Rarity and spike relationship problems

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rarity and spike relationship problems

In present day, Hayseed is now the CEO of his own company. He tries approaching Rarity again, but Spike tells him. Spike the dragon never had his eyes set on anyone except Rarity. 2 years of marriage later and they finally decided they wanted kids. That was a problem though, they were two different species so how were they going to. A year later, Spike and Rarity are getting married. Spike tried to hid his mess, but unfortunately trouble had already brew from his ears. Doesn't our relationship mean anything to you" Applejack glared at her dragonfriend.

Doing these things for Rarity makes him feel important, like doing things for Twi does make him feel important. Twilight lets him do things for her too. And like you mentioned, there were two unicorns in Rarity takes Manehatten, so why is Rarity the bad one if Twilight could have helped him also. Why is Rarity the bad one when she is the one who actually buys him food? Why is she the bad one if she does extra work to get tickets for that theatre thingie for HIM too?

Why is she the bad one if we see later Spike carrying stuff for the other mane6 too, and NOT for Rarity? Twilight lets Spike work for her too, why is Rarity the bad one if she does?

There is nothing he wants more, he would probably even feel bad if she would not ask him. And she can be really sweet to him too. Did you see her in Dragon Quest, where she first defended her from Rainbow Dashs ridiculing, and then set out to rescue him from the teenage dragons? And was even willing to face them, fight them even, just because of him.

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And in Secret of my Excess, where she was unwilling to part from the ruby she got from him as a voluntary gift, just because it was from him! She risked her life in this situation, as she did not know the giant dragon was actually Spike.

Im also not sure why you dismiss Owl end Well so easily, she made him a valuable gift, a bow studded with gems. If you go with the plot device logic, everything that ever happens in the show is a plot device, and can easily dismissed, hmmm?

The bow was a valuable gift, and uncalled for gift, she made it herself, with her own hooves. Of course it counts. She was very sweet to him in Inspiration Manifestation too, as you have already said. Spike is happy, and Rarity is happy. Whats the problem then?

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This story i had in mind for a while. This existed in my mind while making Groom of Eris. So, you can say that Bride of Discord inspired this story. So, i present to you, Am I Over You? I do not own the rights to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

The Break Up Spike stared at the large amount of apple trees that had been recently burnt to the ground. He had to sneeze and he could not bear to hold it any longer. His sneeze turned into a spread of his green fire. They only managed to consume sixteen apple trees in fire.


Spike freaked out as he realized what had done. Spike had age a bit older since his growth spurt. He was half as tall as a normal apple tree. He had gained wings with the ability to fly.

He was a lot stronger than he once was and could breath fire, yet not even his powers could prevent his marefriend from finding this one out. Applejack counted the apple trees and would know anything out of place. Spike tried to hid his mess, but unfortunately trouble had already brew from his ears.

rarity and spike relationship problems

Spike could tell Applejack was upset. Spike smiled as he turned to the apple farmer as she came through the gate of the apple farm.

rarity and spike relationship problems

Are those sixteen apple trees burnt to the ground" Applejack voiced her rage, only to increase it seeing what Spike recently done. I had to sneeze and I tried to hold it back, but it swung me in the direction of the trees" Spike tried to explain why the apple trees burnt to the ground.

Right Now" Applejack growled in anger as she bit Spike's ear to pull him into the barn with her. Big Mac felt bad for Spike.

rarity and spike relationship problems

Applejack could be just as ill-tempered as the dragon. He just hoped it wouldn't end as badly as their last fight. Applejack flung the dragon into the barn. He managed to land in the pile of hay as the apple farm pony closed the door and turned on a light. I am sorry that I burnt those apple trees. What are you talking about Applejack? I would never cheat on you. I have been nothing but devoted to you" Spike voiced out his objections. Why did I see you go into her shop?

Why did you have to talk to her about something about love, when your marefriend is staying right here" Applejack shouted in rage of complete and utter betrayal. OH you mean that.

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I have a reasonable explanation. I needed her advice on a matter that concerned you, but I don't want you hearing all about" Spike said as he was remembering what he had to give her.

It was finally the time to tell her.