Lana and rusev relationship memes

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lana and rusev relationship memes

But when Vince McMahon found out that Lana and Rusev were dating, but the WWE Universe went as far as making memes about this and. However, Bliss says she actually thinks their relationship has been Like a lot of WWE romances, Lana and Rusev's started when the two. Lana breaking up with Rusev in the WWE Universe to manage Dolph Ziggler has been a hot topic lately on the F4WOnline audio shows. Dave Meltzer, Bryan.

Mostly because WWE now cashes in on many of their couples by including them on their E! Network reality TV show Total Divas. Despite there being quite a few couples, there are also a number of stars who have been linked together but haven't actually been officially revealed as a couple. This means that the WWE Universe has begun speculating that there could have been something going on with certain stars backstage.

Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman were recently revealed to be having an affair despite the fact that JoJo was in a relationship and Bray Wyatt was married with two young children. The WWE Universe never saw this one coming, but it has allowed them to begin to speculate all about couples that could be much more than just friends backstage. The following list looks at hook ups that could have already happened or could be currently happening backstage in WWE.

But remember, this is purely based on speculation from the WWE Universe and could include any wrestler currently on the circuit regardless of their current relationship status. Many of the Universe were already under the impression that Bruan and Nia were together, and were actually shocked with it was revealed that Nia had a boyfriend.

Many of the women in WWE have stated just how much fun Braun is backstage and how they would definitely date him. So there is no reason why Nia and Braun haven't been much closer than friends and that is perhaps where this speculation first began.

Braun is set to become a huge star in WWE over the next few years, so this would be the perfect time for any woman who wants to push her career further to start dating Braun. While Bayley and Finn were wrestling together down in NXT, Bayley was the Women's Champion and Finn was the NXT Champion and the duo did have a number of cute moments together as part of live events with the brand these included dancing to the Dirty Dancing theme and copying each other's entrances so well that the WWE Universe were convinced that there was something going on between Finn and Bayley backstage.

This was even pushed to the extent that the WWE Universe tweeted Aaron to inform him of the duo because they actually felt bad for him. Ruby Riot portrayed the character of a lesbian Superstar for a number of years and this has led to the WWE Universe thinking that there was a reason that Ruby was so convincing in this role.

lana and rusev relationship memes

With his long hair, bushy beard, burly frame and shooter-like gimmick, he resembles Gary Albright an awful lot. Seems to have finally made one as of Junewinning his first WWE Championship opportunity - perfectly clean, without any interference from Lana or English - against The Miz and sharing a respectful handshake with the current titleholder, AJ Styles. Granted, the guy had been a face in the eyes of the fans literally for months leading up to that point, but that spot just made it official.

Hoist by His Own Petard: In Survivor Series during the match between Team Cena and Team Authority, where he attempts to flying press Dolph Ziggler through the announcer table.

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However, Ziggler rolls out of the way at the last second, causing Rusev to take the plunge solo. The impact dazed him so badly that he got eliminated by ring-out count. Sometimes dipped into this at the beginning of his career, but subverted as his command of the English language or at least his ability to recite the English language has obviously improved.

A Bulgarian example, but loyal to Mother Russia nonetheless. He used to have a Muay Thai fighter gimmick in NXT and was announced as such, but it was soon dropped in favor of a more generic wrestler approach.

lana and rusev relationship memes

However, due to his ankle wraps, submission finisher, "super-athlete" gimmick and obvious inspiration on the fictitious boxer Ivan Drago, he still retained some combat sports undertones until much after his debut in the main roster.

Didn't lose a match by pinfall or submission since his debut until WrestleMania 31, when John Cena finally pinned him. Some time into the beginning of his run, the "Alexander" was dropped from his name completely, and he simply became known as "Rusev".

This man is deceptively fast and agile for someone of his build; he's often, and accurately, described as "explosive". Rusev always looks ready to crush someone. Up until his feud with Lana, he was also literally this, as he never ever smiled. Since then, however, he seems to get a kick out of using Summer Rae to make Lana jealous. Lana initially did most of his talking for him.

