Kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship help

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kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship help

This Shows the relationship of Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne. Lacus Clyne When Meer does, Kira shows no emotion, while Athrun cries with Lacus. The only one thing he did in Gundam SEED series was kiss her on the .. it did for he and Lacus that he needed Cagalli for emotional support. . a ploy even Kira Yamato is originally Super Coordinator (One note he. Posts tagged “Kira Yamato” so doesn't have much time to help on this list about couples), so big thanks to Kev Because we're not looking at their relationship from the novels or manga but the 5) Kira Yamato/Lacus Clyne, Gundam Seed.

And one time episode Athrun captured Cagalli Kagari something has changes Athrun to fall in love with Cagalli. Same goes for Kira half in love towards Lacus Note: Episode Final that Fllay was killed, and Kira thought relieved to save her however didn't saved by the hands of Rau.

Kira triggered his Super Coordinator ability to bash him like that. Lacus didn't ended with Athrun. But yeah Lunamaria is a taller than Meer. Flit ended loving Emily Amond. Apr 09, izatul i love kira with lacus.

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Cancel i love kira with lacus. It had a lot of potential, but it felt wasted by showing off Kira so much as "unbeatable" outside of forced plot points after getting the Freedom. Dec 30, Meowaa I just think that, if Flay didn't used Kira as a tool, and used him, I might have liked the fact that she would naturally end up with Kira if she didn't die in the last episode of GDS.

But she did, and I really hated her alot. I'm personally a KiraxLacus fan and I do agree that Kira doesn't really show any signs of affection towards Lacus, but who do we blame that on?

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It was Flay that controlled him and made him like that, didn't she? It may sound wrong or harsh to those who disagrees with me but I hope you respect my opinion, and do correct me if I'm wrong and why do you think is that so?

From what I see, Kira is yet to be totally in love with Lacus, as he still has Flay on his mind. To be honest here, I watched GDS and GDSD quite a few years back then and I'm not very sure of everything now, but I am rewatching everything currently, thus I'm just speaking from what I personally know or think so far.

Oh and about Athrun and Lacus, I think that their relationship was more of a brotherly-sister love. Okay, that's it, sorry if I've wasted your time reading crap that I wrote but haha, oh well, it's my opinion. Cancel I just think that, if Flay didn't used Kira as a tool, and used him, I might have liked the fact that she would naturally end up with Kira if she didn't die in the last episode of GDS. The idea of Flay actually liking Kira in general and truly getting together with him isn't bad, but the way it was handled in SEED just didn't really fit right.

And the only "remakes" there are or will probably ever be are the Special Edition movies that came out pretty much right after. Cancel Quote by Meowaa I just think that, if Flay didn't used Kira as a tool, and used him, I might have liked the fact that she would naturally end up with Kira if she didn't die in the last episode of GDS.

Jun 19, greychamberlin88 but here is the thing as far as it goes with kira yes he did like flay, his friends even said that he always thought she was "cute" and I personally believe he did like her but when lacus came in he fell for her in a way.

The showing of the actual problems of the relationship Flay using Kira for her own bigoted revenge and trying to rebound with Sai after Kira's "death" was a good start and, if done right, could've lead to a great relationship in the end, but they flubbed it completely with having very little time to reunite before Flay's death. Now, if they had went with that idea, had Flay end up being captured like the series went, actually get to KNOW more about the Coordinators hell, I see a bunch of fanfic shipping between her and Yzak using her time captured as a basis and actually manage to let go of her bigotry by seeing they're not all the evil monsters she was brought up to believe, be let go by Rau with the N-Jammer Canceler data and such like the series did, and actually have time to reunite with Kira and have time spent between them to reconcile and all, and finally perhaps having her go out without permission and sacrifice herself to save Kira from a fatal blow by Rau.

THAT would've been a much better way to go about it, I think. As for Kira and Lacus and several other Gundam couples since Wingthat's really all that makes them sell too, they merely look good together.

Other than that, there's not much besides similar ideals. And as far as I know about the remastered versions, there's really nothing major. It's hardly a total remake or anything like that, so Kira having more depth is very unlikely. Cancel Quote by greychamberlin88 but here is the thing as far as it goes with kira yes he did like flay, his friends even said that he always thought she was "cute" and I personally believe he did like her but when lacus came in he fell for her in a way.

Jul 08, nala curiousseed wow, I'm really late at this but well I wanna voice out too Lacus for me never did love Athrun in a romantic way, but in a friendly way. They only had a arranged marriage to begin with and even if Athrun did give her Gifts haros it could have been a friendly gift or to fulfill their parents wishes.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship help

I probably believed that Lacus found something in Kyra that Athrun didn't have. Now I don't know how Fllay came in the conversation but I'll just include that to: In my own perspective Kira does show affection to Lacus, Lacus and Fllay have very different characteristics so you could say that Kira just does the relationship differently.

I mean if Kira acts in front of Lacus the way he does to Fllay in their relationship wouldn't Lacus fill a bit of discomfort being the calm and preserved type of person she is. Plus for me, Kira only acts calm in destiny because he matured in a way for me Fllay and Kira's relationship was Immature.

And well I do agree if Kira had a little bit of a crush on Fllay, But I never thought it was Love For me, Kira only cried and tried to save Fllay because they never got the chance to talk to her properly, He blamed himself so much for hurting her Kira told Athrun when Fllay was being captured but the other Archangel ship and not being able to save her from death.

Which made him that way in destiny you know the saving kinda person so I wouldn't really agree on the Kira does not love Lacus thing. Thought this is my own thought and I'm not pushing anyone with my ideas but that's what I think and I will respect anyones thought and hope that you respect mine, so if you have red this comment of mine till the end thank for respecting my thoughts.

