Pucca and garu relationship memes

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pucca and garu relationship memes

pucca loves garu, he's a pretty boy! modern pucca and garu bc why not? #pucca #pucca and incorrect-pucca-quotes. Garu, to Abyo: I Everyone also tries to treat him as if he's in a relationship with Pucca even though he's not. Or he at least. Garu is constantly harassed and forcibly kissed by Pucca all the time. What they have definitely isn't a healthy relationship. It's obsession. Pucca and Garu, funny love at it's finest by ForceOfNatureAndCorn. Theme: .. Pucca and Garu relationship by ForceOfNatureAndCorn -while Pucca loves him, Garu can .. SMG4 spreads the memes in Death Battle SMG4.

pucca and garu relationship memes

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