Luscious and cookie relationship tips

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luscious and cookie relationship tips

This week, I have a few cheater cookie recipes for you that will remain in your repertoire whether you have all the Luscious Lemon Cookies. "Fine Luscious but if you even think, talk, look, text, call, like a picture of a friend who but as outside forces pour in and the very fabric of their relationship is tested. Cookie is tired of Lucious and all of his trifling ways, she loves her boys, and. 7 Reasons Why Cookie Should Get Over Luscious. Explore Cookie, Relationships and more! |de-stress on the go, de stress ideas, de stressing tips, .

Why did Lucious go so far to attack Jamal? It never completely goes away. The impulse to take him down is powerful. Will we see more of D-Major? Freda just shot Jamal. We will see more of Freda. I think that it calls for that. Freda shot Jamal and tried to shoot Lucious, based on very quickly putting some pieces together that led her to a very damning conclusion.

She now is a danger and a threat to Lucious as much as his mother and Tariq are to him.

luscious and cookie relationship tips

It really does seem that everyone is against Lucious. It would depend on whether or not Jamal survives and how he survives. I would like to think that opens the door to healing, and that as parents, they come together as parents do when a child is danger. Tariq has Anika in the interrogation room.

luscious and cookie relationship tips

And a set-up for real trouble for Lucious. It suggests that Tariq is really serious about pursuing Lucious.

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Speaking of Anika, Rhonda finally lets her know that she thinks she pushed her down the stairs. Rhonda is beginning to contemplate that it was Anika and is beginning to put together the pieces that suggest that Anika might have had a motive. We just know that she has in her power to do harm to Lucious, if she has the will.

luscious and cookie relationship tips

He gave her many reasons, so she now is in a position where she could now retaliate. Where does the back half of the season pick up? Is there a time jump? If we did our jobs well, these cliffhangers demand those answers. Is there a theme for the back half of the season?

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The Lyon family coming together against an external adversary and regrouping to reclaim their company and their bond. Is Hakeem disowned from the Lyons? That remains to be seen, of course. One of the things we know about the Lyon family is that they can fight with one another, slander, destroy one another, until someone attacks them or the empire and then they all band together, and none of them from within has destroyed the family.

Why did Hakeem vote against his father? It was not something that he planned or anticipated, but I think that the question is answered in the moment. The way that the scene is edited — the flashback sequence, the thought process that Hakeem goes through — he finds himself in this position with the fate of Empire in his hands and his alone, and the ability to finally pay Lucious back for all of the humiliations and indignities and everything else.

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The many things that Lucious has done to control him that have hurt him; he finally has the opportunity to hurt him back and to accomplish the thing that he set out to do in the every first episode of this season, which was to take down Empire. Should we expect Hakeem to continue to side with Camilla or will he regret his decision and run back to his family?

That remains to be seen. We find out going forward. This is as much of a shock to Hakeem to anyone else in the family. If he does regret his decision, is there anyway he can turn back? Was she using Hakeem to take down Lucious? I think that up until the moment that Lucious banished Camilla, Camilla was ambitious and perhaps her relationship with Hakeem had in part to do with ambition. I think that she genuinely wanted to be with Hakeem and believed in their plans, and those plans were cruelly dashed by Lucious in our first season.

I think that her relationship with Mimi is the scheming, strategic relationship.

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