Buy Cortex HDC Dual Mass Storage Device Player & Controller for DJs featuring An active USB Hub will support up to four storage devices and a large . You can examine Cortex HDC Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 3 Manuals for Cortex HDC Besides, it’s possible to. Most prominent on the list of improvements to the HDC software and accurate vinyl emulation, as well as a Help Manual installed in the.

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This lends itself to the easy addition of new features and support, the optimization of current processes and the ability hec fix bugs as they arise without ever having to purchase a new Corteex unit. I am not sure using library would make this faster. Probably will be great Ccortex the Security Clamp found directly below the DC Inlet jack on top of the cable, so that it is not possible for the cable to become dislodged.

It does not power up small external “one wire” HDDs. We apologize, this product is no longer available. String Search Users can search by a certain word or phrase to find tracks on their storage device even if theyre unsure of the name. It does not have on-board memory for music playback.

These buttons allow the user to navigate through menus and features of Likely due to either manuwl with a newer model or manufacturer discontinuation. This particular device is just a controller for other media storage devices. Dependiendo del modo de la unidad, los botones filter, flange, echo, etc pueden activarse y editarse.

Cue Point Management Bdc points can be set like a normal CD player so that the DJ can return to a certain time in the track just by pressing a button. Fasten the Security Clamp found directly below the DC Inlet jack on top of the cable, so that it is not possible for the cable to become dislodged.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Cortex HDC-3000 Quick Start Manual

You will find that the Info Button, located to the top right of each jog wheel, will become an indispensable part of using the HDC I expected more from JOG wheels.


The Cortex support website always has new updates for the units and they are always adding new features to thier units.

Cortex recommends using “IDE” drives, which are not easy to find, and is also obsolete technology. Do not, under any circumstance, ship your product to GCI without first For support or repair outside of the USA, please visit the Cortex web- calling the Technical Support Deparment at the number listed above.

The procedures for downloading software, creating databases, extracting zip files, and trying to copy them into the Cortex unit is not only frustrating, but time-consuming. Enter your name and email to be notified when this product is in stock and ready to ship. Hot Cue Mode Hot Cues are cue points that can be set on the fly while the song is playing and differ from 0300 cue points in that the program mate- C u e rial will continue to play from the point that you press the button, instead of needing to continue to hold the play button down.

Los posibles unidades 300 2. Call or chat with us now!

Loops button the HDC Additionally, Cortex is very picky on what kind of hard-drives it likes to communicate with.

Some legacy CD player DJs will also be miffed at the fact that you have to go through menus to enable looping or hot starts as opposed to those functions having their own buttons. Also, the database software that you need to run on your PC in order to update and maintain their database is light on performance and functionality.

Cue points may also be saved permanently to the connected storage 300 allowing them to load automatically with a track. Every time a song is select- ed, it is loaded into a temporary playlist. The HDC is designed to liberate DJs from the issues asso- Seamless Looping ciated with PC-based solutions, by eliminating the need for a computer during performance. When the user inputs a keyword it will search all Artists Titles Albums and Genres and show all matches to that keyword.


Cortex HDC software update –

All in all, I think this is a powerful device that has great potential, but make sure your MP3s are immaculate and you play with it a lot before using it in the field. Page 12 If it is the first time you are using that particular unit with the HDC, the unit will prompt you to per- i n d e x i n g n o w? We’ve owned the HDC since January cortwx it cuts songs off in the middle and must be rebooted frequently. Massive on Dec 7, Right now, it’s not usable for a professional event, because it randomly locks up every 20 to 30 minutes.

Not much fun in front of people. Sign me up for Weekly Deals. Poor Sound,Hard bottons I purchase this Control just as it came out, I used for a bout a 2 weeks and return cause the scrating Fx wouldnt sound righ, i was very surprice about the display, manaul shows wave of mp3, and best of all easy to read in dark and well lightted areas.

Shop All 2nd Day Air Promo. Efficient Sampling Samples can be set and stored in any of 4 banks with the simple touch of a button.

It seems to work fine with iPods. Progress Indicator Section Five: Page 15 There are no obligations of liability on the part of GCI, Cortex, or any of its retailers for consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the product or other indirect damages with respect to loss of property, revenues, profit, or costs of removal, installation, or reinstallation.

In O p t i o n s Edit Mode, the user can edit options for how the unit functions, playlists P l a y l i s t E d i t o r and choose the active device. If it is the first time you are using that particular unit with the HDC, the unit will prompt you to per- i n d e x i n g n o w? Post Your Thoughts Cancel Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

This unit is showing some promise.