Lilly truscott and oliver oken relationship

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lilly truscott and oliver oken relationship

Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) and Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso)'s relationship was given the ship name "Loliver," and it's definitely canon. Lilly brings up her past relationship with Oliver and Miley didn't even know It a rainy day and Lilly Truscott, Oliver Oken and Miley Stewart are. The third season of American show Disney Channel teen sitcom Hannah Montana aired from Also, Oliver and Lilly start dating starting from the episode " What I Don't Like .. Robby accepts their relationship after confirming with Miley that she made the right . Special guest star: Jon Cryer as Lilly's father, Kenneth Truscott.

Lilly and Oliver were together, hiding in Miley room where all Hannah Montana stuff was kept. Lilly had started whispering to Oliver about that question Miley asked her. Oliver stood up and walked out of the room and Lilly stood up and walked over to Miley. The next few days Lilly and Oliver didn't talk to each other and Miley was getting angry with the pair of them. In classes, Miley would sit in the middle and talk to them both.

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Miley and Oliver looked at each other and Miley smiled, sadly. Miley goes home and sees Robbie and Jackson sitting at the table and Miley walks over to them. Miley sat with them and let out a big sigh. Later on Oliver and Lilly came over and Miley was on the phone and she just had finished and she heard Lilly and Oliver arguing.

Miley took a step back and watched Lilly and Oliver fight. Jackson and Robbie came in and they were shocked to see the pair fighting like a pair of parents. Lilly had stopped bickering with Oliver and got over it.

lilly truscott and oliver oken relationship

Later on that night backstage of Hannah Montana concert, Lilly and Oliver were there with Jackson and Robbie arguing again. Lilly and Oliver went back to Miley and stood behind her. Oliver went after Lilly and Miley stormed off upstairs and didn't come back down until morning. At school Lilly and Oliver bumped into each other. Lilly hugged Oliver and Miley had walked in and saw them hugging each other. Miley had a big smile on her face and Oliver pulled away and Lilly walked away letting go off Oliver hand.

Miley walked up to Oliver and he looked at her. Miley, Lilly and Oliver were sitting at Miley house at the table playing a game of cards seems it was raining and nothing else to do. Lilly got bored and wanted to play hiding go seek. She is extremely extroverted, excitable, clumsy, and impulsive and sporty. She is also very athletic, and loves skateboarding, surfing, hockey, and cheerleading.

Lilly does cartwheels whenever she is excited about something such as getting asked to be someone's girlfriend in "My Best Friend's Boyfriend" and getting to go to Washington D. Goode", she says she takes piano lessons on Wednesday.

lilly truscott and oliver oken relationship

Lilly and Miley have an especially close friendship. Although they often have fights and disagreements, they always manage to restore their friendship, making it all the more stronger. Lilly is tone deaf as heard in the episode "Song Sung Bad. Lilly, believing that she is a great singer, challenges classmate Amber Addison to a singing competition in front of their whole class.

Lilly is also not very good at doing an impression of Miley as shown in the episodes "You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party" and "Miley Hurt the Feelings of the Radio Star", Lilly does an unconvincing and very poor impression of Miley, while pretending to be her when Robbie tries to have a talk with Miley who snuck out of the house with Jackson after being grounded in the former, and while substituting for Miley when she is late coming to do her radio show with Oliver in the latter.

She refuses to enter a skating competition after her dog eats her contacts and does not want to be seen with her horn-rimmed glasses. She is virtually blind without her glasses. Sometimes she is more excited about wearing cute outfits than of solving problems. She is dating Oliver in the series. In Season 2, Lilly starts wearing wristbands in all colors and also in Season 3.

In Season 3, Lilly is seen in a lot of episodes to be wearing a gold heart necklace.

lilly truscott and oliver oken relationship

In 'You Gotta Lose That Job', Lilly mentions that she would like to be teacher and that she would be supportive, fun but no talking back that is unacceptable, Lilly says. She has an ongoing crush on Orlando Bloom regardless of her many crushes and boyfriends. She says that any movie scenes where he is shirtless is where she runs the movie in slow-motion.

Lola Luftnagle[ edit ] In order to help Miley keep her secret, Lilly attends all Hannah Montana events wearing a disguise and posing as Hannah's companion and assistant "Lola Luftnagle.

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Lilly claims that Lola is the "daughter of oil baron Rudolph Luftnagle, [and] sister of socialites Bunny and Kiki Luftnagle. Emily Osment once said in a backstage interview that Lola has some very tight pants that are impossible to sit in. Lola wears a lot of jewellery like rings, necklaces, huge earrings and bangles. Lola usually wears a short, brightly colored, wig but in Season 3 the wig is a little bit longer than the wigs used in Season 1 and 2.

In most episodes Lola wears a differently colored wig, from white to red to purple to pink to blue in one episode Traci Van Horne refers to Lola as a "bitter anime character". Emily Osment has said that she has around 80 wigs for Lola, and that her personal favorites are the purple and white wigs.

Instead she is dating Justin Timberlake, according to an internet rumor she has 'no idea' who started.

Relationships[ edit ] Lilly experiences a few short-lived dating relationships and only one serious one. She dates actor Jake Ryan Cody Linley at a 70s dance until Miley's jealously breaks them up, and her schoolmate Lucas Sterling Knight until Miley discovers he is a cheater.

Miley also has a dream in which Lilly starts dating Jacksonand must learn to accept her friend for who she is. When Miley wakes up, she believes the dream was real and is pleasantly surprised when Lilly reacts with disgust.

After Matt asks Lilly to a dance, Miley tries to get Lilly to change her tomboy image so that Matt will find her more attractive. However, Matt gets turned off by Lilly's new look and stands her up. However, Lilly and Matt reconcile at the end of the episode after Miley was found liable for Lilly's suffering in the Teen Court.