Karent and rodolfo relationship

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karent and rodolfo relationship

Real Housewife of Miami Karent Sierra has ended her relationship with her boyfriend, Rodolfo Jimenez. Karent's cast mates and friends were. Karent Sierra and Rodolfo Jimenez's relationship has been seen on the currently airing second season of Real Housewives of Miami and while. Former “Real Housewives of Miami” star Karent Sierra has been summoned to appear at a deposition next week for a nasty lawsuit she filed.

Karent arrived, saw the photo and immediately badgered the photographer to take her picture too. Lea was there as well, but she was impressed by absolutely nothing that happened, which seems to be the only emotion that Lea is capable of having: I understand throwing some shade at Karent, but why come to an event to celebrate a long-time friend and act like a passive-aggressive twat for the entire 10 minutes that you deign to be there?

For the camera time, maybe? Because Lea has a really misguided sense of what will make her look cool?

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Karent, apparently sensing that she was in the presence of an important person and should document how vicariously important that makes her, also got in line to have her photo taken. They both then tweeted the photos as one doesand Adriana got mad that Karent tweeted first. Is this all incredibly dumb? Yes, yes it is. Just let your friend have the glory of taking a photo with a reclusive artist, Karent.

Now for something completely different: Joanna went to rehearsals for LGBT charity show in which she was dancing, and unfortunately she made the mistake of bringing her sister along. Marta sat on the sidelines, making fun of every little mistake that Joanna made while she was learning the routine and cackling distractingly from off camera.

The Real Housewives of Miami 2.02 Recap: Who’s Texting Who?

Have you guys seen RuPaul as a dude? The power of makeup, hairspray and a good bra, you guys. We could all learn from it. Oddly, though, I still have no idea who to think is in the right in this whole fight. Is it me, or do we not have any kind of expository information about what actually happened, other than a drag queen who was late for a red carpet?

karent and rodolfo relationship

Karent Sierra involving her telenovela boyfriend Roldolfo receiving texts from Ana Quicoces. However, Ana claimed it was actually Roldolfo who continued to send texts despite the fact that he was dating Karent.

Karent, the texting mess, and how Rodolfo practically acted as if it was his first time meeting her. Ana felt that Dr. The situation hit a head once the women met up at another event where Adriana decided to let Dr.

Karent know about the rumors going around about the validity of her relationship with Rodolfo. Ana later told Adriana that Rodolfo was the one texting her as well, and still does. Karent and Ana face to face where neither woman backed down from their story. Lea and Alexia vouched for Ana, but Dr. Someone is indeed lying… and he just caught a flight to go shoot his telenovela.

Joanna, you might want to help find Marta a place to live… far away from your man. Luckily, Lisa offered Marta a spot at her mansion, which Marta seemingly accepted. I smell trouble with this arrangement already. Later, Romain and Joanna had dinner where they debated on who was at fault for postponing their wedding for the last five years.

karent and rodolfo relationship