Pokemon x and y shauna relationship

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pokemon x and y shauna relationship

Calem x Shauna. Rated: Fiction I just finished playing Pokemon Y (one of the best games ever to be made), and decided that the relationships in the game could so to speak, use some "development" and hence, this story!. Anyways, I personally think that the game Pokemon X/Y hinted the love THAT has got to indicate Shauna has a love relationship with you. Calem woke with a start, thanks to his mom's Fletchling slamming her face into his own. He stretched and yawned, then got up out of bed and.

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After this, Ash and Serena are pretty even as they have both saved each other! While this is the first time that Serena faced off against Jesse and James, it is absolutely not the last Her mother was a famous Rhyhorn racer, who absolutely adored the sport and wanted to encourage her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

Right before Ash was taken by Team Rocket, the two spent a day together teaching Ash the sport. During that same day, Serena realized that she actually had a connection with Rhyhorn, and began to understand why her mother loved it so much.

Not only does she train them, and well, but she also grooms them frequently in preparation for their performances, and dresses them up in the best clothes. Because of this pampering, her bond with Pancham, Fennekin, and Sylveon is incredibly strong!

Her Master Class Session was in Gloire, and she successfully was the most voted in her first performance. In her second performance she bruised her wrist, and after nearly falling Sylveon saved her and the performance.

Unfortunately, she was unable to win the third performance and lost to the current Queen. Once the battle was over, she was propositioned to train as a protege to potentially become a better performer and become the next Kalos Queen, but she declined, deciding instead to stay with Ash and her friends.

Serena (game)

During a trip to an abandoned house, Serena was absolutely terrified at every single noise. Whenever something happened Serena would automatically assume something supernatural was at work, and assume the worst was going to happen at all times. She believes every spooky story, no matter how unbelievable. Each time they come across a scary house, scary ravine, scary forest, or scary anything, Serena cannot help but become afraid and speak her mind.

Even in cases where her fear is irrational and makes Ash react in a negative way! Ash lost a battle against a trainer named Wulfric and truly let the loss get to him, so he ran away into a forest to be alone.

As she was worried, she followed and found him in the forest, trying to convince him to come back. She explains that his advice to her when they were kids helped HER, and that he should pick himself up.

He was feeling very much at home. He was having so much fun with Serena, Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno. But he was especially happy with Serena, who he was now best friends with. The two were getting very close, and seemed to be falling in love. Calem wanted to tell Serena that he loved her, but was kind of nervous. Still, Calem had come out of his shell. He was no longer as shy as he once was. But he still felt very shy around certain people.

pokemon x and y shauna relationship

Yet when Serena was at Calem's side, she made him feel less nervous. She wanted him to be brave. Today was going to be a big day. It would change Calem's life forever. He was to go on a journey with his four friends across the Kalos region to become the best Pokemon Trainers that they could be. One late spring morning, Calem was sleeping in his bed. He was wearing pajamas - a light blue pajama shirt and medium blue pajama pants. A doll in his likeness which he called Cal was laying next to him, and was dressed in similar pajamas.

Serena had made the doll for him seven weeks ago. He knew that today something big was going to happen. Calem's mom Cecilia came up the stairs.

pokemon x and y shauna relationship

She was a woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes, and was dressed in a light green shirt and white pants. She quietly opened Calem's door and walked up to her sleeping son.

Then Cecilia gently stroked Calem's long brown hair. After that she stuck her right hand out and held Calem's left hand. Serena and Shauna have some wonderful news for you! Then he gently opened his blue eyes. He smiled at his mom. Cecilia left the room and got out of bed. Then he changed out of his pajamas and got dressed. He dressed Cal in a matching outfit. Afterwards, he came downstairs. Calem went downstairs and ate a breakfast of raspberry pancakes with scrambled eggs.

After he finished his breakfast, he talked to his parents. Calem's father Pierre was quite happy for his son.

Just don't forget to pack my clothes. There are also various inns that will welcome Pokemon Trainers. Some people in the country are willing to take in visitors as well.

pokemon x and y shauna relationship

Calem went outside and saw Serena and Shauna. They were sitting under the tree. And now it's after ten!

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I've only been up 45 minutes. Trevor and Tierno are waiting. It's to the north. They went to sit at the cafe. There Trevor and Tierno were waiting. Afterwards, it was time for Tierno to present something.