Lana and Rusev pose for the paparazzi: Total Divas, Oct. 3, 2018

Though he got better about this later on. Managed to become one of the few to disrespect The Authority incarnation of Stephanie McMahon and get away with it simply by speaking to them in his home country's language, which she along with most viewers outside said country didn't understand. Has a thick figure and is also shown to be very strong.

This promptly came to an end soon after Lana announced their reunion and engagement. Popped back up in late where he disrespected both Sasha Banks and Charlotte and the Women's Revolution so badly that he got the two bitter rivals to unite for a moment in dropkicking him out of the ring.

The first Bulgarian to wrestle for WWE. Has basically been Rusev's shtick ever since he and Lana were billed as an actual couple rather than Lana being simply a valet and Implied Love Interest.

Wrestling Goons Radio: Rusev Proposes to Lana: What Does WWE Do Now

If there's a backstage segment on TV with Lana alone with a guy, chances are that guy is going to be an irritated Rusev's opponent for the night.

Would Not Hit a Girl: For all his sexism, chauvinism, and misogyny, Rusev will not bring himself to harm Lana, even when she strikes him. During their split, Rusev's feelings for Lana morphed from presumably love to an obsessive hatred. In any case, for someone who claims to have gotten over it, he really hasn't gotten over it. After she sort of fell out with Dolph and suddenly went down to a wrist injury, they made back up and got engaged.

What's more, the linked article takes care to point out that he was the one who proposed. While submitting in Bulgarian during an "I Quit" match against John Cenaone of the lines he said translates to, "Damn your old mother, Cena!

Got a pretty good one over on the WWE Universe when she asked them if they thought they could handle her topless photos. When the audience convinced her they could, she turns to the screen and reveals Lana fits here somewhat, as she definitely seems to get some kind of enjoyment out of watching Rusev hurt people. The only real issue is that, apart from being a very attractive woman in a criminally short skirt who tends to turn her body to show off at times, there's not really anything outwardly sexual about her character.

Her wrestling style has pretty much devolved into this, with some justification behind it. When she tries traditional wrestling she's always horribly outmatched, but her 'scream madly and launch myself at my opponent with fists flying' has actually yielded her some success against far superior opponents.

Lana (catch)

Cuts promos in both Russian and English. Blonde Republican Sex Kitten: Attractive blonde female that dresses in suits and acts as the supporting lady that gives her leading man his focus and resolve? Yup, heel Lana definitely qualifies as a villainous version of this.

Although, ironically, her being Russian, many fans probably are tempted to imagine her as a communist. When she first debuted on NXT, she merely wore fashionable dresses and her hair down before eventually adopting her iconic look of business suits with a Prim and Proper Bun.

Then when she broke up with Rusev to start dating Dolph Ziggler she began dressing in jean jacket and skirt outfits and occasionally letting her hair back down.

Update On Lana And Rusev WWE Break-Up

Since reuniting with Rusev she's just as likely to adopt any one of said looks from one week to the next. After she was moved to SmackDown during the Superstar Shakeup, a vignette aired hinting this will be her next gimmick. Is remarkably like a female Paul Heyman. Lana has a little bit of a Russian Vickie Guerrero going on, thanks to always beginning her speeches with a Russian equivalent to Vickie's "Excuse Me! She will often start out speaking this language, and pepper it in her speeches.

The result of Lana getting cheered by fans during the spring of Turned back after getting engaged to Rusev, later feuding with Brie Bella. Rusev has found himself laid out a couple of times, but for all of her bad-mouthing America, Lana always gets away scot-free.

For a long time she was known for never breaking Kayfabe, even though it's dead and buried six feet under. Check out her Twitter account some time. When she was an American-bashing heel on TV, she was one on Twitter, when she turned face, her tweets reflected this.

And when she was dating Dolph Ziggler on TV, pictures of the two "dating" were being posted as well. Then came the TMZ leak of her and Rusev's engagement A good example of this is her first cameo appearance on Total Divas, when despite doing headstands in a nightclub with Paige and Alicia who were out of character, she still kept up the accent.

Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: In her first match, she hit Paige with a series of kicks. Lana has a booming voice perfectly suited for introducing her client. Used for her first ring outfit in the woman tag match.