Wahu and nameless relationship with god

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wahu and nameless relationship with god

And rendering Wahu Kagwi speechless with fury! But not for long! Like the musician Pink who thrives on relationship chaos/marital woes as her muse ( check. Wahu Kagwi performs during a girl's concert at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa. God wants a one on one relationship with each one of us. Exactly 12 years ago, in August 1st , Wahu, gave birth to her beautiful angel, Tumiso. LIVING · PARENTING · FASHION AND BEAUTY · RELATIONSHIPS Happy happy birthday my Sweet Love.. may God continue to bless you, be a light popular singer Nameless and they have two daughters together, Tumiso and.

When nameless released his song, he mentioned how David in the bible had so many questions about evil taking over. And he feels the same way where our country is concerned.

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And all these questions are in his new song. I too have questions that I find myself asking God…. And somehow all this was also majority influenced by him being sick for almost a whole month, he said; You may or may not know, but not too long ago, I went through an experience in which I almost lost my life.

As I come out of that condition, all I can think about is how precious life is, and how we take for granted the gift of life. Life is precious, and should be protected and respected. Meet The Men Who Harassed Boys That Liked Wahu With so much happening in the country, Nameless felt the need to pray for Kenya; God has blessed us with such a beautiful country, and our diversity and richness in culture should be celebrated, not used against us to cause division. We are going through hard times as a country.

It is painful, confusing, discouraging, angering, disappointing and scary, regardless of whichever side of the political divide you support. God Bless my beautiful Kenya.

wahu and nameless relationship with god

On the hand, Wahu released her new song and talked about how she has been going through a rough patch in fact a dark moment. Life is full of ups and downs.

wahu and nameless relationship with god

As an artist, sometimes I take advantage of my various emotions for the sake of artistic expression. I could have written a dark song that captured the essence of how I felt. In total they have already spend 20 years together but the love between Wahu and Nameless is still like that of a newly married couple. People get surprised by their unique love story and level of understanding. We are also going to discuss something more about their love story and marriage life. They are famous as top artists and among the best couples.

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Chano8 Magazine had an interview and told them to share some special stories about their love life. They asked many questions about their personal love life as well as married life. Here are some of the questions and answers: How did you meet? He replied that they "met at a University function through a mutual friend. Wahu replied that, "his dedication towards family, his sensitive nature, his easy going temperament, his sense of leadership and his good looks!

Nameless almost dumped Wahu for an engaged radio presenter

She replied that, "we both enjoy music. He contributes to my creative process, so do I to his. Nameless and Wahu wedding Nameless and Wahu are not only famous as entertainers but also they are one of the most beautiful couples.

wahu and nameless relationship with god

Inthey got married but, before marriage they have successfully completed their 8 years relationship. They were also studying in the same university that is the University of Nairobi. They once said that, "we are creating a close relationship with each other and we respect each other".

wahu and nameless relationship with god

They have already completed 11 years of marriage and they always try to keep their relationship like a newly started love story. Nameless said that he always tries to balance their positive and negative sides and he managed everything by discussing with one other and not by showing off in public.

They are the real example of a beautiful couple in Kenya. Some Wahu and Nameless wedding photos are given below: They manage every situation in their life by discussing with one other; they never show their personal issues in front of the public.

Whereas, they even share their love life, about their children, family and house photo on social media platform. Their good understanding and love made their married life a successful one. We Kenyans, often feel that these music artists might have issues with their respective music career paths.