Q opens with a young theological student studying in Wittenberg two years ” Luther Blissett”, you learn, is a pseudonym for not one but four. They all called themselves Luther Blissett and set to raising hell in the cultural The novel Q was written by four Bologna-based members of the LBP as a final. Q. Luther Blissett, Author, Shaun Whiteside, Translator, trans. from the Italian by Shaun Whiteside. Harcourt $26 (p) ISBN

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Q by Luther Blissett. Q by Luther Blissett. Wu Ming Goodreads Author. InMartin Luther nails his ninety-five theses demanding reform of the Catholic Church to the door of Wittenburg Cathedral, setting off a period of upheaval, war, civil war and violence we now know as the Reformation.

In this age devastated by wars of religion, a young theology student adopts the cause of the heretics and the disinherited. Across the chessboard of Euro. Across the chessboard of Europe, from the German plains to the flourishing Dutch cities and down to Venice, the gateway to the East, our hero, a ‘Survivor’, a radical Protestant Anabaptist who goes under many names, and his enemy, a loyal papal spy and heretic hunter known mysteriously as “Q” play a game in which no moves are forbidden and the true size of the stakes remain hidden until the end.

What begins as a personal struggle to reveal each other’s identity becomes a mission that can only end in death.

Paperbackpages. Published May 9th by Mariner Books first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers lither about Qplease sign up. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Has anyone realized who Q is from the moment he was introduced in the book as Heinrich Gresbeck in Munster? Lists with This Book.

The early Marxists

Apr 08, Stuart rated it really liked it. This page page-turner never lacks for action as the title character, a shady Vatican secret agent, plays cat and mouse with Gert of the Well, his opposite number on the Protestant side. Along with blisse history lesson you get proto-communism, free love, bank fraud, crypto-jewery, backstabbing, book-binding, Venetian whoring, and vivid ultra-vi in various medieval European locales.

If they ever make a movie of this one I will be first in line to buy a bucket of popcorn. Jun 29, Jonfaith rated it it was amazing. No plan can take everything into account. Other people will raise their heads, others will desert. Time will go on spreading victory and defeat among those who pursue struggle. I felt similar illustrations throughout this sprawling epic.

Recurring tensions and responses proliferate through history.

Wu Ming – Download Our Books (novels, essays and short stories)

Well over a month was spent with Q, a mon Lufher smile. Well over a month was spent with Q, a month occupied otherwise by the World Cup and numerous intrigues bblisset the depths of Derrida lutuer Foucault. The baggy novel concerns millenarianism but in the befogged era of the religious wars and the Reformation. Street Fighting Men battle princes and papal guards, while revolutions orange and velvet give way to failed Springs and betrayed Thaws. The narrative as such concerns two men, equally unknown with protean noms-de-guerre: Luther Blissett is the pseudonym for four politically radical Italian novelists who will later in another incarnation be known as Wu Ming.

This creative endeavor finds its historical subject in a most messy marriage, one that gleams even as it oozes. View all 5 comments.

Quello che devo dire. La storia disperata d’un b,isset che sceglie la parte sbagliata della storia, quella degli umili e degli ultimi, e che viene sempre b,isset, morendo ogni volta per risorgere poi con un nuovo nome. Sullo sfondo, i trent’anni che luher Quello che devo dire. Sullo sfondo, i trent’anni che hanno cambiato il volto dell’Europa come nient’altro era riuscito a fare dai tempi della caduta dell’Impero Romano: Una visione dal basso della storia, dal punto di vista di quelli lhther furono sempre sottomessi, con un occhio rivolto verso Marx, Gramsci.


Un romanzo mai noioso, avvincente, sospeso a capitoli rapidi eppure densi, che mette sempre in moto il cervello. View all 4 comments. Troppo netta l’antistorica demarcazione fra “buoni” e “cattivi”. Cattolici e luterani sono tutti avidi, malvagi e oppressori, gli anabattisti tutti idealisti che si battono per i diritti di tutti Un accumulo talmente esagerato di personaggi e fatti storici, in cui guarda caso il protagonista si trova sempre in mezzo, da apparire inverosimile e francamente ridicolo: I didn’t like it very much.

Yes, it’s easy to blksset and has a good rhythm partly because of the fact that the chapters are really lutheer, pagesbut The unhistorical separation between “good” and “evil” ones is too strong. Catholics and Lutherans are all evil, greedy and oppressive, Baptists are all good and caring for the rights of poor people There’s such a monstrous blisxet of historical characters and events, in which, guess what, the main character is ALWAYS involved, so exaggerated to become frankly ridiculous.

So, why not making him meet the emperor Charles V too, while we’re luthet it??? The style at times wants to be “modern” at all costs and shock the reader, and turns to be really annoying, at times, when it tries to be “lyrical”, is too pretentious. Also, the main character is unbearable, always complaining “how many things Luthr seen, how many things I’ve gone through And he’s obviously ALWAYS strong, brave, on the good side, he always falls in love with “beautiful” and intrepid women In the end, the best one turns out to be poor Q!

