Jeremy lin and kobe bryant relationship

Things You Didn't Know About Kobe Bryant's Relationships With His Teammates

jeremy lin and kobe bryant relationship

Jeremy Lin Has Become Not Only Kobe Bryant's Teammate, but His Pupil almost no one noticing them furthering a new relationship that is. Kobe Bryant's relationships with his Laker teammates weren't always rosy. Jeremy Lin seized New Yorkers' imagination as a Knick in the. Jeremy Lin: 'There's something about me that it's the best or it's and said about his relationship with Kobe Bryant was exaggerated, that they.

Wayne Ellington recalls moment when Jeremy Lin got into it with Kobe Bryant

There are certain players that I just automatically get along with. You gravitate to each other because you see eye to eye on things and you get along extremely well.

And Caron was one of those players.

jeremy lin and kobe bryant relationship

Nonetheless, when focused and motivated, the 6-foot-7, pound Peace is a solid ballplayer and lockdown defender. Despite being a mentally unstable badass, Peace was determined to impress and befriend Bryant.

I remember playing with Kobe, the sacrifices he made, playing hard, making unbelievable shots and showing unbelievable fundamentals.

Jeremy Lin Talks About His Relationship With Kobe, Dwight Howard - Lakers Nation

We're talking Jason Kidd," said a year-old Bryant. That's why we're in this [messed up] position. Perhaps more surprisingly, Bryant decided to mentor and even flatter Bynum. Just giving me confidence. In all likelihood, Bryant would not have earned another crown without Bynum in the middle.

jeremy lin and kobe bryant relationship

Shockingly, the 6-foot, pound Odom and 5-foot-9, pound Kardashian divorced in December With Odom on life support, Bryant rushed to the Sin City hospital where his former teammate was being treated.

I'll be watching a movie, he'll tap me like, 'Come here.

Kobe Bryant Yells at Jeremy Lin

The 6-foot, pound Brown was the first overall pick in If Yao Ming's arrival created awareness for much of what is offensive to Asians, the rise of the first American-born NBA player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent enhanced the sensitivity and furthered that education on a bigger level.

As so many became drawn to Lin's ultimate underdog journey from the depths of the D-League and sleeping on couches to the cover of Time Magazine, the Asian American Journalists Association provided a media advisory to offer some guidelines on Linsanity.

jeremy lin and kobe bryant relationship

It let people know that it's ignorant to draw connections between Lin and fortune cookies or other Chinese food, or to make references to an Asian's eye shape or driving skills when discussing Lin's game. I remember some followers on Twitter who were actually oversensitive to all things involving Lin, like when one politely asked if wearing a ninja costume to a game with "Linja" written on it would be offensive.

These things aren't even being discussed without Linsanity, a unique moment for so many in and around it. Both D'Antoni and Atkinson speak fondly about their memories of that time when it comes up.

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Asked recently about the Lin-Kobe game reaching its five-year anniversary, D'Antoni cracked, "I lit two candles this morning [in honor of that moment]. Jeremy being the type of person he was, just everything together playing against the Lakers, playing on national TV, playing against Kobe, so many things that were set up.

jeremy lin and kobe bryant relationship

Literally out the park. It was exciting basketball. It was like the old Suns and it revealed Jeremy's athleticism, like, "Oh!

jeremy lin and kobe bryant relationship

This kid is a blur.