Tsuna and kyoko relationship help

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tsuna and kyoko relationship help

Giotto is Tsuna's ancestor and the founder of the Vongola. . Twice in the series, Tsuna has been forced to confess his feeling towards Kyoko, with the help of. This Site Might Help You. I don't care if spoilers, I just want to know does Tsuna get with Kyoko or Haru? Though romance and potential relationships were hinted, the status of their relationships are indeterminate. I'll focus first on Tsuna's relationship with Kyoko, then secondly on her confidence in herself - her drive to help in every way that she could.

Kyoko will be a safe place for him to turn for comfort, a cool head and gentle voice to soothe him. There was no history for them, no preconceived notions.

Haru was introduced to Tsuna at the same time as she was introduced to the readers. Tsuna found Haru weird right from the get-go and he made a bad impression on her as well. Again, being honest, Haru is difficult to handle. While I think Tsuna has been able to adapt to her very well and that their friendship at this point is strong, I believe there are times he still finds her a bit over the top and hard to deal with.

Haru obviously admires Tsuna a great deal. As said, she has a very forceful personality and odd interests. Tsuna really expanded her world. How could she not adore someone like that? While her initial crush on him is based on one experience, her friendship with him is because of many experiences, because of how he accepts and stands beside her. And of course, how could Tsuna not be a bit flattered by all that affection and adulation?

He feels good around her, feels like he really might be or could be this great guy she thinks he is. Her idealized version of him, while wrong at times, really gives Tsuna something to shoot for. Kyoko began to mumble through Chrome's uniform, getting it wet with tears. It would crush her. You told him already? She hated herself for being happy that Boss chose her instead of Kyoko. Chrome pushed the thought away, focused on helping her friend. They all walked as Kyoko explained the story to her two best freinds.

She finished when they arrived at Haru's school.

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I will help you with anything you need. You can call me whenever.

tsuna and kyoko relationship help

Haru is on your side. Operation boycott Tsuna begin. Kyoko thanked her, and they both wished Haru a good day at school. They both walked in silence for a while, Chrome didnt know what to say, what could she.

Looking at Kyoko filled her with guilt, and she would choke up with any attempt to speak. It was quiet until Kyoko asked her something. Chrome broke the eye contact and looked down before answering. She wanted Boss to be honest with Haru and Kyoko in the future, but this was because Boss broke Kyoko's heart. She looked at Kyoko, begging for her to understand. It was a selfishness request. You are his mist guardian and an important friend to him. To the both of us.

tsuna and kyoko relationship help

I won't ask you to chose sides. She understood Chrome's position on the matter, or so she thought.

tsuna and kyoko relationship help

Chrome felt mountains of guilt pile on her. Was it really right for her to be doin this behind her best friend's back. Of course it wasn't. They had continued to walk in silence until they ran into the cause of Kyoko's heartbreak and Chrome's heartbeat. Tsuna was walking slowly to school, with dread in his every step.

She probably won't ever forgive me. He heard footsteps behind him and turned. He came face to face with his guilt and his happiness.

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It was a moment that lasted an eternity for them. Until one couldn't take it anymore. Holding back tears, Kyoko said, "I'll see you later ok Chrome. She ran off ahead of them, refusing to acknowledge the cause of her anguish. Chrome head nodded along, even though Kyoko had left without waiting for a reply. Tsuna wanted to talk to her and help, he turned around, about to chase after Kyoko.

Chrome noticed this and reached her hand out grabbing his.

tsuna and kyoko relationship help

Her train of thought was interrupted when Tsuna wrapped his arms around. I should wait to talk to her. I just hope she can forgive me.

Chrome still wasn't used to being this close to his warm, and surprisingly strong body. All that training with reborn had shown. She nodded, enjoying the feeling of his soft uniform. He was the only one who refused to attend Tsuna's Inheritance Ceremony. Tsuna was at first scared of him and thought that he should be the Vongola boss instead of him. However, this changed after he realized what kind of person Xanxus is, especially what he did to Timoteo, and became determined to prevent him from succeeding the Vongola.

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However, despite this, whenever the Vongola are attacked by outsiders, they put aside their differences to work together and as stated by Xanxus, the Vongola always fight as one. Edit Tsuna and Byakuran started off as enemies because of what Byakuran had done to the Vongola and its allies.

Tsuna has shown his desire to defeat Byakuran at all costs numerous times and his resolve only deepened after Yuni sacrificed herself to revive the Arcobaleno and Byakuran insulted her actions.

Angered, Tsuna then stated that he wouldn't forgive Byakuran and went on to kill him. Byakuran has also shown his annoyance over Tsuna's interference in every parallel world. However, in the present, they seem to be much on better terms, since Byakuran has had a change of heart. He even offered Tsuna an alliance with his team and protected him when Tsuna was almost hit by Collonnelo's attack.

It is unknown whether Tsuna has fully forgiven him or not for what he had done in he future, but Tsuna seems to regard him as a comrade after they fight together during the second day of the Representative Battles of the Rainbow.

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Tsuna was concerned when Byakuran was injured by Colonello's attack, prompting Tsuna to promise that he will defeat Iemitsu. Sometimes Tsuna finds Byakuran's cheerful attitude to be odd and admits to not knowing much about him.

According to Yuni, Tsuna and Byakuran are similar in a way both of them don't understand. Edit Enma has demonstrated in multiple ways that he is similar to Tsuna; likewise, Tsuna thinks of him as a good friend.

tsuna and kyoko relationship help

However, after Tsuna unknowingly failed the test he had set up, their relationship became strained, making Enma believed that Tsuna is no different from the cruel Vongola bosses. After Enma and his Famiglia stole the Vongola Sin, their relationship worsened, as Enma claimed that he would never forgive Tsuna and would no longer have any hesitation to kill him.

Tsuna stated that he is also angry at Enma for making his friends suffer, and also for insulting Giotto, but he also sympathized Enma's past and current condition, as he still regards him as his friend. After witnessing from the fourth and fifth keys that Cozarto was never betrayed by Giotto and saved Enma from Daemon's control, they reconciled, becoming friends again.