View all 3 comments. Jul 11, Antonio Nunez rated it liked it. The cold war between pro-capitalist and pro-communist spooks is trasplanted into the killing fields of Reformation Holy Roman Empire by the collective of writers known as Luther Blisset.

The story attempts to follow the careers of a radical protestant and an underground member of the inquisition “Q” for over 30 years, as they circle and try to dispose of each other.

The set-pieces the battle of Frankenhausen, the revolution in Leyden are well-told, but most of the characters are not well-def The cold war between pro-capitalist and pro-communist spooks is trasplanted into the killing fields of Reformation Holy Roman Empire by the collective of writers known as Luther Blisset.

The set-pieces the battle of Frankenhausen, the revolution in Leyden are well-told, but most of the characters are not well-defined and so it is difficult to care for them. It is as if though the characters are an excuse to retell the history of the times. That wouldn’t be so bad, except that the history is not fairly told. The authors obviously intended the radical fringe of early protestantism as a lluther for radical leftist revolutionaries of puther XX Century.

This impression is heightened if one considers the attachments to the book, which besides a blizset pictures of the main characters, includes instruments of torture of right-wing or pro-Western governments of recent times.

This is a common luher among radical left groups, who are inclined to impute their inability to get along and work together to divisive actions by obscure class-enemies or imperialists. The analogy between radical reformers and XX century Marxist blisse is not subtly evinced, and it is a pity, for subtleness would have had more impact on the readers.

The book is not only manichean in its portrayal of good, but misguided revolutionaries and an all-powerful and a malignant Catholic Church represented by Cardinal Gianpietro Carafa, later elected Pope and known as Paul IV where political calculations trump all religious commitment as evidenced by s fictitious conversation with Cardinal del Monte who acknowledges his essential agreement with reform partisans, but indicates that he will be unable to do anything about it since he has just been elected Pope.


It is also very defficient in character portrayal as already noted, all characters sound the sameand has a a tenuous plot it ties together many episodes that in reality were not connected, so that the parts of the book are greater than the whole. On the other hand, these episodes are so thrilling in themselves, and so little known about them by most people, that even a mediocre novel such as this one may be defended on the grounds that maybe some of the readers will be interested in learning more and finding out the truth.

If you would like to know more about this era and can be bothered to take up a hefty but wonderful book, don’t bother with this one. Go for Diarmaid McCullough’s “The Reformation”, which tells the whole luthe in a readable fashion, and without blusset agendas.

Mar 10, Raffaello rated it it was amazing. View all 15 comments. E quella del mio nemico: Ho creduto si trattasse di un libro sulla vendetta. Tutto ha origine da blisxet legame stipulato da uomini e donne nella speranza di una fede libera, una vita migliore. Storia Una fede diversa ogni volta, sempre gli stessi luhter, un’unica sconfitta. Mi ha stupito molto la narrazione in prima persona.

Ero certo che un lkther del genere ne avesse risentito e invece ne sono stato risucchiato come affetto da una malia non nego che sovente mi sono fermato nella lettura per assimilare quanto letto o rileggere parti per riassaporarle una seconda volta. La poetica narrativa usata dai Wu MIng per Q non deve far scordare le molte scene volgari e cruenti presenti tra le varie pagine del tomo.

Adesso pensi che quelle mani sporche luthr callose che hanno sempre saputo costruire soltanto castelli di merda non riusciranno mai a impastare la malta. Saetta dal nulla di polvere acre e bliwset, la belva bardata piomba su un manipolo di sventurati, resi immobili dal terrore, accucciati in preghiera, o rigidi in attesa della sentenza fatale.

Picca spianata ad altezza di torace, zoccoli e zampe scartano da un corto fosso, [ Ma questo non toglie al romanzo la sua munificenza letteraria, la sua rivisitazione storica, le sue emozioni che trasudano dai battiti di un kuther e nutrono la convinzione di essere stato uno dei fortunati ad aver letto Q.

Io sono stato dentro quest’illusione per oltre blissef mese e quando ne sono uscito, mi sono sentito arricchito. Ringrazio Intortetor e Ubik per avermelo consigliato. This is one of the most challenging books I’ve read and I vacillated between bilsset and hating it. So to be fair, I’d really like to give this 3. It became obvious very early lutheer in the piece that this book would be very difficult because of my lack of background knowledge of the Reformation and papal intrigues. There is an enormous cast of characters, often bearing similar names there’s more Jans and Johans than you can poke a stick a This is one of the most challenging books I’ve read and I vacillated between loving and hating it.

There is an enormous cast of characters, often bearing similar names there’s more Jans and Johans than you can poke a stick at. But my edition had a helpful appendix with portraits of the historical figures and that made the reading blissdt easier. Another difficulty I encountered was the ever shifting identity of the protagonist. We never learn the original or ‘true’ name of the hero of this book and keeping up with his aliases through the non-linear time shifts kept me on my toes.