Mariah carey and michael jackson relationship with latoya

Did Joe Jackson abuse Michael Jackson and rape La Toya and Rebbie?

mariah carey and michael jackson relationship with latoya

Jones, “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”; and LaToya Jackson, “Starting Over”; Both men had been fired by Michael Jackson in February , an improper relationship between Tommy Mottola and John Branca;”[1] . Michael referred to Tommy Mottola as a devil as did his former wife Mariah Carey. Phillips popped the question to the late Michael Jackson's older sister . No, Mariah Carey's NYE Plans Won't Include 'Rockin' Eve' This Year Sharna Burgess Talks Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten's Onscreen Relationship. Tommy Mottola was Chairman CEO of Sony and Michael Jackson was one of Sony's The relationship between Michael and Sony good as he was making great -controlling-abuse-mariah-carey-was-subjected-to/#post-

“Road To Murder: The Enslavement of Michael Jackson” by Dallas Newton

They were at one time thought to be trusted employees of Michael Jackson, serving as his lawyers and advisors. The other executor is John McClain, who is an executive in the music industry. The Interfor report caused Michael Jackson great anguish and Michael demanded that Branca was never to have anything to do with him, his business, his family, or his personal life again.

How did control and thus ownership of his estate leave out his natural heirs?

Tommy Mottola Talks Telling Michael Jackson “No” and Mariah Carey

He could be made to perform like a puppet at the command of AEG and receive little or nothing in the way of compensation. When a reasonable person takes a look at the contract between Michael Jackson and AEG, you ……will be left with the undeniable feeling that Michael Jackson had been placed on an economic plantation with AEG as the master and overseer of all that Michael Jackson did or could do.

Apparently, Michael was put into this situation, because he trusted two people: Tohme Tohme, who was referred to him by Jermaine Jackson, and his lawyer at the time, Dennis Hawk, who was to work in his best interest, where it involves contracts. Unbeknownst to Michael, Dr. Clearly, this was a conflict of interest. Tohme Tohme was being paid by Michael to look out for his best interests in doing business with companies such as AEG, and Dr. Tohme Tohme was also on the payroll for AEG, except Michael will ultimately be the one who pays for the betrayal.

mariah carey and michael jackson relationship with latoya

We do know that Dr. Tohme Tohme blocked very lucrative deals being offered to Michael during this time.

mariah carey and michael jackson relationship with latoya

Offers such as this would free Michael up from any financial hold AEG had on him at the time, including the outrageous amount being paid for rent for the estate he ultimately died at.

Michael was responsible for paying the premiums on this insurance, where AEG was the sole beneficiary.

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According to Leonard Rowe, it is customary for an artist on tour to be paid every Monday morning. There are a lot of parents who don't think he's a wholesome entertainer.

  • Mariah Carey & Trey Lorenz

He's trying to wage this bizarre campaign to rearrange his financial obligations. It's all about Tommy goading Michael to respond the way that he has.

mariah carey and michael jackson relationship with latoya

Not physical threats but certainly the threat that Michael would be destroyed and his career would be over if he didn't agree to Tommy's terms. It's Tommy saying 'I'll ruin you.

Mariah Carey & Trey Lorenz from Michael Jackson's Star-Studded Memorial | E! News

This has all been done by Tommy in an effort to squeeze Michael financially. Tommy wants the Beatles catalog. He never speaks out, so obviously there is a good reason for it, and he knows what he's doing. Really I don't think it has any foundation. I've met Michael a few times and I wish him the best. Michael Jackson's album didn't sell because of a lack of quality. If it's a hit record, it'll stick on its own.

“Road To Murder: The Enslavement of Michael Jackson” by Dallas Newton – African Blood Siblings

Any statements to the contrary are libelous and subject to legal action. We believe that the amount of record sales attributed to Michael is underestimated. We believe that the financial records are inflated and not accurate. There are numerous artists who are deceived by record companies who overwhelm them with lawyers, accountants, publicists, double-talk, false practices and shady business dealings.

We believe that Tommy Mottola has used nepotism and cronyism to assure total financial control. We want a complete listing of each person involved in every aspect. The people that he has working for him, where are they?

mariah carey and michael jackson relationship with latoya

Why won't they stand up for him? Their non-support is eerily similar to when Michael faced molestation allegations. None in his camp stood up for him.

mariah carey and michael jackson relationship with latoya

His family was left to take the fight to the media to refute the terrible allegations against him.