Ryan guzman and kathryn mccormick relationship quizzes

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ryan guzman and kathryn mccormick relationship quizzes

When Emily Anderson (Kathryn McCormick) turns up at the hotel Kathryn McCormick, left, and Ryan Guzman in a scene from E1 Films. The stars of Step Up Revolution are prepping for the big release of their DVD and stopped by the Clevver TV offices in Hollywood to spill all the. With: Sean - Ryan Guzman Meanwhile, Anderson's daughter Emily (Kathryn McCormick) strikes up a relationship with Sean and joins his.

ryan guzman and kathryn mccormick relationship quizzes

Guzman, 24, insists he'd never even taken a dance class before taking on the role of a dancer and choreographer! Before his audition, the model-turned-actor and former Mixed Martial Arts fighter was watching YouTube videos to learn some moves.

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My friends had told me I needed to get into acting class, but I didn't really take the time away from dance to do it, so I think acting kind of found me," she says. Dancing comes into play because both are aspiring professional dancers whose families wish they'd choose a more sensible career, and, more importantly, both are involved in a group of flash mobbers, known as The Mob, that gives some amazing performances in several different dance styles in the movie.

If you think that sounds a little like another dancing flick, "Dirty Dancing," McCormick agrees.

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View photos Once novice dancer Guzman and novice actress McCormick were hired, they began rehearsals that lasted about nine hours a day for three weeks! Guzman, who's in every dance scene, says he ran back and forth between two practice rooms working on the flash mob dances with The Mob dancers in one, and McCormick on a contemporary dance that the couple perform together in the other.

Although the performance required Guzman and McCormick to work long hours together, he insists that the co-stars are not going follow the lead of former "Step Up" stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan by falling in love offscreen and getting married.

But we are best friends," Guzman says.

ryan guzman and kathryn mccormick relationship quizzes

We bonded a lot during the whole process. Before the two twirled away from our interview, omg! If you could travel back in time, what period would you visit? I would love to be watching them on a set, just to see how they work. I think they're brilliant storytellers. Did you have any jobs before entertainment? I was a babysitter after school, and I've also been a dance assistant, a dance teacher, and I would rake my grandpa's leaves for extra money.

What is your pet peeve? What's your favorite food to pig out on? What's your least favorite food? People laugh at me because I'm like a Whole Foods fanatic, but I love anything organic and healthy. Right now I'm in love with this quinoa mac and cheese made with cashew cheese from Sun Cafe — that and their gluten free, wheat free, nut free chocolate cupcake. My least favorite food is probably a Twinkie.

Who is your celebrity crush? I don't really have one. Growing up it was Paul Walker, I think just because you saw his bum in "Joyride. He started out as a musician and artist and he made his way into the acting world, and now he's one of the greatest of his time. And he's such a character. While die-hard fans and dance fanatics will respond on the opening weekend, ongoing competition from superheroes and cute cartoon characters may slow momentum in subsequent weeks.

After dancing its way across Baltimore and New York City in previous iterations, "Step Up" moves to Miami, where homeboys Sean Ryan Guzman and Eddy Misha Gabriel have been best buds since toddler-hood and now lead a local dance flash mob known as, well, "The Mob," just to keep things simple.

Sean's day job as a waiter at a luxury hotel helps support his dance habit and pay the rent on the house he shares with his single-mom sister Megan Boone and niece. When Emily Anderson Kathryn McCormick turns up at the hotel -- owned by her father Bill Peter Gallaghera ruthless real-estate developer -- for a summer of bartending while preparing to audition for a coveted spot with a high-toned local dance company, attraction inevitably sparks between the two.

ryan guzman and kathryn mccormick relationship quizzes

As it turns out, aloof Emily needs Sean's help more than she suspects. Seems that the dance company director Mia Michaels thinks Emily is a talented performer but wound a bit too tightly to be truly creative. So if she wants to make it onto the roster, Emily is going to need some new moves, which she figures Sean can help deliver once she discovers he's one of the motivators behind The Mob.

Step Up: Revolution

After her video debut, a sexy number in a crowded, fancy restaurant, draws millions of hits online, Emily's brought on with the group as they plan their next outrageous "mission. Emily's dad is determined to build a new luxury development after razing the multiracial community where Sean lives and hangs out with other Mob members. Although Sean agrees to keep Emily's identity concealed while she rehearses and performs with his crew, if word gets out, his street cred will be totally shot, which could complicate that business about winning the YouTube video contest.