Niana guerrero and ranz kyle dubsmash relationship

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niana guerrero and ranz kyle dubsmash relationship

(Cong TV, Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero, Wil Dasovich etc.) BOYFRIEND TAG! Sweet Filipino Couples Relationship Goals Musically Compilation 3 years ago. Filipino DubSmash downloaded From: Facebook (Filipino Dubsmash). Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero's manager on what it takes to be a social very charismatic people and their relationship as brother and sister is. Compilation of Niana Guerrero & Ranz Kyle musically dances. Just so you guys know; they are siblings, not lovers. Enjoy watching! 1. Maja Salvador's Sexy.

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It's a very unique industry because it's constantly changing and there's always something new to learn. I love that it allows me to be entrepreneurial and innovative in how I do my business. In my line of job, there's no such thing as a typical day because each days are different from one another depending on what projects I have going on.

However, what a day for usually involves me going to the office, going through my emails, attending meetings, interfacing with buyers, companies and clients. In addition to that, I create client materials and presentations for pitching purposes. Then, on special occasions, when I travel, it changes because it's a lot more hectic and my schedule varies. Traveling for my job is usually one of my favorite things to do because I get a chance to meet with different people and learn from them.

A lot of kids nowadays want to become YouTubers or have careers in the digital space.

niana guerrero and ranz kyle dubsmash relationship

What would you say to parents who are concerned about career sustainability and stability? Everyone has different opinions when it comes to Youtube as a career. I totally understand why parents have concerns about it because it's not something that everyone can succeed in. However, If I was a parent, the best I can do is support my kid in whatever they want to pursue.

Youtube is such a great platform to share stories and knowledge that it really fosters a community of content creators. For me, as long is someone is passionate about something and works hard to attain it, success will always follow.

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There's no specific formula because each person's situation is different. Having known Niana, Ranz and their family. What I noticed is that they are surrounded by great and positive people who encourage them to be the best that they can be. They allow them to be themselves and make sure they still have time to hangout with friends, go to school and experience important moments in life like family gatherings, and birthdays.

Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero's manager on what it takes to be a social media star

Despite of their fame, they stay grounded and humble. But we can't have these 2 running around without managers! Now, time to have some fun with Precious and Gerard to see who fits the position best. Let the games begin! Fanagement is a series where fans are put to the ulitmate test!

niana guerrero and ranz kyle dubsmash relationship

A Micki who is currently a Facebook sensation in the Philippines. Watch how super cute she dances and makes natural silly faces! Andrea Brillantes Musically Compilation - https: Sir Jack Funny Musically Compilation - https: Wich side are you? Comment down below and give this video a thumbs up and a share!


Dare Pong Challenge Epic Dares! Ice Skating Waiter Challenge!

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With our friend michael! Hope you guys enjoy this video! Only Best Musers on Salsa Sauce. If you want see more Niana Guerrero leave like and subscribe - https: Don't Forget to like and share the Video with your family and friends! Also, discuss your favorite musically Musers in the comment box below! Hats off to all the Kuya's and Ate's reading this now, and a shoutout to all the younger siblings! Maja Salvador's Sexy Dance - https: Jennylyn Mercardo's Sexy Dance - https: Filipino News Bloopers - https: Hokage Moves Fails Compilation - https: Filipino Vines Compilation - https: Duterte's Funny Jokes - https: She She She Funny Compilation - https: Sir Jack Hilarious Reactions - https: Trumpets Challenge Filipino Celebrities - https: Seira Briones Musically Compilation - https: Kyline Alcantara - https: Funny Filipino Vines Compilation - https: Teejay Marquez Musically - https: Now here's our hit songs dance compilation for you guys!

Closer - The Chainsmokers: One dance by drake Alex aiono cover: Black Beatles - rae sremmurd: Just so you guys know; they are siblings, not lovers. Volume control - click here to reset to default.