The Wehrmacht is a German army featured in Company of Heroes. Choice depends of commanders strategy, however, earlier mentioned weakness, lack of . What is the main strategy/focus of the wehrmacht? What are good commanders and why? (I tried to search some guides, but most of them are. ?show=page&name= company-of-heroes-wehrmacht-bud-t3-t4-strategy-guide-.

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The upgrade to the Battle Phase unlocks other abilities and equipment. There are games won simply because an American player managed to get a vet 3 rifleman that picked up a panzershrek, and no unit could kill it, and it killed everything. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Less useful against infantry, but very against enemy armoured forces and buildings.

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Best build order for the Wehrmacht? – Company of Heroes Message Board for PC – GameFAQs

An observation post is supposed to be used to gain you more resources, not protect you from being cut off from the rest of the map. Care to do that, so I can post the humiliation of your defeat on Gamereplays? Therefore, purchasing the first infantry upgrade will raise all infantry units to Veterancy level 1, wehrmacnt second upgrade will raise them to level 2, and the third to level 3.

Infantry veterancy is guive excellent. These points are usually highly contested, because losing them can cut you off from higher resource wehrmahct. Company of Heroes is a tactical real-time strategy game with an emphasis on squad-based combat, positioning, and cover.


This is an article about the original Company of Heroes. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. The Volks would do ok against US infantry at first but eventually be swarmed by a bunch of infantry.

Don’t have an account? The faction relies on combined arms, with many different units and a strong motor pool and tank depot to back them up.

Wehrmacht | Company of Heroes Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Rayquaza Rayquaza 10 years ago 3 Don’t give up hope if there’s an MG in a building and you don’t have blitznades. Unlike grenadiers, they can get close range without the vehicle being able to fire at them. T1-T4 Against the British This guide is independent of any specific doctrine. With the camouflage ability and in right terms, they can destroy them in one shot.

Thanks alot very good guide. Angoville is best to Pio spam, skip to T2 for Sehrmacht and then tech back for mg’s. Company of Heroes multiplayer has a very steep learning curve, and the game has been out for 6 years at the time of this writing. This will help you win most engagements with infantry.

They wehtmacht pick their veterancy bonuses. When you kill enemy units with mines, your engineers gain experience for those kills. Mjp11 Aug 4, Don’t give up hope if there’s an MG in a building and you don’t have blitznades.

This doctrine also can use special abilities such as Blitzkrieg Assaultin which many units are given a large temporary speed boost and all vehicles gain a heavy crush ability perfect for cruching powerful infantry ‘blobs’ especially with the turretless Giude and StuH. Don’t leave MG42 alone since they can’t deal against some light vehicles excluding jeep ,units with grenades,bazookas and units that come behind.


Constantly move back as they move forward. Chase enemy units that are retreating, get behind a 30 cal. They cost manpower to call,also they come with Stug 4 manpower and Tiger in Blitzkrieg wehmracht manpower.

Company of Heroes

Keep them with your main force, never use them alone. Close in on them, and then toss a bundled nade without decloaking, then retreat, You will get a lot of floating green numbers.

Although very small in numbers, a few squads of this type of infantry is tough enough to tear enemy infantry apart. That will greatly increase the squad’s survivability. Are any of the non-Volks squads particularly good, like the Stormtroopers or Grenadiers? Opposing Fronts Wehrmacht tips for a noob. For gjide upfront cost, all units currently deployed and all future units will receive bonuses Log In Sign Up.

If you see units like engineers with flame coming behind try to escape,put them on other side or send some support units.