John legend and chrissy teigen relationship

john legend and chrissy teigen relationship

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's relationship is far from perfect — and that's not a bad thing! In fact, that's why they work. John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Mother's Day The key to relationship success, she recently told In Style, is to "make each other's loves. Throughout the course of their decade-plus relationship, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have celebrated plenty of Christmases together.

I want her to be happy and to live the fullest, most awesome life she can, and I want us to do it together. She occasionally tells me off for that. You know when you think everything's about you?

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I was like, 'We ruined the wedding and everyone noticed,' and everyone's like, 'No, not really, nobody noticed,' oh my gosh. Getty Images InPage Six reported that John was spotted making out with another woman while at a restaurant. Chrissy was furious with the claims and went on an angry Twitter rant about it.

john legend and chrissy teigen relationship

And I am normally not the one to use the term s--t rag so I guess we're both a little off today. Although the reports were just rumors, public cheating allegations can take a toll on even healthy relationships. Chrissy struggled with fertility. Getty Images After tying the knot, the newlyweds didn't immediately start having children.

john legend and chrissy teigen relationship

After being questioned about it by fans, Chrissy finally opened up about her struggle with fertility. But my gosh, it's been a process! Getty Images After giving birth to Luna, things still weren't perfect. Chrissy, like many new moms, suffered from severe depression after giving birth.

And similarly to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynoldsthe two regularly engage in online banter —although Teigen is definitely the one with the sharper remarks. And Legend loves each and every one of them, telling Buzzfeed: A post shared by John Legend johnlegend on Jul 12, at 9: For Teigen, it was too much to see her then-boyfriend laugh away with a beautiful woman in a setting that was all too familiar for how they started off. Although there was nothing to it, she stormed off set in a fit of jealousy.

Then there was that time Teigen was on tour with an exhausted and overwhelmed Legend, who felt he did not have the emotional resources to maintain a relationship.

But just as she was from the start, Teigen was confident that they had something great going on. She knew his words, albeit painful, did not come from a lack of love or wanting. A day later, they were back together. But after their storybook wedding inand after Legend wrote what is arguably one of the most beautiful love songs ever about her, the head-over-heels couple started wanting a family.

But the dream of babies and a burgeoning family was to come at a high emotional and physical cost. A pain they both felt was important to share.

How Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Fell in Love

Especially in support of the many, many other couples who go through in silent suffering, because those around them do not understand. Just like so many others, they struggled with the whys. And that question would often be followed by thinking of how many other couples became pregnant by sheer accident. And how often that happened. And yet they still had to deal with the toil of IVF. Teigen especially, who endured the physical toll of the regimen, with its emotional rampage, the wild mood swings, not being in control of her body, the painful bruising, the shots, knowing not to hope, but still hoping… But baby Luna came along, healthy and growing happily.

For months after Luna's April arrival, Teigen suffered through undiagnosed postpartum depression. I started keeping robes and comfy clothes in the pantry so I wouldn't have to go upstairs when John went to work.

There was a lot of spontaneous crying. He sees how much my eyes light up when he does that stuff, and he knows that's what I need. I know he must look over at times and think: My God, get it together.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's Relationship Is Not Perfect, Here's Why

But he has never made me feel that way. I do," she admitted. I have the perfect people around me for it. That's why I stand for a real core group of people around me.

John Legend Tried To Dump Chrissy Teigen, But She Dug Her Claws In And Refused To Let Him Leave!

Sure, she's the first one to take a dig at Legend, "but I will say he is an amazing human being," she told E! To her, his list of attributes is lengthy.