Kanji and naoto relationship questions

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Naoto wears a schoolgirl outfit if you're in a relationship with her on Christmas because that's the sort of thing romantic partners do for each other behind closed . The Fool Arcana Social Link with the Investigation Team ranks up to 3. As the game told you, Teddie will need some clues about Kanji in. The pairings are divided into groups of four and the first two questions determine They're a girl, not a prince, Naoto A keen-eyed, shy Japanese girl, Yukiko.

At the time, Kanji didn't know what the young boy was talking about, but he felt a strange sense of security around him. He doesn't really get it himself, but knows for sure that he doesn't enjoy dealing with girls.

P4/G handles Kanji's and Naoto's issues terribly. (spoilers)

So loud and obnoxious Guys are just a lot more laid-back. He doesn't know how to continue this conversation, but he stutters out that he wonders if he'll ever get interested into girls. He couldn't accept that fact, so he just kept spinning it around and around in his head until it just drove him to instinctly tell everyone no, and to reject everyone else before they can reject him.

He doesn't actually say that last part, but it's pretty easy to assume so. Yosuke speaks up and defends Kanji, understanding that it's easy to feel pretty relaxed around dudes.

You're prompted to say something, and since this is the storyline, the speech choices here don't really matter. Go with anything you want, it won't affect your friendship with Kanji.

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Y'know, it's not physical injuries. It's all in the head, and he was the one shutting himself out anyway. The group doesn't understand what he's talking about, -- although they pretty much said the same thing in their case -- so Kanji shifts into the topic of the textile shop that his family owns.

kanji and naoto relationship questions

That's the house he grew up in during his childhood, so he's been interested in sewing and stuff since he was a little kid. But the second he says that to people, they look at him funny. I guess you don't see a pound thug with a pile of yarn on his lap every day.

The girls would always taunt him, the neighboorhood people didn't accept him, and he was just sick of the torment.

He catches himself going on and on about himself, noticng that he'd never talk about this with anybody else. He thinks that he must look really lame right now.

kanji and naoto relationship questions

He opened up to the group about his insecutities, and Chie is surprised about it! She calls him a "good kid," and Kanji immediately shakes his fist in protest, warning her to never call him a good kid.

P4/G handles Kanji's and Naoto's issues terribly. (spoilers) - Persona 4 Golden - Giant Bomb

Yosuke laughs, and everyone else joins in, too. After a hearty laugh, the music changes to the classy elevator detective music that plays whenever you try to investigate more about the case. Yosuke asks if Kanji remembers anything that happened after the second time that he met the group; the time that he chased you away and promised to take you down. He recalls going home, planning on going to bed and sleeping off the anger, when someone came to the house This sets off an alarm in the entire group, and everyone is now pressing him to tell him who came to his house.

He doesn't have memories of anyone actually entering the home, but before he knew it, he was at this "weird, dark entrance thing. Yukiko is still pondering the "dark entrance" that Kanji brought up, and asks Kanji if it could've been a TV. It seems strange at first, but he doesn't completely reject the idea of it being a TV.

He wonders why Yukiko wants to know, since Kanji doesn't know anything about the method of TV travel yet. He doesn't remember exiting into Junes. She lies and states that there is no reason for it. Yosuke inquires if the police asked anything after Kanji's mother called the cops to search for him, and they questioned him for a while.

Luckily, it didn't really get the police anything. He's questioning why you guys are trying to find out so much about the case, and asks if you're trying to play detective. Chie says it's something like detective work, and that's when Kanji offers to participate! He points out that there's some person out there, making people go through this horrible event, and he won't rest until he makes them pay. Yosuke jumps up in excitement, knowing that he'd make a great addition to the team.

Before he gets too excited, he wants your permisson for Kanji to join the squad. Kanji Tatsumi joined your group! He'll definitely be a strong asset in solving the case.

The Fool Social Link will now advance. Yosuke is now completely thrilled about receiving a new member, and plans to take him immediately to the "secret headquarters. You'll fade in to the Junes Food Court, watching Kanji wolf down piles on piles of food. Apparently you've already told him the gist of what's been happening, but Kanji doesn't catch on too quickly. Yosuke pesters him for not listening at all, but Chie reassures him that Kanji will believe it once he sees it for his own eyes.

The detective music starts up again, and Chie gets down to business, pointing out that the kidnapping was exactly like Yukiko's. The killer snatched them up, and then threw them into the TV. During your conversation, you begin listening to a couple of boys sitting at the table next to you.

You hear one of the students say that "the show" has been getting pretty crazy lately. The other student agrees, saying that he's always wondering who's gonna show up next on the TV.

He brags that he knew who was going to be the next victim before he even showed up on the TV. Struggling to remember his name, he asks his friend if he knows of a first-year who used to be in a biker gang Kanji's sitting right behind them. They sprint away like hamsters catching sight of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Chie softens up for Kanji a little bit, criticzing the other boys for talking about a schoolmate in such a rude way.

Yosuke gets exactly what she's talking about. All these other people are just like onlookers of a car crash. As long as it's not happening to them, they're dying to see.

After a moment of remorse and understanding for your new friend, Yosuke attempts to create a new theory for the murders. Since Kanji is a boy, this disproves the assumption that all the victims are female. Chie remembers the other reason they thought they were connected: All of the victims were somehow tied with the initial case of Ms. Say whatever you think is true here. We won't give you a suggestion as to not throw off your personal opinions about the case.

You'll be thrown back to square one because you have no clues, Kanji reaffirms it, but shows you something that might change your mind. He proudly pulls out what looks to be a slip of paper from his jacket. He begins to tell you a story of how he got that little item. When he made a comeback at school today, he found a little brat hanging around on his floor.

He was snooping around about Kanji's disappearance, so he pummeled him and stole whatever this is from him.

Denial of the Self: Queer Characters in Persona 4

You reach over and grab the piece of paper from Kanji, which contains several lists written all over it. Yukiko wonders what the Midnight Channel really is. The group discusses the origins of the Midnight Channel rumor and begins to worry that the rumor might spread with all of the kidnapped shows appearing at night. Yukiko wonders if the killer is watching the TV, too. Chie gets really frustrated and angry and vows to catch and kill the killer.

Teddie can tell someone's in the TV World, but he can't pinpoint Kanji and he seems distraught. Teddie thinks that if you can give him a clue-- something to set him on the scent -- he feels confident that he can find Kanji for you.

The game tells you to ask around town about Kanji.

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First, head to the Central Shopping DistrictNorth and talk with Kanji's mother who is standing outside the textile shop. She tells you to ask the boy who had been around him. Next, you'll need to talk with the kid who Kanji has been hanging out with. Head to Junes and speak with the lady there who will tell you to check back tomorrow. Quest 02 [ edit ] For the first time in a while, the boy is back in Classroom at Yasogami High School so you will be able to complete Quest The Girl on the Rooftop if you've managed to ask the girl on the roof three times about her hobbies.

This quest, Quest Desk Refurbishing is available today, so head to Practice Building 2F and speak with the Homely student to accept her request.