Melmar magno and nadine lustre relationship tips

These Actors Were Paired with Nadine Lustre Before JaDine | Candy

melmar magno and nadine lustre relationship tips

What I'd like to improve: Well, I always want to continually improve my relationship with Jesus Christ and that is something that I work on every. AMARILLE, LOUISE NADINE MELCHOR AMARLES .. ARANTE, NIMFA LUSTRE CARPIO, JESSICA MAGNO. nadine tyler1 1q2w3e4r pelusa beautiful1 boston summer1 black maria01 mansion mangga malta makanan mahbaby magno madelyn1 luvlife luvko2 .. lyric luv luster lunaazul lovingit lovie loveshack lovenick loveme07 lovelygurl .melmar melissa4 melancia meghann megand megan23 megamanx.

I really wish I was good at the guitar though. I also wish I was better at surfing as I spent some time surfing when I moved out to California and was doing pretty well, but now I just lack that extra time to invest into getting better at it.

Which among your magazine covers is your favorite? What do you think is your best physical feature? But, I know that a lot of others would say my hair is my best physical feature. Physique wise, for me it's the chest but other than those, I think he's got a nice set of teeth!

melmar magno and nadine lustre relationship tips

I know you're a very spiritual guy and I've seen some daring photos of yours in the past. Has there been some issues with your religious practices to what you do as a model since your job requires you to expose some flesh?

melmar magno and nadine lustre relationship tips

Way back in I did a few underwear shoots, but the Lord revealed to me that He would rather me not do that as that can take someone's mind to a lusting point as most people think sexual when they see someone in underwear. So, since then I choose to no longer shoot underwear or even speedos.

The Lord has made it very clear that my ministry for Him is the fitness modelling business and that it is okay for me to do shirtless modeling in shorts as that is even the way people are dressed on a typical beach. You're one of the busiest and Top Fitness models in the industry today.

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What were the things that you miss doing back when you were just starting to build your dreams? I miss having more time to goof around to be honest. I used to have more time to hang with my friends and do more of the hobbies I enjoy. It was nice when I had time to learn to play the guitar, practice surfing, ski, rock climb, hike, play beach volleyball, watch a movie, and so much more.

melmar magno and nadine lustre relationship tips

Now that free time is much more limited and so much more valuable to me, so I soak it up when I get it. As an actor, what are your dream roles and who would you like to work with? I would also love to act in some inspirational football type movies as I love football.

Any Christian films would be an honor to be a part of as well. If none, what's your type of women and what are your pet peeves? No, I am not currently seeing anyone as life has been a bit busy these days. I really don't stress about this at all, but rather trust that the Lord will bring her to me in His perfect timing. The last thing I want to do is date and ultimately marry the wrong woman as I know that the good Lord has His perfect choice out there for me.

Patience is the key. He's into conservative women! Traits of a traditional Filipina! If you're a Super Hero, what name would pick for yourself?

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