean, look at the year she's had! And what about the year that I've had, dad, thanks to you? Don't ruin this for me. How did you get this out of Darius? You-- You really care for Tommy, huh?

This is like the nicest thing anybody has done for him. Well, I have ulterior motives. Tommy says he doesn't want to be my wingman anymore.

So what if I was his? What if I tried to help him finish "Frozen"? So, you running out of there like you were on fire-- not how I wanted that to go. Yeah, I guess this cover could use some work, huh? What is your problem?

instant star jude and tommy relationship trust

As usual, my problem is you, Andrews. I keep looking at you expecting to see something horrid. Like Chucky, or Freddy Kruger. But every time I look, I still see Jamie. Whatever happened between us, I'm still the guy that you went frog-catching with in grade four; glued your hands together in grade five.

Broke my heart in grade ten? Kat, knowing you hate me breaks my heart. Maybe as much as I broke yours. We still got a couple hours. You want to call a truce and finish off this paper? Under an ocean of ice he was the one thing Beneath the moon at night He's Frozen I shield my eyes from the sun The great believer-- The great believer-- The great believer Sonic perfection, man.

For once, I think you're right, man. Listen up, 'cause production on Jude Harrison's debut record is now wrapped!

instant star jude and tommy relationship trust

This is your masterpiece. You know, in celebration of the album, I kinda have a gift for you. I think you'll like it.

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A gift for me? I didn't get you anything.

instant star jude and tommy relationship trust

This album's my gift. Look, go have some fun, all right? This is your moment. I'm the blood you might need In your car when you speed In that cigarette you breath You can't get rid of me You said I wasn't funny when you laughed You said I couldn't drive fast then you crashed Funny how it works out With your big mouth You'll always get it back All right, ready for my big gift.