Cancel wow, I'm really late at this but well I wanna voice out too Kira became attracted to Lacus and the two start to bond, amazed with how everyone has treated her - with the exception of Flay Allster. However, things would turn serious as Natarle Badgiruel would use Lacus as a bargaining chip after a battle goes utterly south, leading to the death of Flay's father.

Angered by this, Kira attempted to smuggle Lacus out of the Archangel, aided by his friends. Kira calls out Athrun to pick her up and again, Athrun attempts to recruit Kira. When Kira refuses once more, the two vow to shoot each other down the next time they met in combat. Later, Kira is court-martialed by the Archangel'ssenior staff, but all charges are dropped due to him being a civilian. After the event, Flay blames Kira for not protecting her father from the ZAFT pilots because he was trying to protect his kind, shaking him.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship help

After meeting up with Rear Admiral HalbertonKira and his friends are given honorary rankings for their services. However, Kira decides to join the other Heliopolis survivors and return to Earth. At the same time, ZAFT soldiers attack the descending Archangel and Halberton's forces attempt to give the battleship a fighting chance to escape.

Moved by the gift of a young girl name Elle, Kira decides to stay and fight, only to find Flay trying to suit up herself. After telling Flay that he'll fight for them all, she gives him a kiss.

Filled with vengeance of Kira giving him a massive scar on his face, Yzak and Kira find themselves battling close to the Earth's gravitational pull. In the process, the escaping civilian shuttle zips past them, separating them.

Yzak, mistaking them for Alliance soldiers, turns his beam rifle on them and destroys the shuttle. Horrified, Kira goes catatonic as the Strike goes into freefall. The Archangel is forced to alter course to rescue Kira, not knowing if the Strike's Phase-Shift Armor can survive reentry.

Recovering, Kira finds Flay by his bedside. As he recovers, Kira's wracked with grief as he realizes that he let everyone down and let them get killed. Noticing Kira's vulnerability, Flay takes advantage of him and sleeps with him during the night.

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When Kira's called back into action, his methods are much more brutal - all of it being played by Flay. Due to Kira being inexperienced in combat in the desert, he could not pilot the Strike properly.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship help

He managed to again, reprogram the Strike's operating system to adapt to the environment. Kira then is reunited with Cagalli Yula Athhathe girl he helped escape from Heliopolis, Cagalli has been worried about him and is shocked to see him piloting a mobile suit.

During this time, he and Sai have a fallout due to Sai finding out that Kira had slept with Flay. After a short flare up, Sai storms away and attempts to pilot the Strike Gundam alone, but doesn't have enough time to do so, failing.

Kira and Sai's relationship is strained after this. Several resistance fighters, including Cagalli's friend Ahmed El Fasi, are killed, though Kira arrives in time to save Cagalli. Later, the two of them are sent to gather supplies. As Kira and Cagalli sit down for lunch, they meet a poorly but effectively disguised Andrew Waltfeld. Blue Cosmos terrorists attack, targeting Andrew. In the confusion, Kira saves Andrew from being shot in the back. Andrew thanks Kira, and he sheds the disguise, Cagalli realizes who he really is.

Andrew's girlfriend Aisha takes Cagalli to get cleaned, When Cagalli confronts Andrew, he pulls out a gun and asks Kira if a war will end when all of your enemies are destroyed. Andrew says he does not know why Kira is fighting his own kind, but as long as Kira pilots the Strike, they are enemies.

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He then puts the gun away stating that his home is not a battlefield and that Kira had saved him. Because of that, he lets Kira and Cagalli leave. Kira asks Andrew to stop because the battle is over, but Andrew is determined to keep fighting until one of them is dead.

Battle near Orb and the Marshall Islands While traveling on the Indian Ocean, Kira remembers his final battle with Andrew, the death of Flay's father, and the destroyed civilian shuttle and begins to cry. Cagalli hugs him and tells him everything will be okay, and finds herself holding his hand. She tells him not to get the wrong idea, as she simply wants him not to cry anymore. She asks why he is with the Earth Alliance when he is a Coordinator, he recalls being asked that many times.

Later, when the Archangel is undergoing repairs at Orb, Kira ends his relationship with Flay. It is unclear whether he realized she was manipulating him or not but he mentioned that their relationship was a mistake. He also meets Athrun face to face, who is spying to see if the Archangel is in Orb. Before he leaves Orb with the Archangel, Cagalli shows Kira that his parents are watching him depart.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship help

Kira asks Cagalli to apologize to them for him, explaining he cannot see them right now, especially when he might say things that he may regret.

Kira tells her to be safe and thanks her. As he turns to go inside the Archangel, Cagalli embraces him and tells him not to die and to come back to see her again, which Kira promises.

Athrun realizes that Nicol's death could have been prevented by killing Kira, and he vows to do so the next time they meet. Kira and Athrun both activating their SEED abilities try to kill each other to avenge their dead friends, and Kira winds up seriously injured when Athrun attaches the Aegis to the Strike and bails out before the Aegis self-destructs.

In the confusion, the Archangel is forced to retreat, leaving Kira behind. Unbeknown to everyone, someone else was watching the final duel between the two friends - Junk Guild tech Lowe Guele. During this time, Lacus and Kira grow closer to each other and he seemed to have developed feelings for her. Lacus tells Kira that he is safe and that he can stay as long as he wants to. Kira then returns to Earth in his new mobile suit. Yzak Joule refuses to believe him and attacks Kira with the Duel.

Even though Yzak killed Elle and the other refugees, Kira refrains from killing him in return. Instead, he disables the Duel and saves Yzak from the Cyclops blast, keeping with his vow to limit casualties for any and all sides on the battlefield.

After the battle, Kira is reunited with the crew of the Archangel.