He in turn, credited a Vedic sage named Maharshi Bharadwaja, The Vymanika Shastra was first committed to writing between and. Vaimanika Shastra is a very strange illustrated book about ancient flying machines from Hindu India. Here you can download the PDF and read. This Shastra in 8 chapters is expounded by the revered Bharadwaja Maharshi. In it the 28, kinds of vehicles and yantras useful in traveling.

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The 3rd type of metals are of five-fold qualities, and are known as root metals. Venkatrama Sastry and brought the Mss. Vamianika combining those live forces a halo, like that around the solar orb, will be created, and it will have the power http: But since each of the several motions of the plane is definitely ascribed to a particular kind offeree, it would be incorrect to hold that one force could be responsible for the whole gamut of motions.

Eight energy storing vessels should be placed in the shwstra, 8th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 15th 16th and 1 1th centres. Similarly metals 6, 4, 5, respectively in the proportion of 5, 5, 12, melted with tankana or borax, will yield the metal veerahaa.

Then through the mirror above the vimaana attract solar rays, and apply them to the unified forces, A halo will be created, and that halo, in combination with the solar rays, will draw the plane through a safe course like a bird held by a string, Its formation is thus explained in Yantra-sarvasva: A mild avalanche of letters blew towards us during the following days from all over India. Shastri had no formal schooling and learnt to read and write only after returning from his encounter with the saint.


They are classified into 5 crores 8 thousand and groups in Vaalmeeki ganita. A screen cloth coated with mirror-like gum should be placed opposite to the triangular mirror.

Only in maps is the earth shown broken into 2 hemispheres. He was a walking lexicon gifted with occult perception. Shasha-piththa, udupiththa, borax, kutmala, jyotsnaa saara, rasonta kanda flour, kudupa-salt, mica salt, shoundeera jangha shalya flour, vaatohara, white niryaasa earth salt, and uragha.

On he began to dictate “Vymanika Sastra” to Mr. Miller, reproduced our original descriptive leaflet, and announced that we expected to publish the remarkable volume.

Having had no such idea ourselves, it evoked disgust, and we replied that he could take back the manuscripts, and discontinued the printing!

India Did NOT Invent The World’s Oldest Plane. Here Is Proof!

Snake-skin, gum of srini, mahzrshi yarn, soft grass, should be boiled together and lac-coloured cloth-like glass prepared, and purified with sundikaa wood oil. Sage Narayana also says: These are the 23 parts of halo producing yantra.

The solar force of each direction has got its own intensity, owing to different fire-force, different seasonal force, the effect of the five winds, combined with the vaarunee or liquid force of the clouds, and the resulting tension gives rise to four evil forces, andha, andhakaara, pinjoosha, and taarapaa, whose glows, known as rakta, jaathara, taaraagra, and prabha, striking the eye-balls result in blindness of both eyes.

Sammohana-kriyaa-kaanda, or the work dealing with the methods causing insensibility, mentions 17 of them. On the north side liquefied mixture of load-stone, mercury, mica, and serpent-slough should be placed. That is no way for a journalist to judge persons. Its existence was first announced publicly in a press release by G. The binding is askew and the book is difficult to open. By attracting the dandavaktra and other seven forces of air, and joining with solar rays, passing it through the zig-zagging centre of the Vimana, and turning the switch, the Vimana will have a zig-zagging motion like a serpent.


Vaimānika Shāstra – Wikipedia

It contains shlokas in 8 chapters which Shastry claimed was psychically delivered to him by the ancient Hindu sage Bharadvaja. Venkatrama Sastry and brought the Mss. A Hindi translation was published inwhile the Sanskrit text with an English translation was published in Its manufacture is thus described in Kriyaasaara: Then, disappointed and broken-hearted, bharradwaja the early 30’s, venerable Subbaraya Sastry passed out of this world, and left it the poorer thereby!

The resulting product will be a fine bimbaarka-kiranaadarsha, or reflected solar ray attracting mirror. In he addressed a letter to the Maharaja of Darbbanga for aid in publication of the manuscripts.

Then apply the solar rays to the vessel. First the triple wheeled mechanism should be switched on. The making of bellows is referred to in this sootra. In these 5 atmospheric regions, there are 5,19, magarshi traversed by Vimanas of the Seven Lokas or vaimahika, known as Bhooloka, Bhuvarloka, Suvarloka, Maholoka, Janoloka, Tapoloka and Satyaloka.

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