spam and viruses can be defeated simply by deploying MailScanner. systems, this first version of the MailScanner Manual includes only installation. MailScanner Guide. Contents. Acknowledgements; Brief Description; Features and Highlights; How It Works; Presentation given at JANET NetWorkshop Abstract. A guide to installing and using MailScanner, and a complete training manual describing its operation and use in fine detail.

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If this list looks very large then don’t worry, the supplied mailscanner.

MailScanner: A User Guide And Training Manual

A few viruses store their infected data in UU-encoded files, to try to catch out virus scanners. This can also be the filename of a ruleset, so you can switch this feature on and off for particular users or domains.

That way unscanned mail never reaches a user who is having their mail virus-scanned. Headers nailscanner be separated by commas or spaces. The default of “All-Viruses” means that no senders of viruses will be notified as the sender address is always forged these days anywaybut anyone who sends a message that is blocked for other reasons will still be notified.

This can be mailscanjer to implement any custom action you require.

MailScanner Configuration Index

Do you want to notify the people who sent you messages containing viruses or badly-named filenames? Syslog” for more information.

If this is unset then no extra places are searched for. When you use the name of a configuration option, don’t worry about whitespace and punctuation.


A message is only rebuilt from its MIME entities if an infection huide dangerous filename was found, causing the replacement of the attachment with a text message. When using MailScanner, this is split into two separate jobs, each handled by a different sendmail process and a different queue.

The date of the Sophos Lib Dir mailscaner also monitored. Only attachments that passed the virus scanner in the last scan are forwarded to mialscanner original recipient. They can then take action to request retrieval of the original message if they think it was not spam. To avoid operating system resource leaks, MailScanner periodically kills and restarts itself.

If you wish to read settings from a database or any other DBI-compatible data source, then this value guidd be set to the DBI data source name. You can compare the spam score with a number and cause this to trigger an action. If at any time the process is interrupted by, for example, MailScanner being killed or the entire computer crashingno mail will be lost.

This is particularly suitable for mailing lists, so that any MailScanner responses do not get sent to the entire list. Hide the directory path from all the system administrator notices.

Disable this option by setting it to a huge value. This setting over-rides that behaviour, telling SpamAssassin to scan all attachments regardless of type.

However, it does slightly slow SpamAssassin and so is disabled by default. When a message is to not be virus-scanned which may happen depending upon the setting of “Virus Scanning”, especially if it is a rulesetdo you want to add the header advising the users to get their email virus-scanned by you?


Add a new header “replace”: There has never been any indication that this application does indeed leak resources, but it is a prudent design step which may improve the reliability of the program, and certainly does no harm. The maximum number of attachments allowed in a message before it is considered to be an error.

This could be achieved by using a ruleset. MailScanner is a complete e-mail security system designed for use on e-mail gateways. Should the attachments be compressed and put into a single zip file? Note that enabling this feature causes a slight performance hit. The worst possibility is that there is a very small chance of a few messages being delivered twice, but this has not been maulscanner in practice. If the attachments are to be compressed into a single zip file, this is the filename of the zip file.

If this is “no”, then as far as possible messages which have already been processed by another MailScanner server will not have the clean signature added to the message. Installation Overview Installing MailScanner is as easy as downloading an installation package, extracting the contents, and running the included install.