Kerrigan and raynor relationship problems

The Awful, Sexist Plot of Starcraft 2 - Overthinking It

kerrigan and raynor relationship problems

Mengsk's subsequent betrayal of Kerrigan to the Zerg by ordering all The first - and pretty much only - mention of their relationship during the. Despite this, their relationship became strained over the issue of Mengsk. Raynor . Kerrigan allowed Raynor to flee but the psychic connection between the two. Then they seem to have forgotten that Kerrigan and Raynor put Mengsk Seems more like you've never had a very serious relationship or you'd . The biggest problem with chalking it up to a "bad day" is that this is bad.

So, people are still going to play it, even if the single-player storyline that frames the missions is awful. But there is definitely something to be learned from looking at how and why the story is so bad. SPOILERS — Beginning at the End The best way to get a sense might just be to watch the end cinematic, which is by far the worst part of the story, bringing together all the mistakes and missteps it has made along the way. Let me know in the comments.

Okay, so what happened here? She is the ascendant ruler of the Zerga species of alien monsters that operate through a hive mind and sweep through the universe destroying civilizations, taking over planets, and subsuming the genetic material of other organisms in a quest for perfection. She is also the ex-girlfriend of one of the human heroes the guy with the space helmet and the mustache in both videosa space marine named Jim Raynor.

Of course, he is totally wrong, there are bigger things going on than their relationship, and he is continually disappointed by the fact that no, this woman does not exist as an erotic object, but is in fact a totally legit badass who is playing him like a fiddle because he is dumb and sexist and keeps underestimating her. The Starcraft 2 betrayal cinematic really hammers in on the new, retconned, damsel-in-distress Kerrigan that has in Starcraft 2 replaced the one we know and love from Starcraft and Brood War.

Look how helpless she is without the men in her life, despite her being a special-forces soldier with psionic powers and a personal cloaking device!

The Queen of Blades, before her debasement in Starcraft 2. She is, after all, out to kill and dominate humans, and the human soldiers in the game are often, but not exclusively, portrayed as male.

kerrigan and raynor relationship problems

And of course, we on Overthinking It are suspicious of female characters who are merely powerful or capable, without being interesting or fully realized. But if you follow the female character flowchart for Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades does well: A perfect example of the Olive theory…two completely opposite people complimenting one another perfectly. Zoe is a battle hardened soldier, a veteran of the war, and a no non-sense type of officer.

Her husband, Wash, is a clowning, laid back pilot who got the job mostly because no one else was available at the time. The two grew to love one another and were eventually married. The two of them were brilliant together and fun to watch. Zoe, of course, chose Wash in the end.

The Awful, Sexist Plot of Starcraft 2

Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan Starcraft: With a love this complicated, and quite frankly, truly epic, how were they ever going to miss the list? A love that spans years and planets with bloodshed and war, somehow these two met up and fell in love. But that, my friends is just the start. Kerrigan was a ghost, a special forces agent who would go into hostile territory to scout and, if need be, nuke a planet.

Raynor was a rebel, someone who was content minding his own. But then the war happened.

kerrigan and raynor relationship problems

And the Terran human race had to band together under the rule of Arcturus Mengsk. Mengsk betrayed Kerrigan, leaving her to die in a swarm of Zerg, an evil alien race. Following with me so far?

Raynor and Kerrigan

Kerrigan goes on a rampage of revenge, doing all she can to destroy her enemies, chief among them, Mengsk. Her rage burns so hot that she basically kills off any rivals to her own army and then starts unleashing war on anyone in her way. Raynor tries to get through to her, and eventually, does find her.

The thing is, despite the way she looks and the things she has done, Raynor still loves her.

Raynor and Kerrigan

He loves her with all his heart and Kerrigan even loves him back. Which makes the last scene of the most recent game so heart breaking. Kerrigan finally, with the help of Raynor, gets her revenge on Mengsk.

And just when you think Raynor and Kerrigan can finally settle down with one another, he looks at her and he knows she has to go. At least not now, not the way the world is now. And he knows he has to let her go. And they both know they have to keep fighting so they CAN be together.

A whole race of the universe will have to be wiped out first so these two can finally be with one another. That, my friends, is literally Epic. Kerrigan being overran, Raynor finding Kerrigan, Raynor letting her go. You know the only thing I have to bring up is this simple but powerful exchange: