Jordin sparks and chris brown relationship with rihanna


jordin sparks and chris brown relationship with rihanna

He recently wished her a happy 30th birthday, years after their tumultuous relationship landed them in international headlines when he. Chris Brown's Dad Worries His Son's Relationship With Rihanna Might a huge fan of Jordin Sparks, who he always considered “wholesome”. Chris Brown marries Jordin Sparks,Rihanna slips into depression. relationship with the good girl gone bad Rihanna says he has finally found.

  • Weigh In: Chris Brown’s Dad Slams His Relationship With Rihanna / Wishes He Dated Jordin Sparks
  • Chris Brown's father disapproves of Rihanna relationship

We spoke to her on the off-chance that she does indeed become properly famous in the near future… Questions: Jordin Sparks obviously Hello Jordin. It seems like it was just yesterday but at the same time feels like forever ago.

It's weird because came around and I realised that a year had passed already since I started the whole audition process. It'll be a year since I won in May and I can't believe how fast everything has gone.

jordin sparks and chris brown relationship with rihanna

Was it exciting to get a CD in the shops or is it all 'downloads' round your way? Having my CD out on the shelves was an amazing thing.

Jordin Sparks Disclosed Rihanna and Chris Brown's Not-So-Secret Romance

I got to sing for the President a couple of times and that was pretty awesome, too. I also sang at the Superbowl and that was amazing. I didn't think it could get any bigger than American Idol in terms of viewers but, obviously, you can. How is 'No Air' doing in America? It's doing very well. Oh no, she stayed behind the scenes.

I had no idea she was going to be there. Did you know that Rihanna and Chris were dating at that point or was it still 'under wraps'? It was still iffy.

jordin sparks and chris brown relationship with rihanna

I'd always known they were friends, but I didn't know they were dating until everyone else knew. Do you look forward to a time when you getting a boyfriend makes headline news?

I have mixed feelings on that. None of your stories mention who Jordin made these statements to. For now I'm choosing to regard this rumor as false. K There's no reason for Jordin to hate on Rihanna - and didn't she wish them the best?

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Come on Sandra - ain't nobody hating on your girl and no one is in love with her but you! And she ain't jealous. Dont' worry jordan, rih doesn't even look into chris Anna May the best woman win.

It is a nice pic of them. Black young ppl with money keeping it real.

jordin sparks and chris brown relationship with rihanna

I hope they invest it. If they stay away from the temptations of celeb life they will need it. We are living longer and out living our retirement.

She wasn't petty or caddy about it at all and just because she is comfortable with expressing herself doesn't mean she is desperate. LB she also said this on Tyra's show 4 months ago I wonder why the various sites didn't just say that.

In that case, I'd have to say Miss Jordin was just putting it out there.

Chris Brown’s father disapproves of Rihanna relationship | Toronto Sun

Letting Chris know that if he ever does break up with Rihanna she got next. Don't most teenage girls have a crush on Chris Brown? She got that on lock, at least for now. But if she and Chris DO somehow break up before Jordin moves on, and Chris and Jordin end up hooking up, as a mom of a daughter I'm concerned about Jordin!

So I know she's not gonna read this -- be careful Jordin girl, don't be lettin any of these mens make you a jump off!