Pam and tara relationship

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pam and tara relationship

When HuffPost TV asked Bauer about the possibility of a Pam and Tara relationship, she said, “I'd love to see how they can pull that off — two. And you said that you have bluntness in common with Pam. And that [Tara's] relationship with her mother is so central to that character. Pam and Tara had sex on the beach in the season premiere of True Blood Bauer also goes on to discuss her strained relationship with her.

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But going into Season 7, Pam chose Eric again above all else. Because she actually could lose him. The past two episodes have been, for me, some of the strongest of the entire series.

And you have been a big part of that. Did she say why? Ah, I was wondering why they did that as well. But they have to think about so many other things. I really felt like that relationship that I got to play with Tara and Rutina was so much fun. We had only glared at each other from across a scene.

What happened with Pam and Tara on this season of “True Blood”?

You know, I had been wanting to kill her for a year. And we had no idea if we would enjoy working with each other, and we had so much fun.

pam and tara relationship

I just love that girl and I love that relationship. But I loved everything they wrote for me and Rutina. Yeah, I was definitely sad to see her go, although I know the fallout from that is still ongoing. And they had decided to focus on significant relationships for the last season.

And then to be attracted to her and then we got to make out and then I chose Eric over my child. Yeah, for me it really was a big choice to leave everything and then even play Russian roulette just for the next piece of information to possibly find him.

My relationship with Rutina helped that, and my relationship with all the cast makes it so much easier to play all these deep emotions, especially in the last season. Beacoup laughter That is so true.

Do you have any favorite lines, that you just read and cackled? I forget them, and I have to, when I get a minute, put them all in one document. Because I keep forgetting different ones. Maybe I smile too much.

pam and tara relationship

Maybe I wear too much pink. I have to Google that. As a human, Pam was wild for her times and was romantic, and bold.

pam and tara relationship

Her parents did not approve of the relationship because they did not consider him as equal in social class. One night she slipped out of her house to meet her friend's cousin. She met Eric on her way back home. He drained her, put her in her bed and after her funeral he dug her up.

She was 19 when Eric changed her. She left London and moved with him to north of England and eventually left England for the continent. After she was turned, she and Eric often had sex.

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  • Pam and Tara's Relationship

She saw her family only once from a distance about ten years after she became undead. Pam reveals to Sookie that she has always loved being who she is, though it took Pam some time to understand her true nature. Her human history was changed quite a bit in the 5th season of the television series, making her a madam in a Barbary Coast San Francisco brothel in However a Reference to her life and family in England were made in the online miniseries, Jessica's Blog in the season 5 finale episode.

What happened with Pam and Tara on this season of "True Blood"? - AfterEllen

Physical description[ edit ] The author states that Pam looks like a young middle class suburban housewife, but mostly like " Alice in Wonderland with fangs".

Her work outfit is always black and gothic, but she prefers twinset -type styles, and pastels such as pale green, pink and blue. Sookie thought that she looked "ethereally lovely, with a kind of deadly edge". Personality and traits[ edit ] Much of Pam's character is revealed through her morbid sense of humor that has a sweet-but-lethal charm. Despite the fact that humor is a rare quality in a vampire, Pam believes that vampires are superior to humans.

pam and tara relationship

She frankly states that she was quite happy to be turned into a vampire, feeling that she would have quickly grown into a frustrated, bitter and ultimately cruel person, due to her limited life options as a human woman of her time although it can be argued that she did the same as a vampire.

She is defined as a callous, amoral and self-centered individual. She takes joy in teasing and provoking others, such as Fellowship of the Sun members, Sookie, Felicia, and especially Eric.

When Sookie first enters Fangtasia, she reveals that she "never forgets a face. Like Eric, Pam has a violent, vengeful nature although she often expresses her wit through dry humor. Pam speaks with an American accent, but slips into a slight old English accent when excited.

Like her maker, she is lethal in combat and supremely confident in her ability to overcome most foes and survive most attacks, even from other supernaturals. Relationships[ edit ] In the book series, Pam is portrayed as bisexual who is more fond of women.