Parks and recreation recap ann chris relationship

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parks and recreation recap ann chris relationship

Ann Meredith Perkins, RN is a fictional character in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. While out, Ann learns of the reason for Chris' positivity: he had a rare blood disorder and When the two discuss the issue of a long distance relationship or the notion of Ann's .. "TV Recap: Parks and Recreation - The Reporter". S4E Last week marked the return of Louis C.K., but also a step down in quality for the usually smart and quick-witted Parks and Recreation. Ann apologizes to Chris and after another date, they start a relationship with each other. At first, she feels intimidated by Chris' perfection, but after he gets sick.

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Chris feels better and appears to begin developing feelings again for her. His determination to make it perfect, filming take after take, reminds Ann of some of her reasons not to date him.

parks and recreation recap ann chris relationship

The two start dating and Chris makes sure that it is okay with Jerry. Jerry says that he is fine with the two of them dating, much to Chris' delight.

‘Parks and Recreation’ Recap: Tom and Ann Need to Break-Up Immediately

Ann tells him that he is too accessible and needs to back off a little bit so he can continue dating Millie. In " Bowling for Votes ", Millie dumps Chris, leaving him depressed. In " Operation Ann ", Leslie convinces Chris that he is still a likable person and that Millecent's opinion does not mean anything. He immediately loses his depression. In the same episode, when Andy asks Chris to sing for him since he is working as a backing vocalist on Andy's song for the campaignhe sings " Take Me Out to the Ball Game " out of tune and with the wrong lyrics, causing everyone else there to wince.

Chris helps Leslie's campaign however he can, even taking on a large amount of busy work to distract him from his loneliness " Bus Tour ".

He has a brief liaison with Bobby Newport's campaign manager, which cheers him up. He is no longer depressed, but is continuously seeing a therapist.

He is also asked to be the father of Ann Perkins' child via in vitro fertilization. He is hesitant at first and turns to Ben and others to help him make a decision. After "Bailout", he tells Ann that he will be the father and the two begin parenting compatibility testing to see how well they will work together with raising a child.

During "Jerry's Retirement", they get back together but Ann is not sure if they should continue their relationship the way they are now. Season six[ edit ] With Ann pregnant at the beginning of season six, Chris is preparing to be a father. In addition, when Ann expresses interest in leaving Pawnee to be closer to her family in Michigan, Chris decides to go with her. Some time after the pair leaves, Ann gives birth to their son Oliver Perkins-Traeger.

parks and recreation recap ann chris relationship

Season seven[ edit ] Chris and Ann, now married, return for a guest appearance in the series finale in order to advise Leslie in It is revealed that after Oliver, the couple had a second child, a daughter named Leslie. Development[ edit ] What I love about Chris Traeger is his unrelenting enthusiasm. He is the most positive person in the world. And he is also very, very intense and specific. So whether he's ordering how he would like his water or describing the kind of colors he wants on a graph, everything means the world to him.

He made his first appearance on the show in " The Master Plan ", the penultimate episode of the second season. The character debuted the same episode that Adam Scott began his role as Ben Wyatt. Originally, Chris Traeger was only meant to be a guest role, with Lowe portraying him in the final two episodes of the second season and the first six episodes of the third season before departing the series.

Chris' desire to live years was inspired by Schur's wife, J. Philbinwho had read an article which stated that scientists believe the first human who will live years has already been born, and felt it applied to the Chris Traeger character. And the way to knock that person off balance is to get Rob Lowe in a relationship with you. Schur said of this second role: But after he is incapacitated by a serious flu virus and so drops his appearance of perfection, Ann relaxes.

After a few weeks of dating Ann is infatuated enough with Chris to have no issues with the idea of leaving Pawnee and following him to Indianapolis. When the two discuss the issue of a long distance relationship or the notion of Ann's moving with him, Ann believes that things are a bit cleared up although she came up with no definite solution on the issue. Ann later tells Leslie Chris became distant after their "talk", which prompts Leslie to search his house for items that could suggest his infidelity, when she and Ron visit his house in Indianapolis.

There, she finds a pink razor and pink swim cap, and calls Ann about it. Ann then storms into Chris' house drilling him about whether he is cheating on her, only to find out that he had actually broken up with her in their conversation the week before; Ann did not realize he had dumped her, because Chris was so cheerful about it, and Ann had never been dumped in her life before that point.

parks and recreation recap ann chris relationship

The razor and swim cap both actually belonged to Chris. Ann is shown to be emotionally affected by the break up, and she begins engaging in impulsive behaviors, such as dyeing part of her hair red and making out with a patient during the Harvest Festival. When Chris returns to Pawnee as the temporary city manager, the two of them discuss their relationship over dinner, where Ann is fooled again by his positive attitude into thinking their relationship is back on.

In order to cope, she decides to start dating again, which causes her to be more distant from Leslie. Leslie, in response, recommends her as the new Health Department public relations director.

parks and recreation recap ann chris relationship

Ann ends up taking the job part-time so she can still be a nurse at the hospital. Ann gets closer to Ron and April after she tells them a disgusting medical story. This results from several failed attempts to engage in small talk, over fact-checking Leslie's book.

Ann is again a big supporter in Leslie and Ben getting back together. She also agrees to help Leslie with her campaign and temporarily became her campaign manager.

parks and recreation recap ann chris relationship

In Operation AnnLeslie tries to help Ann meet a date. She ends up going out with Tom Haverfordeven though almost everything he does frustrates her and they frequently break up.

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On election night, a drunken Ann agrees to move in with Tom. Season 5[ edit ] In season five, Ann and Tom have moved in together. They publicly break up when Donna tells them she knows the truth and lets Tom off the hook. Ann decides she wants to have a child and begins the process of fertilization, asking Chris Traeger to father her child. Chris accepts her offer in the episode "Bailout". Ann and April's friendship expands this season, culminating in a hug and an admission on April's part that she considers Ann a friend.

Season 6[ edit ] In the season six premiere, Ann reveals that she is back together with Chris, and she is pregnant. In the episode "New Beginnings", Chris and Ann briefly get engaged but decide that they don't need to be married since they're both happy with their relationship. They also learn they're having a boy. Chris and Ann decide to move to Ann Arbor, Michiganas Chris is offered a job at the University of Michigan coupled with their desire to be closer to Ann's family, who reside in Michigan.

Upon hearing the news, Leslie decides to throw Ann a goodbye party and start groundbreaking on "Pawnee Commons", the lot that was a pit at the start of the series, which Leslie vowed to turn into a park. On Ann and Chris' final day in Pawnee, Ann tells Leslie she will always be her best friend and invites her to come and visit, then she and Chris leave Pawnee until moving back in the final episode of season 7.

On "Galentine's Day", Ann hangs up on Leslie from their scheduled phone call. Leslie later finds out that Ann did this because she was in labor and didn't want Leslie to drop everything to come see her because she could be in labor for hours. Ann is later visited by Leslie at the hospital, and she is seen holding her newborn son Oliver Perkins-Traeger.